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Legendary Veterans: Content

Discussion in 'Legendary Veterans' started by LSUTRUTH, Aug 14, 2012.


    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011

    All of the following are expectations of our members. As commissioner of the OD I will ultimately have the final say on any and all situations. I always try to be fair as possible and give all members the benefit of the doubt, but the protection of the integrity and ideals this Legendary Veterans has been founded upon have always, and will always be, top priority. If you have any questions please contact me privately.


    I. BEFORE Kicking Off Week 1

    • Fill out Pre-Season Survey
    • Create Your Team Preview
    • Sign up for required Content & Responsibilities
    II. During the Season
    • Play games within 24(CPU)/48(USER) hour max
    • Post game summary in weekly thread
    • Post thread if it is your assigned week
    • Update Recruiting Thread on a weekly basis
    • Actively participate in league discussions
    III. Extra Content Ideas
    • Power Rankings (Can be yearly, 4 game stretches, or weekly)
    • Game of the week feature​
    • Podcast​
    • End of the Year Stat recorder ** Must be done** Great Example - The Experience NCAA '13 League Almanac

    This reply is to aid users to develop quality content. Some tips:

    • Everyone's computer has paint. Using the "Print Screen" function you can easily copy and paste the screen of your computer and get it into paint. Use a free website like PhotoBucket DOT COM to host your pictures.
    • Right clicking the pictures on the OD page (linked at at top of the forum), selecting properties, and copying copy the IMG URL can be utilized to include in game pictures in your recaps.
    • Tables, short paragraphs, and graphics make your posts much more interesting and fun to read. Checking your spelling and grammer is also a plus.
    • Get creative! Bring something new to the forum that not only YOU will enjoy, but others will enjoy too. This is the best content.

    Other OD Content Tools:

    College Football Logos: CLICK HERE

    Websites with exact color codes for all NCAA schools, helmets, etc: CLICK HERE

  2. GDip

    GDip Walk On

    Jul 9, 2012
    what's this Pre-season survey? I can't find anything else about it

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