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Legacy 2017 Week 2

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Hova, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    We are now ADV. We have three more user games this week so keep up the good work scheduling those. You should also have your recruiting threads up by now.

    Games of the Week:

    #21 Clemson (DivisibleDuke) @ #1 Oregon (Hokie Effect)

    #4 VA Tech (I Wictorious I) @ #2 Penn St (BraveJaf)

    Miami (Big Suge Knight) @ #3 LSU (AjTev21)

    Welcome to Week 2!
    Remember to visit dynasty.easports.com to publish your own stories.

    =============== #6 Alabama Crimson Tide (0-1) ===============
    Last week, Alabama lost 27-3 against Oregon (1-0).
    This week, the Crimson Tide travel to Norman to face the #10 Oklahoma Sooners (0-0).
    In recruiting news, the following Alabama targets have announced their decisions:
    - (*****) RT Brian Macklin has committed to Alabama
    - (****) DT Jarvis Breedlove has committed to Alabama

    =============== #21 Clemson Tigers (0-1) ===============
    Last week, Clemson lost 38-17 against UCLA (1-0).
    This week, the Tigers travel to Eugene to face the #1 Oregon Ducks (1-0).
    In recruiting news, the following Clemson targets have announced their decisions:
    - (****) CB Mark Anderson has committed to Clemson

    =============== #11 Georgia Bulldogs (0-1) ===============
    Last week, Georgia lost 21-7 against Penn State (1-0).
    This week, the Bulldogs are idle.
    In recruiting news, the following Georgia targets have announced their decisions:
    - (****) CB Dan Workman has committed to Georgia Tech
    - (****) LG Mark Holmes has committed to LSU
    - (****) HB Lawrence Clark has committed to Florida

    =============== #3 LSU Tigers (1-0) ===============
    Last week, LSU won 43-42 against Ohio State (0-1).
    This week, the Tigers will host Miami (0-0).
    In recruiting news, the following LSU targets have announced their decisions:
    - (****) DT Jarvis Breedlove has committed to Alabama
    - (****) LE Sam Stone has committed to LSU
    - (****) LG Mark Holmes has committed to LSU
    - (****) RT Nate Bentley has committed to Virginia Tech

    =============== Miami Hurricanes (0-0) ===============
    Last week the Hurricanes were idle.
    This week, the Hurricanes travel to Baton Rouge to face the #3 LSU Tigers (1-0).
    In recruiting news, the following Miami targets have announced their decisions:
    - (***) MLB Alex Everett has committed to Miami
    - (****) HB Terrell Johnson has committed to Miami

    =============== Minnesota Golden Gophers (0-0) ===============
    Last week the Golden Gophers were idle.
    This week, the Golden Gophers will host FCS Northwest .

    =============== #15 Ohio State Buckeyes (0-1) ===============
    Last week, Ohio State lost 43-42 against LSU (1-0).
    This week, the Buckeyes are idle.

    =============== #1 Oregon Ducks (1-0) ===============
    Last week, Oregon won 27-3 against Alabama (0-1).
    This week, the Ducks will host #21 Clemson (0-1).
    In recruiting news, the following Oregon targets have announced their decisions:
    - (*****) HB Steve Daniels has committed to Oregon

    =============== #2 Penn State Nittany Lions (1-0) ===============
    Last week, Penn State won 21-7 against Georgia (0-1).
    This week, the Nittany Lions will host #4 Virginia Tech (1-0).
    In recruiting news, the following Penn State targets have announced their decisions:
    - (****) DT Tyler Kerr has committed to Penn State
    - (****) RT Blake Mathis has committed to Temple

    =============== #13 UCLA Bruins (1-0) ===============
    Last week, UCLA won 38-17 against Clemson (0-1).
    This week, the Bruins travel to Ann Arbor to face the #16 Michigan Wolverines (0-0).

