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Lions(21) @ Saints(38)

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Branden, Oct 14, 2009.

  1. Branden

    Branden Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Lions(21) @ Saints(38)

    Can we take these bags off our head yet?? No not yet!

    A new season dawned in on New Orleans this week as the Saints hosted the Lions. Surely the Saints couldn't overlook the Lions but early on it looked as tho they got surprised. Lions came out after the opening kickoff and went 3 and out. But the lions wouldnt die. After Drew Brees led a long 5 minute drive and an 8 yard sweep by Westbrook the Saints took the early 7-0 lead. On the Lions next possesion it was 3rd down after 2 solid Kevin Smith runs Stafford drops back off play action sees the blitz Calvin Jhonson has the corner beat on a post and off his back foot Stafford completes the pass and "Megatron" breaks a tackle then takes it 48 yards to the house. The end of the first quarter was 7-7. The 2nd quarter was all New Orleans as they scored 17 points to the lonely 6 put up by the lions. At halftime it was 24-13. Only 7 points were scored in the 3rd as Drew Brees connected once again with Devery Henderson for a 58 yard catch and run. 31-13 was the score at the end of the third. The fourth quarter came and went as the lions couldnt stop the Saints offense as Drew threw another TD this time to Colston for 6 to seal the deal and give the saints the 38-21 win. Things may have been looking up for the LIons tho as they were finding holes all day in the saints defense as Kevin Smith and Maurice Morris combined for 196 yards and a TD.

    Good Game Nate you and the Saints looked prime for a big year.

    Key Player Stats:
    Matt Stafford(DET): 14-29 200yrds 1TD 3INT
    Drew Brees(NO): 17-24 288yrds 4TD 1INT
    Kevin Smith(DET): 16att 122 yards
    Maurice Morris(DET): 10att 74yrds 1TD
    Brian Westbrook(NO): 16att 85yrds 1TD
    Calvin Johnson(DET): 3rec 75yrds 1TD
    Devery Henderson(NO): 4rec 106yrds 2TD

    The Lions may have found something in their running game and the Saints continued from last year efficient play from the passing game from Drew Brees stay tuned!

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  2. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009
    Savage Mason Reporting

    New Orleans Saints opened up the Season against a very much improved Lions team who looked to come into the SuperDome and shock the OMFL with a huge win to open up their season and break their losing streak of 20+ games.

    Saints were fielding a new look defense which fielding a lot of new speed and play makers. FS Sharper (Vikings), SS Jones (Eagles), CB Greer (Bills), CB Jenkins (Ohio St), LB Casillas (Nebraska), LB Guyton (Pats), LB B. Bailey (Free Agent) and many more players even on offense. Players like J. Miller (Jets), B. Westbrook (Eagles), Ingram (Eagles), and H. Evans (Pats).

    Saints have also swapped over to a new defensive scheme to a 3/4 instead of their normal 4/3. Saints plan this season is to attack, attack, and attack some more. On offense, on defense, and even on special teams look for the Saints to throw the kitchen sink at each and ever team that they face.

    Lions come to town with a new qb, a new coach, and several new players on defense. Which team would jell the fastest and which team would need another few weeks to come together as a team.

    Saints would put up the first points of the game after a very nice drive where Westbrook was breaking some nice runs and Brees was just being Brees. Westbrook ends up punching it in on a sweep from 8 yards out - 7-0 Saints.

    Both teams would stop each other before the Lions would get a drive started. Saints gambled on a 3rd down and tried to bring heat. Standford hits Johnson for a 1st down, but Johnson would not be denied and broke a 48 yard td pass and catch to tie the game at 7-7.

    Lions would take their first lead of the season off another great drive which ended up in a 41 yard fg by Hanson for a 10-7 lead for the Lions.

    Saints knew they needed to come back and get something going. The saints would find themselves deep in their territory and faced with a 3rd and goal. Brees would call a screen and hit Thomas on a 6 yard screen pass and Thomas would bust threw some tackles and score to give the Saints a 14-10 lead.

    The 2nd quarter would be all Saints as Standford seemed rattled and the Saints defense took control. Saints would get the ball back and score on a 35 yard fg with 48 seconds left before half, but neither team would be done before half time. Saints 17-10 lead.

    Saints would get an int and Brees finds Henderson on a screen and Henderson takes it to the house for a 24-10 lead. Henderson had a huge game with 4 catches and 100+ yards and 2 tds.

    Lions would get the ball back with 36 sec left before half and get a great few passes to get into field goal position and actually almost score. Lions would kick a 26 yard field goal to make the score 24-13 going into half.

    After half both teams defenses would step it up and hold both offenses down. Saints would find Henderson on a post route as the Lions defender was ready for the pick and Henderson just ran in front, snatches the ball and scores on a 29 yard td catch. 31-13 Saints lead.

    4th quarter would see the Lions break out a ton of wildcat which the saints did a ok job holding down. The Lions did break a few long ones and ran about 75-85% wildcat in the 4th quarter. Lions would score on a 10 yard run from Morris to make it 31-21 Saints.

    Saints end up putting the game away late with a 9 yard pitch and catch from Brees to Colston to make it 38-21 Saints.

    Lions would not stop and would continue to drive and pick up yards on the defense with their wildcat formations. Game would end with the Lions trying to punch it in from 3 yards out but the Saints defense would rise to the occasion and hold them out.

    Player of the game:
    Drew Brees
    17/24 288 yards and 4 tds
    Brees picks up where he left off last season and throws 4 tds. If he can keep the INT's down then the Saints could be successful. Brees will need help in the running game and he got that today.

    Next week the Saints travel to the Philly to face Bush and the Eagles. Should be a great game.

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