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Discussion in 'Hard At Work' started by greatnessdc, Apr 6, 2015.

  1. greatnessdc

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    Aug 9, 2014
    So to begin with I want the point of this thread to be helpful conversation. Not calling people out. Not singling people out. If you disagree with something do it in a respectable manner.

    Recently I am seeing more and more people say that they aren't enjoying there games anymore. It was the reason the bucs quit. I've seen a few other owners say it here and there. I am curious what is it that is making the games here recently less enjoyable.

    Also let this serve as an open forum to discuss what you think are some problems in the league and what fixes we may be able to imply to help with that. I've had a few private conversations with people and it seems some are holding back some thoughts about things that are going on in the league and I think it would be very good for the league as a whole to discuss some of the on going issues.

    I know one of the main problems recently has been the term "cheese". People feel that their opponents are running "money plays" and taking the easy way out of their games. I used quotations because some people in the league feel the terms are overused or misplaced.

    I'll admit I have felt cheesed a couple times myself as keller can attest to via a few conversations I have had with him. Normally for me its more of just remembering key plays that just happened to be slants or pa power o to the te. Not really an over use of them as much as just being ran on big 3rd downs where you actually have a bigger memory of those select plays. I do believe people that run slants 10 times a game are taking an easy way out. Or people who run 75 percent counters are doing the same.

    Honestly I'm not sure if this will accomplish anything. But I figure a public forum for everyone to openly express their thoughts without judgement or arguing may atleast see where a majority of the league stands.

    I know other leagues on this site actually have a play calling rule/guideline about changing up your playcalling and not overcalling any play. I know at this moment we don't have that implemented but maybe its something we have to consider at this point. I know keller has enough on his plate so we could always appoint someone else in the league to observe the rule if needed.

    Just my thoughts.
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  2. RFF

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    Aug 13, 2014
    I can only speak for myself, of course, and suspect I'm not in the majority here. But as someone who isn't shy about admitting I don't like playing M15, I'll respond anyway. I very nearly quit the league about 2 seasons ago simply because I wasn't enjoying the games. I still don't particularly enjoy playing, but I made the decision to stick it out for the full cycle. That's what I said I'd do back in AUG of last year, so I'm here til the end at this point.

    Now as for the why:

    For me, this has almost nothing to do with perceived cheesing. I've only had a serious issue with two people's gameplay in this league. One was the old GB owner (I wouldn't name him if he were still playing). I went back and watched our game with a cooler head after we played and charted the # of times he called slants--happened something like 10 out of 12 pass plays in the second half--against a whole slew of different Ds I was throwing at him. But generally, I don't know that I've ever felt a particular play type run against me was in itself unstoppable. I get beat by players all the time, but rarely do I point to a specific play and think, "That is unstoppable." Including slants. I think they're a bit too strong, but with the right personnel/adjustments, you can make them a risky proposition. I got a game-ending INT vs McStrauss running man coverage against a slant. I'm even less scared of counters. They are a little too powerful, yes. But if you sense one is coming, you can adjust and shut them down. McStrauss in that same game absolutely stuffed a couple of mine.

    For me the biggest reason I lose enjoyment is netcode/lag. I prefer a timing-based passing offense. I don't like relying on being able to just sit behind my offensive line for 4-5 seconds. I make a quick read and I get the ball out super fast. With only a slight (half-second) amount of lag, this demolishes my ability to play the style of football I enjoy playing. I am not going to go through and blame certain losses on it, but it affects me a lot. I'm not saying it affects others less--just that it affects me heavily, and makes the game far less fun to play. In 2015, it astounds me how bad the netcode of Madden is. When I play someone in the northeast (Keller, Coach, Hordan), there's a very good chance the lag is going to be hiccup-y. I'm not throwing to wide open guys or relying on 5 yards per run, so this is a killer. A fair number of INTs I throw are due to losing that ~half-second or the button not even registering the first time. Every once in a blue moon (such as a recent game with DadiBlanki), the lag became completely unplayable late in the 2nd quarter. After that neither of us could move the ball and it became an INT-fest on both sides, but I had the lead from the first half, so I won. Yippee.

    You add all of the above to the no-need-to-elaborate-we've-covered-it-enough confidence system, and I don't get much satisfaction from a lot of my wins and am very frustrated with the lag in many wins AND losses.

