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LG Kickoff INFO

Discussion in 'MaddenCLASS' started by kevinmack, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. kevinmack

    kevinmack Walk On

    Oct 19, 2010
    Ok thanks to everyone that was there at the draft... Didnt know the User teams that were not there would still use the time, but didnt go too bad after we got it rolling.

    For the most part teams look pretty balanced. Theres some teams CPU drafted that have 4 HBs all like 85 spd. Some have 3 HB 95+ spd. So ill look into balancing those out.

    We set some Sliders please try to get in a PreSeason game or two. INJ are OFF.

    Sliders work different when you play CPU compared to Human so if you can play an Oppnt.

    I still need to get the Users to join their teams... Please go to the TEAM Management thread above and post your Contact info.... We have ppl all over the place so its kind of a pain to AIM some people, Text others, Email others.

    WK 1 should be open Late Monday night and Due THursday. We will go on a 72 hour ADV Schd.

    ANY and ALL TRADES need Approval first. We have a Trade Thread for you to submit and the other party to agree. We will go with a Soft 10Million Cap hit and 12 Million for 2014. Multi Year deals hit both years. So be advised.

    We still need some people to help with the LG so let me know what you can do...


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