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LSU Tigers

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by geauxtigers810, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. geauxtigers810

    geauxtigers810 Walk On

    Jun 30, 2009
    LSU Tigers

    2010 Commits

    #1 CB - Kyle Tucker (OK) :5stars:
    #5 SS - Ryan Ford (LA) :5stars:
    #8 MLB - Lou Bates (MS) :4stars:
    #8 OT - Charles Frank (LA) :4stars:
    #7 MLB - Loren Hall (TX) :4stars:
    #15 CB - Brad Lee (TX) :4stars:
    #16 DE - Carl Johnson (LA) :4stars:
    #15 WR - Brad Baker (FL) :4stars:
    #14 OLB - Andy Roberson (LA) :4stars:
    #6 FS - James Evans (LA) :4stars:
    #11 HB - Marcus Newman (CA) :4stars:
    #3 K - Derrick Hackett (CA) :4stars:
    #6 DT - James Townsend (NE) :4stars:
    #49 CB - Carnell Fraser (LA) :3stars:
    #18 TE - Stephen Jacques (TX) :3stars:
    #29 WR - Jon Treangen (GA) :3stars:
    #30 HB - Chase Weber (LA) :3stars:
    #12 TE - Brandon Wyatt (FL) :3stars:
    #17 DT - Larry Carey (LA) :3stars:
    #25 G - Shane Dennis (LA) :3stars:
    #19 MLB - Cam Martin (LA) :3stars:

    :5stars: breakdown:

    Tucker committed to LSU over offers from Oklahoma State and Auburn. He is considered to be the best cornerback in the country and the #7 player overall. He has exceptional speed, agility, and acceleration. He is projected to be more suitable for zone coverage.

    In a very strong year for strong safeties, Ford is considered the 5th best SS. However, he is said to be the 20th best overall prospect in the country. He is also considered to be the best player from the state of Louisiana. At 6'5", Ford is a safety that can lay the lumber. He is known as a guy that can fly to the ball and knock someone's head off. Ford visited Oklahoma and USC before giving his pledge to the Tigers.

    Underclassmen declaring for NFL:
    K, Jasper

    Transfers Out:

    Transfers In:
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