M.B.A Franchise Players (Do Not Trade)

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    [​IMG] Buffalo Bills:
    Marcell Dareus DT
    Sammy Watkins WR

    [​IMG]Miami Dolphins
    Ndamukong Suh DT
    Jordan Cameron TE

    [​IMG]New England Patriots
    Rob Gronkowski TE
    Devin McCourty FS

    [​IMG]New York Jets
    Muhammad Wilkerson LE
    Darrelle Revis CB

    [​IMG]Baltimore Ravens
    CJ Mosley MLB
    Joe Flacco QB

    [​IMG]Cincinnati Bengals
    AJ Green WR
    Geno Atkins DT

    [​IMG]Cleveland Browns
    Joe Haden CB
    Josh Gordon WR

    [​IMG]Pittsburgh Steelers
    Antonio Brown WR
    Cam Heyward LE

    [​IMG]Houston Texans
    JJ Watt LE
    Deandre Hopkins WR

    [​IMG]Indianapolis Colts
    Andrew Luck QB
    Vontae Davis CB

    [​IMG]Jacksonville Jaguars
    Julius Thomas TE
    Sen'Derrick Marks DT

    [​IMG]Tennessee Titans
    Marcus Mariota QB
    Jurrell Casey RE

    [​IMG]Denver Broncos
    Von Miller ROLB
    Demaryius Thomas WR

    [​IMG]Kansas City Chiefs
    Jamaal Chiefs HB
    Justin Houston LOLB

    [​IMG]Oakland Raiders
    Khalil Mack RE
    Derek Carr QB

    [​IMG]San Diego Chargers
    Phillip Rivers QB
    Eric Weddle FS

    [​IMG]Dallas Cowboys
    Dez Bryant WR
    Greg Hardy RE

    [​IMG]New York Giants
    Odell Beckham Jr. WR
    DR Cromartie CB

    [​IMG]Philadelphia Eagles
    Fletcher Cox RE
    Demarco Murray RB

    [​IMG]Washington Redskins
    None (All Available)

    [​IMG]Chicago Bears
    Alshon Jeffery WR

    [​IMG]Detroit Lions
    Calvin Johnson WR

    [​IMG]Green Bay Packers
    Aaron Rodgers QB
    Clay Mathews OLB

    [​IMG]Minnesota Vikings
    Xavier Rhodes CB
    Teddy Bridgewater QB

    [​IMG]Atlanta Falcons
    Julio Jones WR
    Desmond Trufant CB

    [​IMG]Carolina Panthers
    Cam Newton QB
    Luke Kuechly MLB

    [​IMG]New Orleans Saints
    Jairus Byrd FS
    Brandin Cooks WR

    [​IMG]Tampa Bay Buccaneers
    Mike Evans WR
    Lavonte David ROLB

    [​IMG]Arizona Cardinals
    Patrick Peterson CB
    Larry Fitzgerald WR

    [​IMG]San Francisco
    Colin Kaepernick QB
    Navarro Bowman MLB

    [​IMG]Seattle Seahawks
    Russell Wilson
    Richard Sherman

    [​IMG]St. Louis Rams
    Aaron Donald DT

    Attention : All new rookies are not allowed to be traded during their rookie year. As well as all newly signed free agents.
    **This is just a list to keep big names on rosters **

    Reminder... only 3 trades per season
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