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Legacy 2017 Team Previews

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Hova, Mar 1, 2012.

  1. Hova

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    Feb 21, 2009
    Post em up:

  2. MoonBBad

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    May 22, 2010
    The University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish​
    Offense -- Playbook: Stanford

    QB -- JR Bill Hawk (90 ovr)

    The Irish's QB this season has a mix of speed and throwing ability. He is a prototypical scrambler style of QB. He should be able to hold down the fort for the Irish and make plays when he has to. He's not going to light up the stat sheet, but he should be able to get the job done in South Bend this season.

    RB -- JR Cory Riley (92 ovr) & SOPH Dan Hart (84 ovr, All-American)

    The strength of the Irish's offense lies in their running game, hence the rational for adopting a west coast style offense this season. The Irish plan to run a committee approach to the running game this season with Cory Riley and Dan Hart splitting carries. Riley is the more powerful of the runners and Hart is the speed. If the Irish are going to be successful this season, the running backs are going to have to be the catalysts.

    WR -- RS FR Marvin Brown (82 ovr), RS JR Randy Atkins (82 ovr), FR Donnell Jackson (77 ovr), RS JR Brandon Barber (82 ovr)

    For the first time since the dynasty began the Irish are not going to have a wide out in the 90s for the season. What once was a strength for the Irish is now a weakness. One positive is the group as a collective whole isn't terrible, there just aren't any superstars in the bunch. What they might lack in talent, they make up with in size. 3 of the 4 wide receivers are 6'3" and above. Expect less explosive big plays and more methodical drives down the field for the Irish this season.

    TE -- FR Andy Williams (80 ovr)

    Another position of weakness for the Irish this season. A true Freshman gets the starting nod from Coach Kelly at tight end due to lack of depth at the position. Williams is a great blocker which will be helpful in the running game. He's not fast, but can make plays when he needs to and should be a good fit for this offense.

    OL -- RS SR LT Zach Dowdell (95 ovr), RS SR LG Derek Harper (86 ovr), SR C Donte Jenkins (87 ovr), RS SR RG Seth Whitaker (87 ovr), RS JR RT Tyler Johnson (92 ovr)

    The offensive line is pretty solid for the Irish this season. The Irish's line returns intact from last season for the most part and is dominated by seniors. I shutter when I think about our line next season. LOL

    Defense -- Playbook: 3-4

    D-Line -- SOPH LE Derek Wright (82 ovr), JR RE Darrius McCoy (All American 85 ovr), JR DT Marques Keenan (All-American 88 ovr), SOPH DT Corey Thomas (85 ovr)

    The Irish's defensive line is a strength for this team. Two sophomores return after starting full years as freshman looking to continue to make impacts on the team. Junior RE Darrius McCoy and Jr DT Marques Keenan, two All-Americans look to continue their dominance of opposing teams offensive linemen.

    LOLB -- SOPH Adam Alford (84 ovr)

    Alford had a good season last year as a freshman and wants to continue to play and grow in the Irish's defense this season. Alford is the perfect fit for this defense do to his combination of strength and quickness. He recognizes the plays well and has good coverage skills to boot.

    MLB -- SOPH Lamar Bradford (84 ovr) & RS SOPH Dan Freeman (79 ovr)

    Middle linebacker is an area of weakness for the Irish, but also an area of growth as both players are early in their collegiate careers. Bradford returns from playing a full year last season and Freeman is new to the scene. Both have great speed, and can make plays. Let's see if they execute this season.

    ROLB -- RS SR Joel Massey (82 ovr)

    The only senior of the group Joel Massey returns for his final season in South Bend. Massey will be the leader of the group and also has tremendous speed. He will be looking to create havoc on the right side and destroy opposing QBs and RBs.

