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League Manager vs. Own System - thoughts?

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Winuvas, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Winuvas

    Winuvas OMFL Jets

    Oct 8, 2009
    Okay, I know I am very much in the minority (or feel that way anyway) when I say I would personally rather stick with using our own cap system than one generated by league manager, or even XFN for that matter.

    I have heard XFN talk about having this type of functionality for a while now but have seen no tangible evidence of him doing it. Now part of that is because XFN is not his job (I can certainly understand that), but I would like to see something in the way of positive movement for that before 12 hits.

    League Manager....let me weigh in on this one.

    First off, every time I try to access their site, it takes FOREVER to load and I have to refresh about 20 times it seems before it will pull up in full. Then I read their setup, with algorithms based on overall, draft status, and age for a contract, and it sounds great. Then I look at random contracts. Great.

    Then I find what I am NOT seeing, or what I DISLIKE seeing....the league manager guys talks about dollars and cents, but I only see points in his demo. Where's the money?

    6 year deals....okay, we busted tail this year to advance and we did a damn fine job if I may say so. But we still are barely getting FOUR years in before the new Madden releases. Why would you do SIX year deals when we only play 4 years? Especially if, like real contracts, all the money is BACKLOADED to the last year or two. Owners would be foolish to NOT sign to that long of a deal knowing they will never be in cap hell because they won't see the high end portion of the contract before the new Madden rolls out.

    I like seeing the control you supposedly have over how the cap can be setup, but again, I don't see it working, so I don't believe it until I see it.

    That's the mathematician in me talking. I DO like the trading logic he talks about with the CPU making smart decisions about personnel based on need, but.....I am very much a doubting Thomas there. I want to see it work before I go all googly eyed.

    Overall, I like what we have at XFN. I like what we have in our forums. I like what we have in our Google Docs cap. I personally feel that if we turn the cap system side of it over to XFN/LM, that we are dumbing ourselves further down and getting closer to a non-sim league.

    Yes, it is a bear to grasp the cap system as it is now. It looks supremely daunting. And the new one will be easier in some ways, but tougher in others. But we make our owners work to understand it, and it makes them more involved in the forums and the franchise. It forces interaction. With "automated" setups on XFN or LM, that's more interaction we would lose, and we have a struggle with content as it is.

    I honestly think this new cap book will be a strain at first, but I think people can get behind it. Just like they did with our current cap book. The hardest part will be on the cap guys, but I have made it as easy as possible for anyone operating with abilities to tinker with the cap.

    IF we decide to use the new cap system, I propose that any board member in BOTH WFL and OMFL get together on Google Docs on a common day/time and we hammer out the understanding of how the new cap will work, from formulas to talking about possible hangups I may have overlooked (I went through the rules LOOKING to rape them with loopholes, then I closed what I found multiple times. Not saying I'm perfect, but as a D&D nerd from way back, I know a thing or two about skirting rules to get what you want. ;) ).

    Again, I am probably in the minority, but I am really excited about this 2.0 cap system. It adds something just about every owner wants in their franchise (contracts), keeps the dollars and cents similar in scope to what we have now, and takes away a complication (modifiers) that even the vets have had a hard time keeping straight. Another thing the new cap does is streamline our position change rules, in my opinion - A player cannot play outside his pay field. So an OLB cannot play DE (LBs get double pay as a skill position, while Dline is not a skill position), but OLB can play MLB (All LBs are skill position pay). DE could NOT play OLB (again, difference in pay). CB cannot play safety (same as OLB/DE setup), but safeties could interchange with each other but not play CB. HB could play WR, but not FB/TE. DE could play DT and vice versa.

    And no messing with contracts, as with contracts in place, there is no change in payout because of contracts being locked. I think position changes could work in next year's version with this cap a lot better, as contract length determines a good bit of the payout along with overall.

    Anyway...if you guys want to look over the capbook and rules and have any questions, let me know and I'll put up the links in here. The links are in the Capbook 2.0 Beta thread I believe, but I will post them here too if needed.
  2. BadaBing319

    BadaBing319 OMFL Broncos / PMFL Eagles

    Jul 16, 2010
    Currently from an outsider perspective, but speaking with knowledge of the current system, I actually agree with Win here. Having a completely customizable system that fits our own league needs fits better than having to compromise our desires to fit within the LM program. Also, I can't agree more with this point:

    As an owner, I felt personally vested in the OMFL because of the camaraderie, the competition and the fact that you had to work at it. The cap book was complex, but understandable and it was almost a sense of accomplishment when I had it figured out. It made me more invested in the OMFL as an owner and eventually a board member. With league stability a huge priority, I think that the more time our owners spend with their teams, whether it be through practice, league competition, managing cap books, etc., the more likely they will be active, long-term owners...

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