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Lions Show Pride and Prevail Over Boys in OT

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by cry_havoc, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. cry_havoc

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    Jul 27, 2012
    [​IMG] 34 - 28 [​IMG]
    The 3-1 Cowboys came into Detroit hot as ever on Sunday. Coach Moe has managed to put a powerful and consistant squad on the field and its shown. The ground game alone has been impressive as Demarcus Murray has an absolute wall of hogs to run behind, reminiscent to the old Boys line of the 90's. The Lions come into the game struggling a bit. There currently 1-3 but are still hopeful on there season. Coach Music has said it before "All it takes is one good win and it can snowball". Clearly they have the weapons to stay in contention for the top of there league. With WR's Megatron and Akia Green, there offense will always be explosive...its a matter of QB play that will take them to the top. And it starts with rookie QB Kip Ricketts.
    For the most part it was an offensive shootout...Boys and Lions came out punch for punch. Though each drive took up chunks of clock, neither D had an answer early on. Until late in the 2nd qtr the Cowboys up 13-7. Romo(327yds 2TD, 3Int) got some pressure and threw a pick to K Wright(7tackles, 1Int) in the middle of the field with just under 45 seconds remaining. The Lions would convert, as Ricketts(328yds 2TD, 1Int)hit Green(5rec 83yds, 1TD) in the endzone on a 5yd td pass to put the Lions up 14-13 at half.
    Lions got the ball at half but solid defense by the Boys sniffed out the possesion on 3 downs. Boys would continue there assault as much of it came from the ground. A big dosage of 27 carries on the day from Murray resulted in 105yds...this kept the Lions on there toes. Going into the 4th the Lions were up 21-20. The Boys took a methodical drive down the field, chewing up time as they went. They punched it in and added the 2pt conversion to go up 28-21 with just a minute and change remaining. Game was on the shoulders of rookie QB Kip Ricketts. He not only drove his squad down the field, but did so without using a timeout. The masterfully chiseled the Boys defense as Akia Green would take a post route over the middle to be stopped at the 1yd line. FB Baker punched it in to tie it up and head to OT.
    In OT the Boys won the toss and elected to recieve. This is where the player of the game shined. MLB Sheppard had already sniffed out a Romo pass earlier in the game. The second time around on the same down, he did it again. The Lions sent pressure from the right side and Romo couldnt get enough of it over the head of Sheppard as he leaped and snagged his 2nd Int of the game. On top of the 2 Ints, Sheppard had 10 tackles and clearly bolstered the D. This lead to great field postion for the Lions and a 6yd td run for Leshore to get the win.
    Awesome game Moe. Cant beat shootouts. You've got one hell of a squad.

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