    CB -- RS SR Geoff Joseph (All-American 93 ovr), RS JR Christian Carter (91 ovr), RS JR Keon Mills (85 ovr), SOPH Ryan Matthews (83 ovr)

    While not quiet as good as last year's secondary, the Irish's secondary this season is still very good. Led by All-American Geoff Joseph the Irish should be set at the corner position this season. Both corners are 99s at both man and zone coverage however are a bit undersized at 5'11". Going against large WRs will be a test for them, but I think they can pass. The three corners besides Joseph and Carter are all larger and should all get some action this season.

    FS -- RS SR Kevin Thomas (92 ovr)

    Kevin Thomas returns for his final season in South Bend and looks to roam the secondary. Thomas doesn't have the best hands however has excellent play recognition and coverage skills which will help the corners out over the top against the larger wide outs.

    SS -- JR Ray Smith (77 ovr)

    Strong Safety is a glaring weakness for the Irish. Ray Smith has decent coverage skills, decent speed, and decent power. He should be OK back there as a stop gap till the Irish recruit someone better.
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  3. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    Georgia Bulldogs - 2017 Season Preview

    Georgia could not play much better than their performance last season. The Bulldogs capped off a 14-0 season with a BCS Championship, the first under the current administration. The 2017 squad will have some obstacles to overcome in order to repeat that performance. Georgia lost 22 players from the National Championship team, 17 seniors and 5 players leaving early for the NFL Draft. Most of the players were starters and played a role in the title run. The team only has 10 seniors and 12 juniors, so this is a very young team.

    The biggest change will be at the QB position. Georgia lost fifth-year seniors Blalock and Adams to graduation. The two quarterbacks combined for a 27-1 record over the last two seasons. The starting job will go to top recruit Jackson. The redshirt freshman will be tossed into the fire as no QB with experience returns this season. He has more speed than Blalock and Jackson is one of the most accurate quarterbacks in the league. The other big change will be at HB. Georgia expected to lose fifth year seniors Cunningham and Swan, but junior Jenkins left a year early for the NFL Draft. The only returning HB is Herron. He saw limited time at HB, but played well when on the field. He also performed well as a returner last season. At WR Georgia returns three of the four starters. Mitchell is the most talented receiver in the group, leading the team in receiving the past two seasons.

    On defense there will also be some big changes. Juniors Hodges, Porter and Kimbraugh left early for the NFL Draft. The defense also loses sack leader Gaddis and four year starting MLB Jenkins. There is still plenty of depth on the defense thanks to recruiting, so there should not be a noticable dropoff. Novak will be the main MLB, and he performed well last season. Former JUCO star Greenwood will get his first crack at the starting FS position. He is one of the most gifted athletes at any position in college foootball. The CB position also still has some depth. The group has three seniors, including two players that saw significant playing time last season. Marshall will be a solid #1 CB and Stone moves from nickle CB to #2. Sophomore Williams will assume the nickle role. He is one of the best cover corners on the team, so he could challenge for the #2 spot if Stone struggles.

    Bottom line, there is still a lot of talent but it will depend on the play at QB and HB. The defense should remain solid, thanks to recruiting and player development. The team's hope to repeat will largely depend on the play early in the season. The Bulldogs face Michigan and Ohio State in weeks two and three. Games against Tennessee and Iowa will also test the young Bulldogs squad.
  4. Wick36

    Wick36 Welcome to the Jungle

    Jul 14, 2010
    QB - Sean Riley - He is one of the highest rated QBs this year. He is a pocket passer with good size. Great throw power and accuracy. Has a potential to be a top 10 pick in the NFL draft if he can put together a good season.

    HB - Ray Green - Ray Green is a 95 overall in his third season of play with the Tigers. This will be the former 5 stars first season as a starter. He has over 1000 yards and 18 TDs. He is a big back, at 6'3" 247 lbs, but has pretty good speed. He rarely fumbles, breaks a lot of tackles, and has great elusiveness for a man of his size.

    WR - Leading the way this year will be 6'5" Brandon Smith. Behind him will be possession receiver Jordan Smith. In the slot again will be former 5 star speedster Derek Johnson.

