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Legacy 2017 Week 11

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Hova, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    We are now in week 11. No user games this week.

    Next ADV no later than MON at 8 PM EST
  2. droid43

    droid43 Walk On

    Apr 22, 2012
    Send FEMA to Blacksburg.
    Hurricanes Shred Hokies 45-29
    It appears the honeymoon is over for Coach Droid. The Hokies traveled to South Beach this week to face Miami and the results were disastrous for the newly appointed head coach. Receivers dropped passes, the offensive line could not block their way out of a wet paper bag, and Gonzales threw five interceptions. It wasn't just a bad day for the offense. The defensive line was unable to get any pressure and allow multiple scrambles, a disgusting number of missed tackles were registered, and coverage horrific at times.
    Miami took the ball away on Virginia Tech's first drive and the sight would become familiar. Gonzales was forced to throw early and often due to bad defensive play and the inability to move the ball at all on the ground. The Hokies finished with -12 yards rushing due to sacks, but Carl Randolph only managed 3 yards on four carries before he was knocked out of the game and for the remainder of the season with an abdominal tear. Andre Strong was unable to have any success rushing the ball either. He only gained 12 yards on six carries. Now that Randolph is out for the season as well as Andy Kelly, the Hokies are down to their third and fourth string halfbacks to finish the year. It appears that the Hokies will have to lean more on the passing game.
    Coach Droid was furious after the game and called his team's effort "disgusting". "We couldn't do a thing right and were lucky to even be within two scores of Miami after turning the football over five times. I don't think I've ever seen a more pathetic display of running the football in all my years. Everyone needs to look at themselves in the mirror and hold themselves accountable. It starts with me and the rest of our staff, but our team has got to decide to step up the challenge they now face. I'm not sure if we got complacent after our win last week, but we are not a good enough football team to beat team without playing out best game. I can guarantee you that we're going to be fully focused at practice and for next week's game."
    On a side note, WOW. I've never been destroyed like that by the CPU. I can't believe I even got it to within 16. Going to be much tougher than I thought to get to 6-6 with offensive and defensive play like that.
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  3. abolishthefed

    abolishthefed Specializing in mediocrity

    Mar 27, 2010
    [​IMG] Arizona State 7 14 7 7 35
    [​IMG] Oregon State 7 0 3 13 23
    First Quarter
    6:23 TD [​IMG] Kelly Davis QB #8 69 yard TD (Kenneth Clark K #1 kick)
    5:50 TD [​IMG] Donnie Horne TE #85 18 yard TD from Justin Jackson QB #1 (Roger Newby K #4 kick)
    Second Quarter
    4:59 TD [​IMG] Jason Harrison WR #88 3 yard TD from Kelly Davis QB #8 (Kenneth Clark K #1 kick)
    3:36 TD [​IMG] Jason Harrison WR #88 50 yard TD from Kelly Davis QB #8 (Kenneth Clark K #1 kick)
    Third Quarter
    5:43 TD [​IMG] Marcus Richardson WR #84 68 yard TD from Kelly Davis QB #8 (Kenneth Clark K #1 kick)
    2:02 FG [​IMG] Roger Newby K #4 19 yard FG
    Fourth Quarter
    5:47 TD [​IMG] Clayton Lester WR #14 10 yard TD from Kelly Davis QB #8 (Kenneth Clark K #1 kick)
    4:29 TD [​IMG] Greg Harrison HB #26 8 yard TD (Roger Newby K #4 kick)
    2:46 TD [​IMG] Andre Jones WR #84 10 yard TD from Justin Jackson QB #1 (2-Pt failed)
  4. uncleho

    uncleho Walk On

    Jan 20, 2010

    Colorado pounds UCLA into the ground in Boulder behind the strength a great day on the ground in the snow. The Colorado defense also forced two fumbles, one of which was returned for a TD.

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