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Legacy 2018 Week 10

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Hova, Feb 26, 2013.

  1. Hova

    Hova Live Action. YiYiYi!

    Feb 21, 2009
    We are now in week 10. 2 user games this week.

    Next ADV no later than THURS at 1 PM EST
  2. uncleho

    uncleho Walk On

    Jan 20, 2010

    This game was dominated by defense by both teams with one team using relentless pressure and clogging all the running lanes in the first half and the other catching almost every pass thrown its way by the opposing quarterback. Fortunately for the Buffaloes, their defense was the one catching the interceptions. The Washington quarterback was picked off 6 times with a lot of those giving crucial field position to Colorado and one an actual touchdown. Colorado was sacked 4 or 5 times in the first half, leaving us in poor situations, and only managed a couple of FGs with the good field position. The lone TD scored in the first half was big because it came after a Washington turnover pretty deep in Colorado territory. The Buffaloes were able to go down the field and get into the end zone on that one.

    Colorado would score its defensive TD in the third quarter, a 49 yard pick 6 to go up 20-0. After that I finally felt like we started to get some more pressure on the QB and get some sacks. Washington would cut the lead to 20-7 late in the third when their QB ran it in from 7 yards out. The rest of the game would be spent punting by both teams or turning the ball over until the last 3 minutes when Colorado ran out the clock.

    GG Raidernation, the cpu had it in for you, I don't know that we had 6 interceptions as a team before this game.
  3. abolishthefed

    abolishthefed Specializing in mediocrity

    Mar 27, 2010
    [​IMG] Arizona State 3 7 0 17 27
    [​IMG] Oregon 7 5 9 0 21
    First Quarter
    5:28 TD [​IMG] George Greene WR #89 55 yard TD from Ryan Callahan QB #11 (Marvin Brown K #8 kick)
    3:32 FG [​IMG] Kenneth Clark K #1 59 yard FG
    Second Quarter
    6:23 TD [​IMG] Steven Torres WR #82 6 yard TD from Ryan Macklin QB #15 (Kenneth Clark K #1 kick)
    2:49 SF [​IMG] Ryan Callahan QB #11 0 yard SF
    0:00 FG [​IMG] Marvin Brown K #8 45 yard FG
    Third Quarter
    2:00 TD [​IMG] Scott Anderson WR #85 14 yard TD from Ryan Callahan QB #11 (2-Pt failed)
    1:06 FG [​IMG] Marvin Brown K #8 34 yard FG
    Fourth Quarter
    6:57 TD [​IMG] Steven Jackson HB #24 4 yard TD (Kenneth Clark K #1 kick)
    3:29 TD [​IMG] Ryan Macklin QB #15 7 yard TD (Kenneth Clark K #1 kick)
    0:55 FG [​IMG] Kenneth Clark K #1 58 yard FG

    [​IMG] Oreg
    [​IMG] ASU
    1st Downs 10 18
    3rd down conversions 3/12 5/12
    4th down conversions 1/1 0/0
    Total offense 268 294
    Passing yards 181 142
    Completions/Attempts 12/19 14/28
    Yards Per Attempt 9.5 5.1
    Rushing yards 87 152
    Rushing Attempts 29 32
    Yard Per Rush 3 4.8
    Penalties-yards 1-15 0-0
    Turnovers 1 3
    Fumbles Lost 1 1
    Interceptions Thrown 0 2
    possession 11:29 16:31
  4. GMONEY 15

    GMONEY 15 2015 BCS Champs

    Nov 24, 2011
    [​IMG] 14 [​IMG] 10


    Wisconsin traveled to State College PA to take on #3 Penn State on the ESPN Saturday game of the week. This game lived up to its advance billing as both teams played smash mouth defensive football Big 10 Style. Penn State gets the ball first and began to drive down the field mixing up his running game like they always do. They were sitting pretty inside the Badger red zone. Then QB Ashton Smith was picked off in the red zone by FS Terrance Bailey. Wisconsin began to drive and also had an impressive drive as was in the Penn State red zone. However Penn States defense ( Who leads the Nation in takeaways ) stepped up as Chanucey Anderson picked off a Tyler Dickson pass and Penn State had the ball once again. The 1st QTR was scoreless but both teams had their chances.

    After a couple of punts by both teams, the Badgers were on the move again. Then Tyler Dickson once again threw another "SHITTY" pass and was picked of by FS Ismeal Horton. This TO hurt as Penn State drove down the short field once again. This time the Badger D stepped up and Terrance Brown kicks a 48 yard FG to put Penn State up 3-0 and 98,000 Beaver heads were going crazy. The Badgers went on the move once again and drove down and was in Penn States red zone. Then Pen State calls a time as they stopped Wisconsin cold inside of the 10 yard line. Well this time out brought that BULl%^$t FREEZE on the Badger kicker and he misses on a FG wide right. ( Side note....icing the kicker in the first half isn't really cool and being a premiere league it shouldn't be used. However that's just my opinion on the subject.Maybe i'm bitching because I missed it. NOT. :cool: ) HALF TIME SCORE 3-0 Penn State.

    Wisconsin received the 2nd half kickoff and needed a spark and QB Tyler Dickson went to work. On the first play he hits WR Bryan Holt on a NIFTY 63 yard pass to get into the Penn State red zone. 2 plays later, he finds Blake Givens on a 17 yards TD pass to give Wisconsin a 7-3 lead and the crowd went silent. However the lead was very short lived as 2 minutes later after another classic Penn State drive, Smith hits Lance Simpson from 6 yards out to give Penn State a 10-7 lead and that'd how the 3rd period would end.

    Wisconsin gets the ball and drives once again to get set up for the tying FG from 45 yards out. Without any typr of ICE, Eric Harper chokes again and hit's the right upright and Penn State once again had the ball. After punts by both teams Wisconsin had the ball. Penn States defense once again stepped up tot he plate and held Wisconsin and the crowd was going crazy. The Badgers needed a stop to get the ball back. Penn State ran the first the first play and Wisconsin called a TO. After a incomplete pass on 2nd down, Penn State faced a 3rd and 8. Smith tried to pass across the middle and SOPH CB Brad Douglas picked off the pass as the Penn State 40 and their was life with 1:21 left in the game. Dickson calmly drove the Badgers down the field and was inside the 5 yard line. They got to the 1 yard line and with 4 seconds left, Wisconsin called a TO. Everyone thought that coach GMONEY would bring out Harper to kick the FG to force OT. Well GMONEY decided to go for the W. The crowd was going crazy as this last play would decide the game once way or another. Dickson hands off to the FB Dustin Hawthorne and he would dive in from 1 yard out with 2 seconds left to give the Badgers a 14-10 lead. On that play, Penn State ran commit to the right so it was a great call from the offensive coordinator upstairs in the press box.

    Once again it's always a battle when playing edge7771 as he always has his team prepared for battle. All of our games that we have played have been decided by 5 points of less.
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