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Lions vs Eagles S4 W1

Discussion in 'Game Summaries' started by Anthrax78, May 6, 2013.

  1. Anthrax78

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    Aug 7, 2012
    Lions Surprise Eagles With Consistent Running Game and Spoil Coach Butch Black's Home Opener, 45-10
    The Detroit Lions last season was considered a step back under coach Westcott's regime, despite going 11-5 but still missing the playoffs in a tie-break with the Falcons for the final wild card spot. Many pointed to the injuries to Louis Delmas and Jayrone Harris as reasons but coach Westcott doesn't want to hear the excuses. "We let close games get away from us and didn't win a few that simply just got away." Westcott said during the preseason "We need to control the tempo of these games more and stop asking Stafford and Johnson to bail us out of every game." The Lions added Mike Pouncy during free agency and many wondered if that was going to be the cure for their anemic running game that has been missing since the 90's.​
    The Lions answered some of those questions this weekend.
    Jayrone Harris, after a injury plagued rookie campaign, ran for two touchdowns and added 163 yards in the Lions opening game against the Eagles. The score was not an indication as to what the game really was though. The Eagles, now coached by Butch Black, started the game with an astounding nine and a half minute drive, almost having the ball the whole first quarter and ending with a touchdown pass from Myers to Celek and a 7-0 lead. "I thought we may be in big trouble after that drive." coach Westcott said after the game "We just couldn't get them off the field and our defense was winded big time after that possession."
    The Lions were able to respond though with a drive of their own that ended with a goal line run TD by spell-back Malone Huff to tie the game up. After forcing the Eagles to punt, the Lions then added a big 63 yard touchdown run by Harris and it was off to the races. After another touchdown drive, this time Stafford to Pettigrew, the Lions had a commanding 21-7 lead at the half.
    The third quarter saw some missed opportunities slip by the Eagles, has they forced the ball out of Harris's hands twice, only to have the Lions recover both the fumbles. "That was the game right there." Westcott concluded "We caught those breaks and need him not to cough up the ball like that otherwise this game could of swung in their favor." The Lions capitalized on the two fumble drive with a touchdown pass to rookie Rodney Haskell and then never looked back.
    "I've been in coach Black's shoes before and the Philly fans are going to have to be patient with the recovery, but I felt the playcalling was certainly there for them to surprise teams this year no question." Westcott said during the press conference "If they can clock control the way they did they can beat anybody, so the way I see it, the league is on notice."
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