    So, that's just me. Maybe I'm a whiner, but so it goes--again, I don't claim that it affects me more than anyone else, just that it affects me a lot. I play a lot of different online games, and M15 is literally the only one where lag is regularly a huge issue for me.
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  3. Hurricane GL

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    Sep 9, 2014
    I've lost a LOT of joy from the game.
    I put 3 solid seasons into building a competitive team. Last SIM season destroyed it all. Every single player on my team outside of my HB/Oline/Dline has GARBAGE confidence. Time I spent into building up Mallet was lost due to regression from SIM season. Now games against lower tiered teams are fun,but against upper tier teams are almost NEVER fun. I make the right call, make the right read, press the right button....to see my QB overthrow by 20 yds or throw it straight in the dirt. Or even better when HIGH CONF players make physically impossible plays when what I've done has them "beat".

    I have Keller next on my schedule. We've played close games BOTH times we've played. I fully expect him to blow me out. Why? Because it just happened with the Colts. We split the series last season, last game coming down to a last minute drive. This season, absolute blow outs. His high CONF LBs & Safeties were reading EVERY run perfectly. Cut backs, counters, nothing worked.

    The CONF system is now SO BROKE because the TOP TEAMS have FULL and mid/bottom teams have 0s. I don't mind losing, but when it's because of stupid physics or CONF related issues...there's no fun.
  4. Freakskull

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    Sep 10, 2014
    Thanks for bringing this up, I'll add my $0.02.

    I think my team is built beautifully. I love my QB, WRs, TE, Oline, CBs, LBs, Safteys, etc. My running backs and Dline could use some help, but they are pretty good. BUT: I think confidence kills them.

    I am playing better than ever before, and getting mud-stomped. To quote Brian, "I make the right call, make the right read, press the right button....to see my QB overthrow by 20 yds or throw it straight in the dirt." I have also been plagued by fumbles, penalties, etc.

    After K-school and watching so many others play, I feel like my skills have increased a ton. This doesn't seem to translate to HaW, so that is painful to watch.
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  5. RyanRain39

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    Dec 30, 2014
    My actual game play has improved tons I feel like, Unless you have a direct line to EA Sports, I give up more touchdowns by trying to select the player closest to the ball player (which would be a lineman, and I end up being a cornerback) and dive, because its split second, if I wait, I'll get hit with a Roughing The Passer, which this game likes to hand out like candy. Even when I don't even make it through the offensive line. I had a streak of about 4 or 5 really close games, that ended within 8 points, including games with RFF and Keller only to play the Bears and my team just get crushed. Not changing anything from game to game, but kinda hard to not be frustrated with a 2 win season.
  6. DadiBlanki

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    Aug 5, 2014
    I think ive voiced my frustrations enough with confidence. I'll just add that this all is a testament to what a good bunch of guys we have in this league. I personally wanted to call it quits because it sucks to put so much time and effort to not have it pay off in the end. Averaging 3 wins a season really blows. But I know I have a good thing going with this league, and I wasn't about to let confidence and lag end it for me.

    Hopefully the next installment is a better one.
  7. McStrauss

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    Aug 5, 2014
    For me, the biggest issue is just how unequal the game is. The players in the league who are good users get better, while the less good users get worse. Confidence is definitely a big part of this, but it isn't everything. If you're a good user, chances are that not only do your players have higher confidence but that they make a lot more good plays. They get more XP and become better players. If you just look at the rosters for the teams that make the playoffs in this league, they are stacked with 90+ OVR guys. Hell, I think all of them have multiple 99 OVR players. I've got one 99 OVR on my team, and the drop-off from him to my next best players is pretty staggering.

    I absolutely love this game when I get to play against guys with a roster than is roughly equivalent to mine. Both of my games against Mozaaik have been lots of fun. arlennnn and I usually have close games. I almost always seem to split the series with DadiBlanki every season. Those are the games I enjoy playing. But as soon as I have to play the top flight teams – the Pats, Bills, Raiders, etc. – I basically have to go in with no hope of winning. I came close to beating RFF recently and that was a really great game, but ultimately I just couldn't edge it out. For every close game I've had like that, there have been like 5 blowouts I've suffered at the hands of Hordan54.

    This isn't to say that it's a bad thing to have good players in this league. Not at all. But just look at the AFC standings. The two wildcard teams at the moment are 9-3 and 10-2. It's disheartening to know that I'll basically never have a shot at making the playoffs in this league.

    The only solution I can think of is if we started Madden 16 by moving all the players around so that those at the top of the league are grouped together in one conference while the rest are in the other. We could do a fantasy draft to ensure that the talent is well-distributed across the league. I doubt any of us want to do this, but, at least for me, it would solve the issue.
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