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League Rules & Regulations

Discussion in 'TSL B' started by RedAL925, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. RedAL925

    RedAL925 TSL Commissioner

    Jan 31, 2011
    Description and Rules - Tradition Futbol League (FIFA)

    Welcome to the Tradition Futbol League (TFL). This is your home for organized, competitive, SIM style FIFA. We are a multi-layered league complete with Serie A and Serie B and are looking to expand. To support expansion and long-term competition, the TFL supports a promotion / relegation structure whereby clubs will compete weekly to earn their spot in the table. Being a part of the TFL is an opportunity to be a part of something special with futbol gaming, online. Therefore, work on your fitness, keep up your form... or you may just be relegated.

    Rules and Guidelines
    Standard Tradition Sports Online rules and sportsmanship guidelines are in effect.

    This is a cheese-free zone. If you are interested in hardcore, no holds barred, win at all cost FIFA game-play, then this is not the place for you. Therefore, we do not expect to see:
    • extreme custom formations (6-0-4, etc.)
    • 100% aggression tactics (constant defensive pressure entire match)
    • known glitches
    • unsportsmanlike conduct (running up the score late and uncalled for slide tackles)
    If you have specific questions and/or would like to report another member, please seek guidance via your league commissioner through use of PMs.

    All Serie B club selections are based on a 4-star and under cap. All clubs are available EXCEPT those being used in Serie A. The thought is for each owner to select a club he wishes to permanently manage for the duration of his/her TFL ownership. All team rosters are based explicitly on the current EA Sports FIFA rosters available via download. In other words, manual roster are prohibited.

    League Structure
    Serie B has 10 clubs.

    At the end of the season, the 1st-place team in Serie B (1B) will earn automatic promotion to Serie A. Teams 2B and 3B will play a one-game playoff to determine the second automatic promotion spot. The winner of this game earns automatic promotion, while the loser will play a one-game playoff against the 10th-place team from Serie A (10A). If 10A wins the match, that team stays in Serie A and the defeated team stays in Serie B. If the Serie B team wins, they earn promotion, while 10A is relegated to Serie B.

    We will also incorporate a knockout-style Cup tournament. Every TFL Serie team will be involved in this tournament.

    League Settings
    • Head to Head > Custom Match > Play a Friend
    • Game Type = Unranked
    • Half Length = 10 minutes
    • Controls = Semi-Assisted
    • Game Speed = Normal
    League Rules
    There is no extra time and/or penalties in Serie B. All matches that end in a draw after full time are recorded as a draw. If a player receives 2 yellow cards, he is suspended for the next match. If a player receives 1 red card, he is suspended for the next match.

    League Schedule
    The season consists of each club playing each other twice on a home-and-away basis. The Serie B fixtures will be created at the beginning of each season via League Republic. Each club owner is expected to play 2 matches per week. The matchweek will be opened weekly on Monday, and teams will be expected to complete their 2 matches by Sunday night. If every game in the matchweek is complete before the deadline, we will advance to the next week immediately. Each club owner will be expected to schedule their matches with their opponent by posting in the current weekly fixture thread.

    As we follow a hard advance policy, each and every fixture remains open for the duration of one week. Once a fixture has expired, that thread will be locked as the next fixture is released in a new thread. Any unplayed matches will be recorded as cancelled. If you cannot make your scheduled match, you may use a substitute (if available) to play your match in your place. If a substitute is used, please note this in your match report.

    Cancelled Matches
    Should there be any unplayed matches when the weekly fixtures expire, these matches will be recorded as cancelled in order to allow TFL advancement. There will be two chances during each season to make-up these cancelled matches. The first will be during the imposed mid-season break, while the other will be at the end of the season after the final fixture has closed.

    Match Results
    It is the responsibility of the winning club to post the match results in the designated TFL match results thread. When posting results, please list the HOME TEAM first. The match results consist of both goals and bookings. Your official match report MUST include the following information:
    • Goals (with goal summary)
    • Shots
    • Shots on Target
    • Possession
    • Tackles
    • Fouls
    • Cards (yellow and red)
    • Offsides
    • Corners
    Each club manager must also keep track of assists and Man of the Match awards. (MotM is defined as the player that receives the golden ball next to his name in the Player Details page at the end of the match. There is only one MotM per game.) Managers can also keep track of their own players’ match ratings. These elements are not required in the official match report, but should be included in your club’s match report on your team page, as well as on any stat-tracking thread/document.

    **The recent patch has removed the Player Details page from all online pause menus. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to track Man of the Match or player ratings for each game. Assists, however, should be determined using replays both during the match and after the match in the Match Highlights menu.**

    As is standard in all TSO leagues, we require game summaries to accompany match results. This is your chance to be creative, add original user-generated summaries, team specific pages, weekly league recaps, players of the week, etc. You may create ONE team page in the Club Pages thread. This is your space to do with whatever you like.
  2. RedAL925

    RedAL925 TSL Commissioner

    Jan 31, 2011
    Contact Information: link

    League Republic Site: link

    Statistics: link

    TFL CUP: link

    How to Post Highlights: link
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