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League Rules

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by DC, Jul 29, 2012.

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  1. DC

    DC Shake n Bake

    Jul 22, 2009
    Players leaving
    A player will not be allowed to attempt to sway a player from the pro draft if he:
    • is a JR that has won the Heisman
    • is a JR or SO(RS) and has won a major award (Thorpe, Maxwell, Biletnikoff, etc) and is > 90 OVR
    Kickers and punters can be swayed from pro draft regardless of OVR and class.

    The amount of scholarships that can be offered at any given time will be dictated by the following formula:

    A = number of seniors on your team that will graduate
    B = number of underclassmen that qualify for pro draft with aforementioned rules. So underclassmen that are 90+ and have won an award.
    C = number of walk-ons on your team. Walk-ons may be cut at any time.
    D = Three additional scholarships to provide a cushion.
    E = 70 - current amount of players currently on roster

    A + B + C + D + E = total number of available scholarships.

    • Note: Committed players count against your scholarship limit.
    1. Playbooks must be announced before season 1 kicks off.

    2. Playbook information will be made available to everyone.

    3. You must stick with your current playbook (or custom playbook) throughout the entire season. At season's end, you can make modifications.

    Custom Playbooks
    1. All custom playbook users must declare their custom playbook, all formations in that playbook, and the style of their offensive identity in a stickied thread BEFORE the first user game. All additions should reflect the scheme you have declared, and I prefer (but not demand) these formations be taken out of playbooks of a similar scheme (i.e. you are running a pro-style offense and take formations out of USC's pro-style playbook). The scheme "multiple" will not be permissible if you plan on utilizing a CPB.

    1A. The commisioner will review any alterations All playbooks therein are subject to the discretion of the commissioner: Commissioner may question a user why certain formations are in the playbook and for them to justify it in their philosophy. The commish may then determine if the reasoning is valid or not.

    2. Custom defensive playbooks are permissible, but the same rules apply. No stacking base formations (3/4, 4/3, etc.), as multiple defensive schemes are banned as far as custom playbooks are concerned. The 1-5-5 is banned entirely.

    3. The users is to avoid stacking his playbook with formations containing money plays.

    4. Privileges can be revoked on an as needed basis.

    Advance Schedule
    Advances window will be as follows:
    • 48 hours for games against the cpu
    • 72 hours for user games
    The commissioner will only give the alloted 72 hours for a user game if it has already an exact time has been scheduled within the 48 hour cpu window. If one user makes a legitimate attempt to schedule within 48 hours and the other does not, the user who didn't will be put on autopilot.

    • CPU sliders will be difficult. If you cannot lose a game to the CPU, you shouldn't be in this dynasty.
    • As far as user games are concerned, any game that is within 21 points in the first half can be restarted. Any game within 14 points in the second half can be restarted. Please use discretion, communicate with your opponent, and come to a consensus. Notify the commissioner if there are issues, and he will resolve it accordingly.
    • Any game that will be restarted still needs to be done so in the 72 hour window.
    • Again, there will be losses. Power goes out, games freeze, emergencies occur. These are the only scenarios in which a restart will be allowed. If it happens more than once in a season for a specific user, there are potential consequences/penalties.
    Gameplay Rules
    PFP will operate under TSO site rules. Please refer to them here. Every member of GG is expected to be well versed in these rules. Ignorance of the law is a crime.

    Dynasty History
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  2. DC

    DC Shake n Bake

    Jul 22, 2009
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