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Lions down Bears Barely

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by heathh, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. heathh

    heathh Walk On

    Jul 17, 2013
    In a very close competition the Lions were able to hold on to the game. Im talking this one come down to the wires boys and girls. Only 2 points separated the 2 teams at the end. Those 2 points came from a blown 2 point conversion by the Lions early in the game. With the Bears driving down the field and scoring with 30 secs on the clock. They themselves needed a 2 point conversion to tie and send it to overtime. The pass went up and TE Williams had it in his grasp but was shook hard by MLB Stephan Tulloch. The Bears then managed their timeouts greatly and was able to have one more shot, with 14 seconds on the clock Chris Houston intercepted the ball to close out the game!

    Scoring drive went like this:

    Bears on the board 1st with a pass from Smithey to Bennett.

    Lions would answer back with a FG from Scobee

    Lions would recover a fumble, and Lions would drive down the field and Reggie Bush would stuff it in for 6.

    Lions on top 10-7

    Lions would force Bears 3 and out. Lions then rumbled down the field again, and Bush would catch a screen pass from Stafford for 34 yd TD.

    Then with 4 seconds left in the Half the Lions drove down the field again and put up 3 by Scobee.

    Lions ball at half.

    Stafford connected again with Leshoure from 35yrds out for another TD. ( Lions tried for 2pt conversion, and would not make it)

    Bears quickly turned around and scored on a short pass to Vonte Leach

    Lions 26-14

    Lions would drive back down the field and once again Scobee would connect for 3.

    Bears Forte would stuff in the next drive for another 6.

    Lions 29-21

    Down 8, the Bears would force a 3 and out. Then drive down the field with little time on the clock. Leach would stuff it in for 6 from 1yd out. (Bears Failed to make 2 point conversion)

    Houston wrapped game up!

    Zikry GG man, way to tight for me, but very fun! Look forward to next game.
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