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Legacy 2017 Week 10

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Hova, Jan 17, 2013.

  1. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    We are now in week 10. 2 user games this week.

    Next adv no later than SAT at 8 PM EST
  2. abolishthefed

    abolishthefed Specializing in mediocrity

    Mar 27, 2010
    [​IMG] Oregon 0 7 0 7 14
    [​IMG] Arizona State 14 3 7 3 27
    First Quarter
    3:09 TD [​IMG] Jason Harrison WR #88 11 yard TD from Kelly Davis QB #8 (Kenneth Clark K #1 kick)
    0:44 TD [​IMG] Steven Jackson HB #24 55 yard TD from Kelly Davis QB #8 (Kenneth Clark K #1 kick)
    Second Quarter
    6:35 TD [​IMG] Ryan Roth TE #12 59 yard TD from Jeff Anderson QB #15 (Jeremy Bell K #18 kick)
    3:29 FG [​IMG] Kenneth Clark K #1 52 yard FG
    Third Quarter
    2:04 TD [​IMG] Trey Robinson FB #26 1 yard TD (Kenneth Clark K #1 kick)
    Fourth Quarter
    3:32 TD [​IMG] Brian Tidwell WR #84 7 yard TD from Jeff Anderson QB #15 (Jeremy Bell K #18 kick)
    0:10 FG [​IMG]
    Kenneth Clark K #1 32 yard FG
  3. droid43

    droid43 Walk On

    Apr 22, 2012
    Great Start for Coach Droid as Hokies Dominate BC
    Carl Randolph breaks a tackle in the backfield before charging 8 yards into the endzone
    Viriginia Tech fans were eagerly awaiting the coaching debut of Coach Droid for the entire week after his opening press conference. A rivalry game against the Boston College Eagles seemed only fitting for the new coach's first game. The Hokies rushed out of the tunnel wearing their all white uniforms and the team looked to be completely energized for the game despite sporting a 3-5 record. The Hokies were determined to get their first ACC victory of the year. When Coach Droid was interviewed briefly before the start of the game he was asked how he got the team behind him. He replied, "Well, I've been on staff here for a few years and so I many of the defensive guys were ready to play, but I just told the guys we have got to turn this around. For Coach Beamer, for all of our fans, and most importantly for ourselves. We've got to get back to playing Virginia Tech football."
    The opening quarter could not have gone any better for the Hokies. Electing to receive the kickoff, the Hokie offense showed a fine display of offensive balance. Mixing the pass and the run put a burden on the Eagle defense. The Hokies also chewed 4:18 off the clock on the opening drive before scoring on a two yard rushing touchdown by Andre Strong. After a BC three and out the Hokies were right back to work. The drive was engineered almost flawlessly by senior quarterback Chauncey Gonzales who went 5-7 on the drive with 56 yards. After Gonzales found freshman wideout Kevin Powell at the BC 8 yard line, third string halfback Carl Randolph found pay dirt on a run up the middle. The Hokies were reeling on their sideline and the Eagles looked stunned down 14-o at the end of the first.
    The second quarter continued on in the same manner as the first. Virginia Tech's defense was suffocating the home team's offense and kept them from even attaining a first down until mid-way through the second quarter. Boston College's defense seemed to wake up after the embarrassing first quarter. The Hokies could not get in any rhythm offensively and it appeared as though the score would remain 14-0 at the half with the second quarter winding down. Coach Droid was not content with only a 14-0 score though. He called two of his team's timeouts after Boston College ran the football trying to end the half. A third down pass fell incomplete and the Hokies had a chance to put more points on the board.
    It only took one play to change the score. Freshman receiver Kevin Powell went in motion and ran a deep crossing route and Gonzales hit him in stride as he ran through the cover two defense and raced past the safeties. The next offensive series was a complete blunder for the Eagles. On first down the Eagles attempted to catch VT sleeping with a play action pass, but the pass fell incomplete. Coach Robbins called his team's final timeout after a 3 yard scramble by BC quarterback T. J. Williams. The following third down play was very curious. Williams again attempted a pass, deep down the right sideline and the ball was intercepted by cornerback Casey Moore. The turnover led to great field position with virtually no time taken off the clock. Hokie quarterback Gonzales flawlessly ran the two minute offense and the Hokies increased their lead again. Gonzales found Powell streaking alone down the sideline after the safety jumped a shorter route. Powell made a great diving catch in the endzone to conclude the scoring in the first half.
    The second half was a half of keep away it seemed. Neither offense could muster much offense, but Virginia Tech was fine with that. Coach Droid tried to establish the running game, but the BC defense refused to allow it. No points were scored in the third quarter as each offense would move the ball, but no scoring would come of it. In the last stanza the Hokies tacked on a field goal to make it a 31-0 with just 3:03 remaing. It was at that point that the back-ups came in for the Hokies. Boston College finally put points on the board with 0:55 remaining. A failed onside kick and two kneels later and the Hokies had their first win in the Coach Droid era.
    The coach looked relieved and impressed at the same time post-game. "We played a complete game as a team today and that is something to be very proud of. You don't usually see rivalry games have this type of point spread, but that just goes to show what happens when you execute and work hard in practice. We're 4-5 now and we feel as though our last three games are definitely winnable. I know we're going to continue to work hard this week and I'm already looking forward to Miami."
    - In injury news, the Hokies lost starting halfback Andy Kelly to a broken clavicle. Kelly will have roughly a two month recovery period and will miss the remainder of the season.
    *Unfortunately the easports website is down and I'm not able to post highlights at the moment. Will edit in the future.
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  4. edge7771

