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Lets go Inside the Huddle (Playoff Projection Edition)....

Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by OMlawdog, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. OMlawdog

    OMlawdog Going full Cheeze

    Feb 10, 2009
    Well we are only 4 weeks away from the Playoff and rumors are swirling that Coach SteamboatReb was fired/quit after Gronk contacted an attorney about a restraining order on the young coach. Awkward. Now that Reb is in Philly, the countdown until Vick lands in jail has begun. Most GMs think it will be November 2014.

    With all of the coaching scandals in HK its hard to remember that there are some extremely tough division races, and there could be some really, really good teams left out of the playoffs. Lets start in the AFC where if the playoffs started today would look like this:

    AFC West: Denver
    AFC East: NY Jets
    AFC North: Cleveland Browns
    AFC South: Jacksonville Jaguars
    Wild Card: San Diego Chargers
    Wild Card: New England Patriots

    Thats right, the defending Super Bowl champs could be out if the playoffs started today. One thing for sure, is that there looks to be only one playoff spot between Cincy, Pittsburgh, New England and Indy. Should be really interesting down the stretch.

    Turning to the NFC, it looks like the Wild Card spots could be locked down, but division champs are far from decided. If the season ended today:

    NFC West: SF 49ers
    NFC East: NY Giants
    NFC North: GB Packers
    NFC South: NO Saints
    Wild Card: St. Louis Rams
    Wild Card: Atlanta Falcons

    The NFC East is basically a clusterfuck. Depending on who wins tonight, there could be a three way tie for first place. In the NFC South, the Falcons are only one game behind the Saints, and that could really decide who doesn't play biggcoug in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

    When filling out your pro bowl and MVP votes this year, the GM's across the league really think QB Brock Osweiller for the Broncos is not getting enough publicity. One GM said he should be NFL MVP, another said Offensive MVP. With a 116.5 Passer rating, and 29 TD's to only 13 interceptions, Osweiler has been great for the Broncos, and is a huge reason they are looking like serious Superbowl contenders.

    Defensively, Derrick Johnson was almost a unaminous choice for defensive player of the year. He leads MLB in tackles, has 2 sackes, 3 interceptions and a TD. Though one GM I spoke with was adamant that Marvin Krunch was the best defensive player in the NFL. Its a solid argument. 57 tackles, a sack, a whopping 8 interceptions, and leading the way on a division leading Denver team.

    Also, its the time of year to look at the best pick ups in free agency from last year, and one free agent pickup that went under the radar, that is looking like pure genius, was the St. Louis Rams picking up Devery Henderson. Henderson is leading the NFC in yards, and that is while the rookie sensation Sam Jackson has been injured. With the pressure off, look for Henderson to have more one on one coverage and keep putting up monster stats.

    For now, Im OMlawdog you've just been in side the Huddle.
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  2. thegman2.0

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    Jan 30, 2012
    best content on the planet man
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    Nov 30, 2011
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    Shots fired!
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