    OL - The smallest starter on the line is 6'4" 292 lbs. They average out to ~92 rating. The group is anchored by C Joel Maxwell, the lone senior of the group.

    DL - 6'7" Senior DE Marcus Smith will look to have a big season this year. Sophomore Bo Davis will get his first playing time as a Tiger at the other end. In the middle will be converted DE Michael Parker who specializes in the pass rush and Cedric Tolbert who will compliment him with great run stopping abilities.

    LB - This group is talented, with none coming in below a 90 rating. Kevin Mullins, a run stopper will be at LOLB. In the middle will be Jon Perkins and Vincent Lumpkin if I decide to do a 3-4. At ROLB is Ted Richardson. This 6'7" behemoth is one of the best linebackers in the entire country. With his speed and 90 MCV and 94 ZCV and 89 speed, he be a good safety. His 89 block shedding, 99 pursuit, and 90 finesse move make him capable of playing at the line of scrimmage.

    DB - This secondary unit is probably the best in the nation. At CB is 99 rated Tommy Cook and 97 rated Jerome Booker. Lance Harvey comes out in nickel and is a 94. Booker's size makes him a bit better in coverage, but Cook rarely misses tackles. At FS is John Cantrell, who will be in his third year as a starter. He could easily play linebacker or corner, but his combination of skills makes him a great safety. At SS we have Fred "McLovin" Fogle. This 6'7" gangly senior has made a lot of big plays for LSU. He lacks elite speed, but his enormous height allows him to stop a lot of passes over the top.

    Overall: This is a talented team. As usual, I would expect my team to be in the hunt for the National title and would be disappointed if I didn't get a shot at the SEC title game. My defense should be crazy this year, hopefully my offense will be able to perform well enough.
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  5. Will Atkinson

    Will Atkinson Walk On

    Jan 22, 2012
    2017 Oregon Ducks​
    QB: Isaiah Jones 6'6 239lbs Scrambler (95 overall) A scrambling QB might not get many designated runs in my offense but when I took over in the bowl game I found out that this kid was a play-maker and he made some big throws on the run..Even if he can only extend one or two plays a game, that could mean the difference in between winning and losing..​
    HB/FB: When i say loaded, i mean loaded..We have 3 red-shirt seniors and a red-shirt junior at HB.. Overall listing: 96, 94,93, and 89.. Marques Motley will get the majority of the carries, (95 acceleration, 95 break tackle) and Cameron Davis the speedy return man will get a good amount of carries (97 acceleration, 95 elusiveness, 98 speed)...Fullback is FR(RS) Brandon Preston (75 overall) he will get a nice welcome college football when he runs into LSU's defensive line week 1..​
    WR: There is only one Senior in this group but he is a good one, Steven Bates (90 overall). He will be our best deep ball threat with 99 acceleration and 96 speed.. I really like our younger guys potential all run great routes and have sure hands..​
    TE: The TE position has good young talent, back up TE Omarr Jordan is a 6'8 sophomore who is showing in practice that he is going to be a playmaker in a year or two but he needs to work on his blocking.. The starting TE Thomas Neal (88 overall) has a good balanced skill set and really excels as a run blocker..​
    OL: The offensive line should be solid this year, all upperclassmen..Lead by right guard Seth Jenkins (96 overall)​
    DL: The defensive line will be lead by DE Charles Walker (91 overall) who will look to rally a unit that looks to be a lagging behind the rest of the defense..​
    LB: The linebackers this year are all very athletic and all play well in coverage..LOLB Marcus Frank is a beast at 6'4 204lbs (94 overall).. ROLB Brian Thompson 6'2 259 lbs (99 acceleration) I'm really looking forward to dialing up a few blitzes for that guy..​
    CB: Two Seniors make up the heart and soul of the secondary.. Darin Mason (99man, 98zone) and Nate Duncan is 6'3 and has 96 speed..I won't be scared to leave those guys out on an island from time to time.. I hope both can make the most out of there last year here at Oregon..​
    FS/SS: The starter at FS will be Soph. A.J. Galloway (83 overall) he is going to need to learn quick how to limit big mistakes, but his elite speed should keep him from getting beat deep..The starting SS is senior Adrian Palmer, he is the smallest safety on the roster but his play recognition and pursuit (97) make up for his lack of size..​
    Kicking game: Kevin Meeks will do it all this year as only a red-shirt sophomore..99kick power 88 accuracy..​
    Weird Fact: Oregon only has one player from in-state and he is a 3rd string RT..​
    Expectations: First year on the job i hope sign a 5 top recruiting class, which is my goal every year..On the field I am hoping to compete with Big King's Washington squad for the PAC12 north spot in the conference title game..Brutal schedule opening with two SEC schools but that should give me good insight where I stand going forward..​
  6. MurkYa21

