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    Sup guys. Hope this finds you all well, and I hope I'm not intruding by posting here (feel free to remove if you think I am).

    It's been a while since I've done anything official in the sports gaming world, but I've been working for a while on a site called Legacy-Football.com.

    The idea actually sprung up a bunch of years back while playing for Tradition FC. "Wouldn't it be cool if ..." it started.

    The concept is pretty simple - a league of pro clubs, but instead of you controlling say Liverpool or Chelsea, you're a player on Liverpool or Chelsea. Get another 10 or 20 clubs involved and you have two leagues running with a Champions League in Season II. And after each season the transfer market opens up and players move from team to team.

    I actually played in a league like this last winter for about 6 months, and it was awesome. Took sports gaming to a completely different level. Only problem was the league was based in Europe, and it was tough playing at 2/3 p.m. in the afternoon. That conflicted with coaching baseball and that was that.

    But now its a new FIFA, and I'm trying to bring the same kind of experience but with more US friendly times.

    If you're interested drop me a line. Looking for players, managers and also folks to help admin it if anybody is interested.

    If not, hope this finds everybody well and best of luck!
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    might help to know what console.

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