    =============== #8 USC Trojans (0-1) ===============
    Last week, USC lost 42-38 against Virginia Tech (1-0).
    This week, the Trojans are idle.
    In recruiting news, the following USC targets have announced their decisions:
    - (****) MLB Michael Anderson has committed to Oklahoma
    - (****) LT Jeremiah Sanders has committed to USC
    - (****) DT Richard King has committed to USC
    - (*****) FS Julius Bell has committed to USC
    - (*****) RT Brian Macklin has committed to Alabama

    =============== #4 Virginia Tech Hokies (1-0) ===============
    Last week, Virginia Tech won 42-38 against USC (0-1).
    This week, the Hokies travel to University Park to face the #2 Penn State Nittany Lions (1-0).
    In recruiting news, the following Virginia Tech targets have announced their decisions:
    - (****) RT Nate Bentley has committed to Virginia Tech

    Next ADV no later than FRIDAY at 6 PM EST
  2. Kasper

    Kasper The Ghost Himself

    Apr 12, 2010
    Bring on Montana State
  3. bravejaf

    bravejaf Walk On

    Jul 13, 2009
    Penn State 33
    Virginia Tech 20

    Penn State won its second straight match against a top 10 foe and the game plan was similar to Georgia. The offense played methodical offense. Putting together long drives with the occasional big play. Seth Nelson was not perfect in this game, but still played a terrific game. He finished 10-13 but more importantly he didn't throw any to the Hokies. His receivers found the endzone twice in this game. The first was long pass to sophomore Adam Lee, a 58-yard TD. The second TD came late in the game and pretty much sealed the win for Penn State. On a 3rd down play the coaches called a play action pass and TE Richardson got the 1-on-1 match-up that coaches wanted. He made the diving catch for a 12-yard TD. The workhouse for the team was HB William Johnson who finished with 21 carries 84 yards and a short score. The yards per carry may not be game breaking but he kept the chains moving by keeping the third downs at a manageable distance. True freshman kicker Michael Brown also deserves mention, as he lead all players with 16 points. He was 4-4 on field goals with a long of 44 yards.

    On defense the Nittany Lions gave up a lot of yards but grabbed 5 more takeaways. These takeaways setup most of the Penn State scores and ended long drives for Virginia Tech. For the second game in a row Kelvin Hall led the way with 2 picks. Teams may want to throw away from him in future games. Dan Gooden, Andrew Shuler and Steven Love also grabbed interceptions in this game. In between the picks VT QB Jerome Davis made big plays. He passed for more yards than PSU Nelson as Davis finished with 309 yards. He was playing from behind most of the game, so that may have contributed to the mistakes. Penn State also got pressure on Davis, leading to 4 sacks and a few hurried passes. Gooden led the way with 2 sacks in this game. VT also turned away from the rushing attack shortly into the game, with only 3 carries for HB Marcus McGee.

    After back-to-back top 10 showdowns, Penn State will spend week 3 watching games on the tube. After that break the Nittany Lions open Big 10 play with a game against Iowa.

    Key stat: 5/0 takeaways, 8/0 in first 2 games combined

    First Quarter
    04:04FGPenn StateMichael Brown K #16 34 yard field goal
    01:22FGPenn StateMichael Brown K #16 18 yard field goal
    Second Quarter
    06:50TDPenn StateAdam Lee WR #82 58 yard pass from Seth Nelson QB #7
    06:34TDPenn StateWilliam Johnson HB #43 4 yard rush
    04:02FGVirginia TechMarkeith McFadden P #12 39 yard field goal
    00:54FGVirginia TechMarkeith McFadden P #12 44 yard field goal
    Third Quarter
    04:31FGPenn StateMichael Brown K #16 42 yard field goal
    02:41TDVirginia TechCole Washington TE #80 25 yard pass from Jerome Davis QB #4
    Forth Quarter
    05:20FGPenn StateMichael Brown K #16 44 yard field goal
    02:13TDPenn StateJeff Richardson TE #89 12 yard pass from Seth Nelson QB #7
    01:08TDVirginia TechJohn Bowling WR #15 20 yard pass from Jerome Davis QB #4
  4. cnic75