    MurkYa21 Walk On

    Apr 19, 2009
    Alabama is coming off of an 11-2 season with a win over USC in the Sugar Bowl. They lose a lot of guys who put up big stats last season (Price, Fields, Wright, Mayes, Archer), however, with a change of offense and defense they might be able to improve on last year's record.​
    True Sophomore, QB Dale Weiss, will lead an Option Run offense this season and will look for help from a variety of different backs.​
    Redshirt Senior Ben Gunn and redshirt Junior Bobby Powers look to be the favorites for the HB position, but :5stars: commits Joel McMillan and Quincy Ortiz are right behind them on the roster and eager to play. Sophomore transfer, Mike Holmes, will play the full back position and Bama expects to make him a key piece in their offense. He is only rated 74 overall, but carries 86 speed at 261lbs.​
    Transferring from an Air Raid offense the Tide will have plenty of guys to plug in at the #1 and #2 receiver slots, but it will mainly be the two former :5stars: Sophomores Jamal Alexander and Martin Little. Junior Jason Jones is coming off a 1,000 yard season and will contest for a spot as well, and redshirt Senior Jordan Green rounds out the top 4 bringing 96 speed to the table.​
    The O Line is going to be the best we've seen since arriving at Alabama. They will start 3 redshirt Seniors, a redshirt Junior, and a redshirt Sophomore. 6'6" 252lb redshirt Senior Jared Cohen will also work in the trenches out at TE.​
    It's hard to tell if the defense will be better or worse than last year's defense. We lost some key players at LB and both our CBs, but return both of our safeties who are both all americans with blazing speed.​
    Besides those two, Bama only starts one other Senior and that is DT Bryan Harris at 89 overall. The rest of the defense will be back next season with 2 of those losses already being taken care of by recruiting #1 players at SS and DE.​
    Let's play ball!​
  7. RyanC

    RyanC Walk On

    Feb 21, 2011
    The offense is 50/50 this year, Senior QB Richie Vinson looked good late last season and will look to continue that success into this season. The passing game will be on the shoulders of Junior TE Steve James, who eclipsed 1000 yards receiving last year in his first year as a starter.

    Who knows with this defense, strong D-line, but the rest of the defense is inexperienced and only time will tell how they play
  8. abolishthefed

    abolishthefed Specializing in mediocrity

    Mar 27, 2010
    2017 Ohio St Buckeyes

    The Buckeyes come into this year ranked as preseason #3 and they are expected to win the B1G Leaders division, even though 3 teams in the division have higher ratings. The preseason hype may be overdone, as this is more of a rebuilding year for the Bucks. The starting defense features 6 underclassmen, and the offense doesn't have much starting experience.

    Offense - Miami Playbook - 3 starters returning

    QB - This position lacks both skill and depth for tOSU. Losing two recruiting battles with scUM during the 2012 season leads to RS So Vernon Davis (78) taking over the offense. Davis was the #26 ATH in the class of '14 out of Brookdale, SC. He is backed up by true So David Simmons, who will split some snaps. Simmons has 88 speed and will provide a nice change of pace to Davis, who will not leave the pocket.

