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*M.B.A* Rules, Expectations & Standards

Discussion in 'Madden Ballers Association' started by XWarriorMonk, Oct 22, 2015.

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    Sep 18, 2012
    Madden Ballers Association Rules
    • League Mission Statement
      “We are here to create a fair, competitive, and FUN environment for our members to enjoy sim football in their spare time away from family, work, etc. for multiple madden cycles. We will play August to August.”
    • Member Expectations
      • Be active (On the forums and in the game itself)
      • PLAY SIM (See “SIM” standards)
      • Represent the league in a positive way
      • Show sportsmanship
    • Game Play General Guidelines
      • Don't be a douche! Don't whine, don't quit, don't be an ass when you win, and don't be a baby when you lose.
      • Show respect! Don't complain about someone if you haven't talked to them first, don't fill the forums with your flame-war, keep it in a PM. If a guy brings a concern to you, consult rule #1 and listen to him and self examine, plus try and make any changes you need to be a true sim player, none of us are perfect.
      • Resolution of Game play IssuesI would hope that everyone is mature enough to resolve any game play issues between each other during the game, but if that isn’t possible, all game play issues should be brought up to the leadership team via PM. DO NOT go after your opponent in the forum or chat, contact us via PM. Please include specifics about what the problem is, as well as a link to the stream if possible (we will accept concerns without a stream, but they are harder to act on). Arguing on the board about game play issues won’t be allowed.
      • SportsmanshipRunning up the score or on your opponent in games will not be tolerated, nor will general douchebaggery on the forums towards the other participants in the league. If you are up 4 TD’s in the 2nd half of a game, take your foot off the gas a bit and run some clock. At the same time do not simply lay down because you “can't” win. Play football and be cool with each other
      • Play CallingEach person should be mixing up their offensive and defensive formations and plays throughout the game. This doesn't mean if you prefer man defense or want to structure your offense around the power-O running plays, you can’t do so. Just don’t run man cover 2 every play, and don’t run the same power-O play from the same formation 3-4 times in a row. Explore the playbook you've chosen and just be a bit diverse. It should be noted that if you run the same base defense almost all the time I don't want to hear complaints when your opponent runs the same routes to beat it all game. If you don't mix up your defense you cant expect them to mix up their offense. We are not going to keep track of number of plays run, but if you're opponent can tell you keep going to the same play throughout the game to pick up a first you're doing it wrong.
      • Audibles and Hot Routes -Hot routes should be used in a sim fashion. Seeing one hot route on roughly half of your passing plays is okay, seeing it on 90% of passing plays or seeing 3 or 4 hot routes on single play is not sim, if you need to adjust 3 routes then you should have called a different play. When using audibles make sure you are still following the rules for mixing up playcalls, if you are using a wide variety of formations this should be a non issue, if you run a ton of I formation and audible a lot you will end up using the same play or plays too often.
      • Any glitch or unfair advantage that is not listed here, or is discovered later in the cycle will be dealt with. Don't exploit the AI.
    • Game play Offensive Guidelines
      • Going for it on 4th down Coaches should kick on 4th down in accordance with realistic game play; however I love aggressive coaches and there are plenty of times where it makes sense to roll the dice
        (This can be up to the commissioner team if you get complained about, so don't abuse it)
        • If you are behind by 21 or more in the 4th quarter and are at least to your own 45 yard line. (4th & no less than 5) (4th & 15....Punt the ball)
        • If you are losing with less than 3 minutes to play in the game, going for it on 4th down is allowed at any time - unless you are in FG range and a FG would tie or give you the lead.
        • If you have a kicker with low kick power or accuracy, or if it is a very windy game, you may go for it on 4th down from the 40 yard line in at any point in the game. Issues such as this should be communicated to your opponents in advance of the game so that they are aware.
        • If a team would not go for it in real life NFL. Don't make it confusing. Punt the ball
        • If you can make a reasonable case as to why you should go for it... Mention it to your opponent before hand. (If it is going to be an issue, be wary)
      • Motion Motioning backs and receivers is allowed, however if your opponent calls an audible during the motion you should wait a reasonable amount of time (a second or two) to allow the defense to reset prior to snapping the ball. Auto-motion plays are always allowed. You may snap mid motion if the man in motion is a FB or TE or if the playclock is about to expire. You may snap mid motion with a HB or WR only if they have cleared the tackle box and are outside of where the TE would normally lined up. You cannot snap the ball mid motion with a WR behind the offensive line unless it is an auto motion play (like jet sweep, motion option, etc).
      • No-Huddle/Hurry up Offenses The game doesnt allow for a realistic portrayal of the no huddle in user contests, but the hurry up will be allowed if used in a sim fashion. The offense must also allow the defense adequate time to call a play prior to snapping the next play (no forced offsides). The use of no huddle should be relegated primarily to the end of each half or for a small portion during the half, going no huddle for a couple plays because you 'caught the defense at a disadvantage" isn't sim, its exploiting the limitations of the AI and game design and is therefore banned.
      • Play ClocksPlayers should attempt to select and call their plays in a reasonable amount of time. Players should not be ‘chewing clock’ or intentionally running down the play clock except in late game situations (last 2-3 minutes of each half). If a game is a blowout and both parties agree, the ‘chew clock’ feature may be implemented earlier in the game.
      • QB ScramblingUnrealistic QB scrambling/sprinting is frowned upon on pass plays, including screens. Constantly dancing from sideline to sideline, running straight backwards or well behind the line of scrimmage without being under pressure is not realistic. This does not include option plays, designed QB runs, designed roll out plays, or broken/pressured play situations. Rolling out without pressure is frowned upon. Avoid this.
