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Lions Stain Brownies in OT

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by cry_havoc, Jun 16, 2013.

  1. cry_havoc

    cry_havoc Walk On

    Jul 27, 2012
    [​IMG] 41 - 35 [​IMG]
    A fight to the very end...thats what the Lions and Browns gave us on Sunday. Both teams came hard at one another. For the most part Tom Brady was being Tom Brady....Gronk, well...was definatly Gronk. Then you have Kip Ricketts. The rookie QB for the Lions who has done a decent job as of late. To be fair...Rickett hasnt gone up against any push overs this year. With that id say hes earned every penny. Rookie mistakes are common and hes kept them to a very minimum. But when a vet QB, arguably one of the best all time get shaken up for 4 TO's on the day...then give credit where credit is due. The Lions D still showed up regardless of letting up 35 points.
    The Browns came out with a bang. There opening drive resulted in a long TD pass from Brady to Heyward Bey for 57 yards. The Lions matched them as Rickett converted on a couple 3rd downs and finally punched it in on a short Pierre Thomas run. Again the Browns kept the heat coming as Brady repeated his last drive only to hit Gronkowski this time aground from 7yds out, to give them a 14-7 lead. Lions drive would stall and the Brownies looked to be set up. But a rare Tom Brady read lead to a pick by MLB Sheppard to set the Lions up. Ricketts grooved a pass in the endzone to Tony Scheffler to tie the game up at 14. This is where the turning point of the game occured. The Browns methodically moved the ball down the field, answering on 3rd downs and just moving the chains. They would get inside the 5 yd line with less than 20seconds remaining in the half. Knocking on the door to go up by 7 at half...Lions CB Lorenzo Hopkins made a legit play on the ball as he out jumped Heyward Bey and picked the ball off in the endzone. At the half...14-14.
    The Lions took over the 3rd qtr as the Browns couldnt get anything going. At one point the Lions were up by 2 scored with the ball but a fumble by Akia Green put the Browns in field position to keep them in the game. Browns would punch it in to keep them within a score. But another bad read by Brady resulted in a 44 int return by CB Van Dyke. With just 3 minutes remaining in the game the Lions had a 2 score lead 35 - 21. Brady wasnt done. He managed to fight through adversity and kept attacking the aggressive Lions D. With under a minute Brady hit Heyward Bey on another td pass to bring them within 7. Looking like the game was clearly over...the fate was in the onside kick attempt. Why not? So as expected...ball frolics through the hands of 5th string WR Hunter and bounces the Browns way. Brady and Co had another life. And with that life they converted on a curl route to Gordon who took it to the house and forced this game to OT.
    In OT the Lions won the toss and elected to recieve. At this point Ricketts outplayed his actual ability as he just chizeled the Browns D and lead his troops down the field for the score. Ricketts would hit Akia Green for the game winner.
    Terrrrific game Jim.

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