    HB - This is a position of depth for the Buckeyes. Former :5stars: recruit Jr Rashaun McIntyre (88) out of Warren, OH will anchor the group. McIntyre comes into the season with 966 career yards and 11 TD. However, it remains to be seen how he handles the load as the primary ball carrier. Backups Sr Reggie Golden (87) and RS Jr Jason Dodds (84) will probably receive 50% of the carries for the Buckeyes. Dodds is a change of pace 3rd down back with 97 speed and 99 acc. He will play primarily in shotgun formations. Golden has 94 acc and 91 btk. He will play primarily in 2 TE sets.

    FB - RS So Marcus Hogan (89) gets the opportunity to play, after three year starter Triplett moved on to the NFL. Hogan came into the program as the #1 FB recruit in the class of '14.

    WR - This is another position of depth for the Buckeyes. However, it is not overly useful without a QB to get them the ball. RS Sr Dan Callahan (94) has all the intangibles: 6'5" 207 lb frame, 93 speed, and 91 acc to make an impact. Callahan played in the slot for Ohio St the past two seasons behind former :5stars: recruits Felder and Owen. Callahan comes into the season with 30 career catches and 8 TD. Sr Alvin Malone (91) :5stars: recruit from the class of '13 made a huge impact in special teams the past three seasons. He amassed 3,478 yards and 7 TD in the kick return game. It remains to be seen how well he will function in the offense. RS Fr :5stars: recruit Aaron Hawk (84) will man the slot. Hawk is a solid receiver out of Schriever, LA with good spd, acc, and awr. So Ricky Morris (82) and RS Jr Demetrius Johnson (81) will provide depth at the position. Johnson is 6'4" 256 lbs with 93 spd and 93 acc.

    TE - First year starter, RS Sr Jonathan Anderson (88) stands at 6'8" 253 lbs. He has plenty of playing experience, but was stuck behind superstar 4 year starter Hawkins, who departed for the NFL. Anderson is known as a blocking TE, but can be shifty with is 85 acc rating and 88 btk rating. He is backed up by RS Jr Craig Moss (80). Moss was a :3stars: recruit out of Jeanerette, LA and is primarily a blocker. Fr David Barber out of Valley Station, KY will provide some depth for this group.

    OL - This unit features the only returning starters on offense. RS Jr LG Brian Dixon* (84), RS Jr C Adam Paris* (88), and RS So James Douglas* (87) return after a successful season last year. They are joined by RS Fr Danny Johnson (85) and RS So RG Alphonso Stephenson (84). There is not much depth in this group, so any injury will be catastrophic.


    3-3-5 - 4 starters return

    The Buckeyes coaching staff was torn between moving back to the 4-3, after a year running the 3-3-5. The Buckeyes have depth at DT they want to get on the field, but the appeal of having FS Bryan Garrett playing alongside SS John Jackson and Jeff Hancock was too much to pass up.

    DE - The defensive end position will be weak for the second straight season. Gone are the days when Buckeye defensive ends would terrorize users with 4 sacks in a game. The Bucks recruited players who were rated highly, but they look like Tarzan and play like Jane. RS Sr LE Lance Kelley* (88) returns after a less than mediocre campaign, where he only registered 6 TFL and 4.5 sacks. RS So Craig McFarland (87) will start at the other end position. He saw some time in passing situations last year, but was a bit understrengthed to play with bigger offensive linemen. He added some bulk in the offseason, but may not be a force until next season. RS Jr Michael Turner (85) will provide depth for both end positions. His 90 acc doesn't come through in his actual gameplay.

