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League Leaders

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by HotRod, Mar 2, 2010.

  1. HotRod

    HotRod You ain't bout dat life!

    Feb 11, 2009
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    League Leaders

    Through Week 7

    Column 1
    Passing Yards Passing TD Rushing Yards Rushing TD
    D. Brees (NO) 2315 M. Stafford (DET) 22 A. Peterson (MIA) 852 B. Wells (CAR) 14
    M. Stafford (DET) 2002 M. Sanchez (MIN) 21 L. James (TB) 803 T. Jones (SF) 10
    M. Sanchez (MIN) 1995 D. Brees (NO) 20 B. Wells (CAR) 766 M. Jones-Drew (JAX) 10
    T. Brady (NE) 1973 D. McNabb (PHI) 19 D. Sproles (CIN) 730 A. Peterson (MIA) 10
    M. Schaub (HOU) 1909 T. Brady (NE) 18 D. McFadden (OAK) 707 D. Williams (ARI) 10
    L. James (TB) 10
    Receiving Yards Receptions Receiving TD Tackles
    M. Colston (NO) 787 R. Moss (NE) 51 P. Harvin (MIN) 11 J. Mayo (NE) 40
    D. Jackson (PHI) 705 E. Royal (DEN) 41 D. Jackson (PHI) 10 C. Matthews (GB) 33
    P. Harvin (MIN) 640 M. Colston (NO) 41 M. Colston (NO) 8 J. Sneed (PHI) 32
    R. Moss (NE) 632 P. Harvin (MIN) 37 E. Royal (DEN) 7 C. Lofton (ATL) 32
    L. James (TB) 573 S. Slaton (HOU) 32 5 players 6 S. Bradley (IND) 32
    T. Johnson (MIN) 32
    Sacks INT
    M. Williams (PHI) 7 D. Virges (PHI) 7
    W. Miles (JAX) 7 G. Wilson (MIA) 5
    J. Ratliff (DAL) 6 T. Newman (DAL) 5
    M. Johnson (DET) 6 6 players 4
    A. Maybin (BUF) 6
    T. Jackson (KC) 6

    *Eagles offensive player for Week 7 did not get saved for whatever reason so I have fixed stats in here. So don't be alarmed if these don't match up with the in game stats.

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