    edge7771 Walk On

    Apr 27, 2011
    #10 PSU 17
    #6 UW 14

    The Nittany Lions traveled to Wisconsin to take on the Badgers in a battle of divisional top ten teams. Penn State needed the win to take over the leaders and control its path to the B1G championship game. Wisconsin would open up first on offense and get pinned deep on a holding call on the kick return. PSU would force the Badgers into a 3rd and 16 hoping to force a three out. Wisconsin QB would keep his cool and complete a 20yrd out to kick start the drive. The Badgers would move the ball with ease after the long completion and hit a 21yrd TD pass to go up 7-0.

    PSU would start its first possession with less luck. After one first down QB Nick White would throw his first INT of the day. Trying to force the ball over the middle the Badger DB stepped in front of the pass for the int. Wisconsin's O make little work of the PSU D as it the FB in the Flat to push their lead to 14-0. On PSU’s offensive second set QB Nick White threw his second INT of the game and all looked hopeless for the Nittany Lions. Not being able to stop the Badger offense PSU was facing the possibility of going down 21-0 in the first quarter.

    Coach Chase decided to turn up the heat on D and the players responded. From that point on PSU would pitch a shutout and have the Wisconsin QB Ross Jackson running for his life. The Nittany Lions registered 5 sacks and had numerous pressures. The secondary also tighten up also only giving up 3 completions for the last three quarters. On offense PSU took care of the ball and pounded FR RB Marcus O’Connor. Penn State got on the board late in the 2nd with a Connor TD run to pull within a TD. The Wisconsin D was tough all game but sticking with the run and big catches kept PSU long drives going. PSU would tack on a 51yrd FG in the 3rd to make it a 3pt game.

    After the FG Wisconsin put together a nice drive to the 50 but would be forced to punt. The kick pinned PSU deep with a little over 6mins left in the fourth. PSU was able to pick up one first down hoping to string together a drive. On second down PSU would get sacked to force a 3rd and 19 with just over 4mins left. Backed up on its 19 yard line the Nittany Lions made the decision to try and get 10yrds to improve a chance for a long punt. On the biggest play of the game QB Nick White would find WR Trevor Jude on a Sluggo for a 30yrd completion. Now knowing it was 4 down territory for the rest of the game PSU mixed up the play calling. PSU would go off tackle on a first and goal from the 10 with Marcus O’Connor to go up 17-14 with 1:21 left.

    The Badgers would come out and pick up a huge first down on 3rd and 15 to move the ball out to the 45. PSU would get a sack on 2nd down and force an incompletion on 3rd to set up a 4th and long. Thinking Wisconsin might anticipate pressure PSU sat back in a zone and was able to get a moderate push with the front three. The Wisconsin QB panicked and tried to hit his wr on an out route. The WR dropped the pass but was 7yrds short of the first with coverage there if the pass was completed. With 45secs left PSU would pick the 1st down and run out the clock.

    This is a huge win for the young Nittany Lions as the move forward. Penn State starts 11 total underclassmen as the program is starting to take off.

    GG GMONEY 15 it was a battle
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  5. Brandon S.

    Brandon S. Freshmen Phenoms Commissioner

    Jul 15, 2011
    MSU 45
    OSU 48

    45 dropped passes in 8 games. Most frustrating season ever in Spartan history. Still 4 games left to play too, thats the scary part.

    This pretty much explains my entire season. Dropped catches lead to losses. Dropped the INT, lost the game on a hail mary with no time left. I messed up when uploading the highlight and its on the Wire but not on my hard drive.


    "What a Game" is the title, the video is the 2nd option of the highlights. Maybe next year we'll have WRs that can catch.
  6. GMONEY 15

    GMONEY 15 2015 BCS Champs

    Nov 24, 2011


    Yes it was a battle and even though I came up short, I enjoyed the game. You pounded the rock with good success and that D tightened up and blitzed often with great success. After watching the game film, my staff and I will need to make adjustments for this team. 1 thing for sure that we learned from watching is that we need to keep it simple on both sides of the ball and cut the offensive PB down a notch.

    GG and best of luck the rest of the way.

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