    cnic75 The Legacy

    Feb 21, 2009
    Alabama - 59
    Oklahoma - 6

    Alabama gets back on track with a blowout in Norman. Oklahoma was just dominated on both sides of the ball today. The Sooners were only able to score on a return of a fumble early in the 3rd quarter. John Bowling was an efficient 7 for 10 for 156 yards and 3 TDs. He was pulled midway through the 3rd. Backup Brandon Casey came in and looked just as good going 6 for 10 for 147 yards and 1 TD. Joe McKinley made up for his disastrous 1st game by ripping off 202 yards on 12 carries and 2 TD. Joey Taylor had 54 yards on 8 rushes. Jeff Owen and Ryan McGee each had over 100 yards receiving. Owens caught 4 passes for 144 yards while McGee caught 3 for 100 yards and 2 TDs. Freshman Marcus Coe had a good first game catching 2 TD passes on the day. Jake Carlson picked up where he left off by leading the team in tackles with 10; 2 of which were for a loss. SS Derek Mitchell intercepted 2 passes while making 5 tackles.
  5. ajtev21

    ajtev21 Walk On

    Oct 31, 2010
    Miami 20
    LSU 38

    The Tigers won a turnover battle with Miami and an early lead proves to be deadly for the Canes. After a INT Eric Martin struck on a 16 year TD pass to Carlos Stewart. Miami again turned the ball over on the next possession and RB Dawson punched in a 14 yard run to put the tigers up 14. Things got bad for the Canes when again turned the ball over and Martin hit Steward on another 16 yard pass. Miami got on the board, but Dawson again answered for the Tigers with a 18 yard scamper. Miami added a TD before the half and as time expired LSU added a FG for a 31-10 halftime score. The 3rd quarter belonged to Maimi as the Canes added a TD and FG to the score. The tigers needed a score to lock to victory and got one from Eric Martin in the form of a TD pass to Cox. Martin was 12 for 20 for 174 yards and 3 TDs. Garcia ran the ball 20 times for 110 yards and Dawson added 8 carries for 109 yards and 2 TDs.

    Also, Big Suge and I disconnected and we restarted the game which changed the beginning of the first one (a more favorable beginning for Suge). Props to him for restarting, and I feel bad for the rough start for him. Good luck the rest of the way Suge.
  6. MaxATX34

    MaxATX34 Texas Football

    Feb 17, 2009
    Bruins Blowout Blue in Big House

    Ann Arbor, MI (AP) -- UCLA is 2/3 done with a brutal opening schedule. The Bruins controlled the game with a dominant rushing attack and QB Lee Downing went 14/19 passing. The duo of Senior Ryan Bates and Freshman A.J. Simpson might be called The Two-Headed Monster after this week. They combined for over 220 yards and 4TD on the ground. Simpson even caught a TD. Downing was efficient and didnt make mistakes.

    The Defense was swarming and forced 2 turnovers. Both of Michigan's TDs were in garbage time against the reserves.

    Next week, UCLA will play their first game in the Rose Bowl this season vs a top 10 Alabama squad who will be looking to make up for a poor showing vs Oregon.

    14/19 210yd 1TD

    18ATT 104yd 2TD

    13ATT 119yd 2TD
    3REC 16yd 1TD

    6REC 81yd
  7. Hokie Effect

    Hokie Effect Whats a Hokie?

    Jul 4, 2009
    Oregon- 38
    Clemson- 14

    The Ducks jumped to a very quick 14-0 lead thanks to the the legs of QB Bryce Jones and an early int. What looked like a potential blowout was far from it as Oregon's offense continued to struggle, especially in the passing game. The Ducks defense once again was able to stop their opponents running game and force the Tigers to pass more than they wanted to. Oregon was able to win the field position and turnover battle, which included a 68yd pick 6 to end all hopes of a comeback. Oregon gets a week off to figure out their offense before their annual showdown with USC. GG duke and gl the rest of the season...
  8. Big Suge Knight

    Big Suge Knight Walk On

    Mar 1, 2009
    GG. The restart did hurt me considering I was able to get on the board first.

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