    DT - The Buckeyes have a ton of depth at this position, but the 3-3-5 formation does not give them much opportunity to play. Sr Thomas Bolen** (87) will anchor the group. Bolen was an ATH out of Grafton, ND who was moved to the defensive line his freshman year. His game is based on on a unique combo of strength and speed, 81 spd and 82 str ratings. Bolen has 9 career sacks and some of the greatest highlight reel interceptions any defensive lineman has ever produced. Jr Chris White (87) will rotate snaps at nose tackle. White is one of the strongest Buckeyes, 90 str, and plugs the middle much better than his 6'2" 264 lb size might suggest. RS So Clifton Murphy (84) and RS Fr Jonathan Morales (81) will provide depth.

    LB - RS Fr Eric Tyler (83) was the #4 OLB prospect in the class of '15 out of Watauga, TX. His 95 acc rating allows him to get to the ball carrier and he is solid in the other categories. He will be a future force for the Bucks. True Fr Mike West (81) will prowl the middle of the field for the silver bullet defense this year. West was the #1 MLB recruit out of Homewood, AL in the class of '16. West's 87 acc rating allows him to flow sideline to sideline, and reminds some Buckeye fans of former great Andy Katzenmoyer. RS Sr Anthony Hurst** (90) will be starting for the third consecutive year. Hurst was an ATH out of Allen Park, Mi, who was not highly regarded. He has used the words of people who said he was too small to play LB and too slow to play safety as fuel to fire a productive career. Hurst's 98 acc rating has led to his career totals of 70 tackles, 16 TFL, 3 sacks, 3 INT, 8 PDs, and 3 FF. RS Fr Todd McClelland (79) will back up all three LB positions. He is solid, but unspectacular.

    CB - Departed are 3 year starters Bolden and Williams from the CB position, along with slot CB Pope, who was a productive Juco transfer player. Two true Fr will fill the large void left. Fr Ron Brown (80) comes in highly regarded, as the #1 CB out of Sunset, FL. Brown has a 6'2" frame with good spd and acc. Manning the other corner is Fr Robert Stevenson (77). Stevenson was the #12 CB out of Monticello, KY. He has solid spd, agi, and acc. RS Jr Bryan Smith (76) may see some time in 6 DB sets.

    S - Gone is one of the most productive players in Buckeye history, FS Henderson. Henderson was a 3 year starter with 99 speed, who made countless plays during his career and will go down in Buckeye lore as one of the best safeties, with Mike Doss and Jim Tatum. His position was supposed to be filled by back FS Bohner, who had the opportunity for playing time with the switch to the 3-3-5 defense. Bohner decided to declare early for the NFL. RS Fr Bryan Garrett (84) now steps into the role of FS. Garrett is a solid player out of Stow, OH, with 95 spd, 78 str, and 89 agi. He will be backed up by true Fr Tyler Stevenson, out of College Park, MD. Stevenson is also a burner. The switch to the 3-3-5 also gave SS John Jackson* (92) an opportunity to play closer to the line of scrimmage. Jackson's high strength and tackling ability make him a force in stopping the run game. He also has excellent cover skills. RS So Jeff Hancock (84) was one of the top SS in the class of '14. Hancock, out of Tempe, AZ, has 96 spd and 93 acc, which make him a terror in the passing game.

    Special Teams - Sr K Corey Mitchell (94) is 21/24 career in FG attempts. He has 97 kpw and 92 kacc. RS Fr Zac Rodgers (86) will probably watch Mitchell handle all the special teams duties in anticipation of starting the next 3 seasons. RS So Albert Llloyd (82), a :4stars: HB out of Weirton, WV, will handle the return duties this year, with past special teams superstar Alvin Malone moving into the starting WR role. Lloyd has 93 spd, 98 agi, and 96 acc.

    This will probably be a rebuilding year for the Buckeyes, but the future looks bright. The Bucks have user games against #10 Washington, #1 Georgia, @#14 ND, and @ #4 scUM, plus a tough conference slate. Ten wins would be a stretch this season. The season will provide valuable depth for possible national championship runs in 2018 and 2019.

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