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Legacy: 2010 Season Preview

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Hova, Jul 8, 2010.

  1. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    Legacy: 2010 Season Preview

    Rank: #2
    Coach: Tmac6412
    Key Player: JR QB Terrell Pryor 94 OVR
    Season Preview: Ohio St comes into 2010 ranked number 2 overall on the legs and arms of Terrell Pryor. He will be the leader and biggest factor on the success of the buckeyes. The open up agaisnt Marshal before welcoming the Hurricanes into The Shoe for a week 2 matchup. The following week they play VA Tech in a conference match up. If OSU can survive the first 3 weeks look for them to make a serious run at the BCS title.

    Rank: #4
    Coach: Hokie Effect
    Key Player: SO HB LaMichael James 95 OVR
    Season Preview: Oregon opens the season at a surprising #4 rank and are hopeful for a title run. HB James is lighting in a bottle and should have a huge career as a duck. They open up with 2 home games the first being New Mexico then a big game with Harris and the Gators week 2. Oregon would also be in a title run with 2 opening wins with just USC, UCLA, and Auburn standing in their way.

    Rank: #6
    Coach: CWHarris1
    Key Player: JR HB Jeff Demps 92 OVR
    Season Preview: Florida returns in 2010 after losing Tebow with a solid backup and a lighting fast HB in Jeff demps (99 speed). They open the season agaisnt Miami of Ohio before heading on the Road for a tough game in Week 2 @ Oregon in the Autzen Zoo. Should be an early top 10 conference challenge matchup. Other big games on the Gator Schedule: Home game vs the Bruins and the Rivalry game on the road at Florida St.

    Rank: #7
    Coach: Pipehitter351
    Key Player: SR QB Tyrod Taylor 92 OVR
    Season Preview: VA Tech opens up the season with 2 huge home games. The first agaisnt the highly ranked Boise St Broncos. After that they welcome USC to blacksburg for a conference challenge showdown. If they can manage a 2-0 start they will definitely be looking at a top 2 Rank. Other big games on the schedule include a trip to Miami and a home game vs Michigan at the end of the season.

    Rank: #13
    Coach: HovatheGodMC
    Key Player: SR WR Ronald Johnson 94 OVR
    Season Preview: USC opens the season with a rare away game over in Hawai'i. Because of this game USC only plays 8 conference games this season. They then head to Blacksburg for a huge week 2 matchup and then follow up with Notre Dame. Could be a rough start for the Trojans. They also have 2 big late games in the season playing UCLA and Georgia. Coach Hova looks to make a run at the Pac-10 title with key players at alot of the positions.

    Rank: #14
    Coach: Maslerboros16
    Key Player: JR QB Jacory Harris 93 OVR
    Season Preview: Miami kicks off the season with a home game vs Central Michigan. The success of the Canes will depend heavily on the play of allstar Jacory Harris. They have their first two huge test of the season with two tough road games AT ohio state and AT Penn St. They also have 2 more user games with ACC opponents. Look for Miami to have the toughest road to glory but they do have the pieces to bring success to the new home of LEBRON JAMES.

    Rank: #18
    Coach: BraveJaf
    Key Player: SR HB Evan Royster 94 OVR
    Season Preview: Penn St comes into the 2010 season hoping for some solid play by young players at many positions. They open at home VS the WMU Broncos before heading to Alabama which could be the toughest game for them of the season. If they can somehow upset Bama look for PSU to be in the drivers seat for a title run, Of course they still have to get through Florida later in the season as well....

    Rank: #21
    Coach: Ceewo
    Key Player: SR QB Christian Ponder 93 OVR
    Season Preview: Florida St comes into 2010 with new head coach Ceewo taking the reigns from Bowden. They're leader, senior QB Ponder, will be a huge part of the winning equation at FSU. FSU opens up with a home game with FIU before taking a bye then heading to the Big House for their first big game of the season with Michigan. They also have the big rivalry late in the season with Florida and a home game with Auburn to finish up the season. They should compete in the ACC in 2010.

    Rank: Unranked
    Coach: AbolishtheFed
    Key Player: JR WR Aj Green 97 OVR
    Season Preview: The bulldogs look to be an interesting team with alot of good players but unanswered questions. They are unranked and overlooked in the SEC but still have the talent to compete. Green is prolly the best WR in the nation and a Heisman favorite in 2010. The bulldogs open up with UL Lafayette before getting right into SEC play. There first user game is a home duel with Penn st. They have big road games later in the season AT Florida and AT USC. We will see if the bulldogs can compete in the SEC this season and surprise a few coaches.

    Rank: Unranked
    Coach: DJ391
    Key Player: JR QB Cameron Newton OVR 86
    Season Preview: Auburn comes into 2010 unranked but hope to change all that early but may need to win a few games before they do so. Alot of the success will depend on the young players who need to play at a high level. The 2nd half of the tiger schedule is MUCH harder with road games At bama and At Florida St and 2 home games agaisnt a tough Oregon and Georgia squad. If they can survive those they will be in title talks, but the schedule looks too rough at the end for Auburn to pull it all season 1.

    Rank: Unranked
    Coach: Recchem2000
    Key Player: JR WR Nelson Rosario 88 OVR
    Season Preview: The Bruins look to have one of the lowest rated teams but have some solid players at the key positions, WR Rosario being one of them. They start AT Kansas St before heading to stanford for pac 10 play. They also have a home game against Auburn Week 3 which should be a great matchup. Other tough games on the schedule include a road game at the Swamp and pac-10 games with Oregon and USC. UCLA has the coach and the players to surprise a few people year 1.

    Rank: Unranked
    Coach: Big Suge Knight
    Key Player: SO QB Tate Forcier
    Season Preview: Michigan returns in 2010 after a disappointing 2009 season and a bowl game drought. Suge hopes to change the tide with 2 young QBs who are able to make an impact. Michigan opens up at Home playing Uconn before heading to Notre Dame then back home to FSU. They have tough games at Ohio St and Penn St along with a home matchup with the hokies. Michigan looks to get back into bowl contention this season.

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