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LSU fires Miles and brings in GMONEY

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by GMONEY 15, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. GMONEY 15

    GMONEY 15 2015 BCS Champs

    Nov 24, 2011
    Les Miles was fired on Friday as the coach of LSU. This came after a 5 month investigation about his offensive coordinator Joe Fingers making illegal sexual contacts with 3 boys under the Age of 10 in the LSU locker room late last year.

    Billy Joe Bob Smith LSU AD: "Les Miles and his entire coaching staff was fired this past Friday morning. I spoke with Les in great length about why we did what we did. He ubderstood the reasons and left the University without saying anything to the Media. He did have a quiet moment with his team prior to his departure and we will just leave it at that. I waited to introduce coach GMONEY to the media so he could prepare our team to face FCS Southwest in his first game. That game went just as well as can be expected as we all knew they were a weak team. I expect coach GMONEY to run a clean program. He comes highly recommended and bring Championship experience with a few other programs in the past decade. he's a very knowledgeable man. OK ladies and gentlemen of the Media, I would like to introduce you to the next coach of the LSU Tigers George W. Sawyer Jr. ...aka GMONEY

    Coach GMONEY: "Thanks Billy Joe Bob and good morning to the Media, Boosters and those who are watching on ESPN and GMONEY TV. I am very excited to be in a position to take over this program. My organization and I were weighing our options between LSU and another University. However after talking with several key people in my organization, we decided to accept the offer and we are very excited to be here and competing in the SEC. As you know we played our first game Saturday and won it going sway. Now comes the meet and the potatoes of our schedule. We have 4 straight SEC games on the road and the first one is in the Swamp against the Florida Gators. After our victory on Saturday, our coordinators and I were evaluating our players on the plane back to Baton Rouge. We will make some slight changes on both sides of the ball. Les Miles is a great man and coach and we respect the job that he has done,. Going forward we will put the GMONEY stamp on this team which means everyone practices if they expect to play on game day. No excuses. We will have tackling drills as we missed a ton of tackles in our first game on Saturday and that is not good at all if we expect to contend for the SEC title and a chance at a BCS bowl. I will not take any questions at this time from any media members. I must go now to the practice field to begin our preparations for our trip to the swamp. Thanks for coming to this brief press conference. You guys take it easy. Good day and god bless."

    See what happens when I have a hour break in between meetings here at work. :) ;):D
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