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Legendary Veterans

Discussion in 'Legendary Veterans' started by LSUTRUTH, Aug 13, 2012.


    LSUTRUTH The one and only

    Jun 19, 2011
    Legendary Veterans has come an extremely long way since it's birth at the infamous MaddenMania. The basis of the league was to create a fair, realisitc, and enjoyable OD experience. Only myself remains from the original NCAA 09 ACC Online Dynasty. Legendary Vets are held to high standards. LV has always been all users in one-two conference(s) and has focused on making sure the entire league finishes their games as fast as possible. This puts a lot more responsibilty and expectation on our members, but this group has always answered the call.

    NCAA '13 Legendary Veterans features their traditional Two-Conference setup. Many of our members were intrigued by the ACC and Big XII conferences, which made the selection an easy decision. Many user rivalries from past NCAA releases remain and have only intensified with each new chapter. Many new rivals have emerged, and have added even more excitement to the league.

    The conference crown has always been widely considered the top accomplishment amongst this group. Grueling conference schedules with competitive opponents week in and week out calls for excellent performance off and on the field. Will YOU be able to rise to the challenge?
    " Fuck famous, let's get LEGENDARY! "
    Name Team
    BakerWildcat7 KSU[/SIZE]
    Bawvu97 WVU[/SIZE]
    BennettForce OK U[/SIZE]
    Bl0ndeReadHead UNC[/SIZE]
    -Cougars- UVA[/SIZE]
    Hokie Effect VT[/SIZE]
    GMoney Da U[/SIZE]
    Gdig TCU[/SIZE]
    The Parrothead NCSU[/SIZE]
    UNo x Broncos Texas[/SIZE]
    Will Atkinson FSU[/SIZE]

    Game Settings

    Category Setting
    Game Difficulty: Heisman
    Recruiting Difficulty: Heisman
    Speed Threshold: 50
    Quarters: 7 mins
    Custom Playbooks BANNED

    Slider Settings

    Offense Human CPU
    QB Accuracy 50 50
    Pass Block 50 50
    WR Catching 50 50
    RB Ability 50 50
    Run Blocking 50 50
    Pass Coverage 50 50
    Pass Rush 50 50
    Interceptions 50 50
    Rush Defense 50 50
    Tackling 50 50
    FG Power 50 50
    FG Accuracy 50 50
    P Power 50 50
    P Accuracy 50 50
    Kickoff Power 50 50

    Position Changes

    *** Note that position changes only apply to recruits being switched to position different from their natural positions. Players recruited as ATHs can be 10 lbs and 2 speed points away from the restrictions and still qualify. A petition can be made for an exception to an ATH who may be close to the restrictions and is not capable of playing other positions well. A post should be made in the forum explaining the situation with full attributes of the ATH and OVR ratings at different positions.
    Here is a list of the speed translations in the game from 40 times.
    Pos Notes
    QB: No Restrictions
    RB: No Restrictions
    FB: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 230 lbs
    Speed restriction < 84
    Height restriction < 6'2''
    WR: No restrictions
    TE: Restricted
    Height restriction > 6'2''
    Weight restriction > 225lbs
    Speed restriction < 86
    OL: No restrictions
    DT: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 265 lbs
    DE: Restricted
    Height restriction > 6'2''
    Weight restriction > 240 lbs
    Speed Restriction < 83
    OLB: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 215 lbs
    Speed Restriction < 85
    MLB: Restricted
    Weight restriction > 225 lbs
    Speed restriction < 85
    DB: No restrictions
    RET: No Restrictions

    Players leaving

    A player will not be allowed to attempt to sway a player from the pro draft if he:​
    • is > 95 OVR
    • is a JR that has won the Heisman
    • is a JR and has won a major award (Thorpe, Maxwell, Biletnikoff, etc) and is > 90 OVR
    Kickers and punters can be swayed from pro draft regardless of OVR and class.

    The amount of scholarships that can be offered at any given time will be dictated by the following formula:​
    A = number of seniors on your team that will graduate​
    B = Two additional scholarship to provide a cushion.​
    C = 70 - current amount of players currently on roster​
    A + B + C = total number of available scholarships.​
    Note: Committed players count against your scholarship limit.


    2-Deep Redshirt Rule: You may not redshirt a player if his overall rating would make him 1st or 2nd on your depth chart.
    • The exceptions here are at:
      • Kicker/Punter
      • Quarterback
      • Offensive Line

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