      • Formation Subs- Bottom line here is to keep it sim. If you want to run HB by committee feel free to use in game formation subs to do so. If you have players with similar OVR ratings but different skills feel free to formation sub appropriately. For example, say you have two TE's rated 83 and 85 OVR. One has 85 speed and great hands, the other has 75 speed and great blocking. Sub in the blocker for all of your "base sets" and the faster guy for your spread sets. The thing to not do here is to put your #1 WR in the slot all game or to put a player at the wrong position like a HB at FB. Here again there are exceptions, if you are running a split back shotgun set and want two HB's instead of HB/FB that's cool. If you think a potential formation sub is questionable shoot me a PM and we'll take a look at it.
      • Spamming Players- Just because a player is doing well, do not make that one player your only target. Spread the wealth. Nobody wants to play against someone throwing to one receiver all game, and ultimately if you are only going to one player, your statistics will reflect that. I'm incredibly lenient about big players having big games, but don't make it a habit to only go for 1-2 people every play.
    • Game play Defensive Guide lines
      • Matching FormationsGenerally, the defense should be matching up personnel against the offensive package on the field. This means that while occasionally running your base defense against an opponent’s shotgun 4 wide packages is allowable, you should not be running a nickel/dime defense against a 2 TE set in a running situation. As a general rule of thumb, your defense should be within one CB of the opposing WR count unless the situation dictates. (This rule is a gray area one, so don't give someone a reason to complain and we should all be good.)
      • Moving Players Before The SnapOn defense, shifting linebackers and the defensive line is permitted. Manually moving a player wildly out of position, such as playing a safety at MLB or a MLB running out into the flats is not sim. Constantly pressing the corners, or spreading or pinching your DL or LBs falls under the rules for mixing up your playcalling. Moving a defensive lineman off the line of scrimmage or more than one 'step' outside the OT is prohibited. (Again, just be smart, play football, but don't be unrealistic)
      • Moving Players Extended: You can switch players mid play. Any time
      • BlitzingWhile blitzing is certainly a part of the game, please be realistic when calling blitzes. Any attempt to confuse the AI when blitzing is prohibited (ie. spreading your defensive line then shifting your LB's to create AI holes). This also falls under the rules for mixing up play calling.
      • Defensive Line PlayCoaches controlling defensive lineman must first engage an offensive lineman on any pass rush or running play. Use of the 'loop' technique is not permitted in any TSO leagues (for those who are unaware, the 'Loop' refers to user controlling the DL or LB and attempting to run yards around the OL to get at the QB). In general, when controlling a defensive lineman, you should always engage an opposing lineman and use rush moves to get clear.
      • Safety/Linebacker Play- many users favor the FS or the MLB as their user controlled defender. The rule of thumb here is that you must mix up your playcalling. You cannot crash the line of scrimmage every down. You cannot bring your safety up to the line of scrimmage constantly. Bottom line, as with most issues, do that stuff appropriately. If it's 3rd and 1 then crash the line, if you are facing a guy who runs the ball 70% of the time call plays that bring your safety up near where your LBs are to get 8 in the box. Everything you do should make football sense, not just video game sense.
    • Game play Special Teams Guidelines
      • Fake Punts and FG’s Faking a FG or punt is part of the game and provides "the element of surprise," but please be realistic. These are utilized in the NFL but on a limited basis, so please keep that in mind. If you attempt more than one fake punt or FG in a season we'll have an issue. If you attempt one fake FG or punt every season we will also have an issue. Let it rip once, twice, maybe three times in the entire game cycle and we'll be fine.
      • Punting- You may not line drive every punt. The line drive should only be used when you are trying to angle a punt out of bounds inside the 20. You also should not be kicking every single punt out of bounds to avoid returners, if you fear the return, instead punt the ball higher and shorter to give the coverage team more time to get there before the punt is fielded.
    • Trade Rules
      • Teams will have a list of players who are not able to be traded. The reason we do this is to keep the teams “franchise” players on the team. In the event you quit or are removed for whatever reason. We want a new member to be able to want to play as that team without all of the core players being traded
      • The exception to rule: All exceptions are ultimately up to the commissioner team, but if you can make a case as to why moving player is warranted then we will review and move forward appropriately. (Example: You draft a QB worth starting and want to trade Peyton Manning away. You may have a valid point, but again this list is completely up the commissioner team, not up for debate.)
      • Newly drafted players and new free agent pick ups are not eligible for trades. Period
      • Each team is allowed up to 3 trades per season.
      • Player trades will be submitted to trade committee.
      • Draft day trades will not count towards your trade count and do not need to be submitted to the trade committee. (NO PLAYERS CAN BE TRADED DURING THE DRAFT)
    • Waiver Rules
      • There will be a waiver wire process during the pre-season. (check waiver wire thread)
      • The waiver order will be in order from worst team to best team from the previous
    • Position Rules
      • Acceptable position changes include
        • DE/OLB
        • MLB/OLB
        • DE/DT
        • LT/RT
        • C/LG/RG
        • FS/SS
      • Unacceptable position changes include
        • RB/ WR
        • FB/ RB
        • CB/S (Up for debate, bring to commissioners attention)
      • Rookies are allowed to be changed to whatever position is available to them.
      • Anything that you are not sure about, bring to the commissioners.
    • Contract Rules
      • Members must adhere to the following rules when bidding on off season free agency (the stage prior to the waiver process) and all resigning. Not applicable for rookie initial contracts, or free agency signed in waiver or post waiver period.
      • 99-85 ovr are the only players that may sign contracts 5 years or greater.
      • 99-86 ovr = 25% of total contract is guaranteed (signing bonus)
      • 85-80 ovr = 20% of total contract is guaranteed
      • 79-75 ovr = 15% of total contract is guaranteed
      • 74-70 ovr = 10% of total contract is guaranteed
    • Playbook Rules
      • All playbooks must be posted in the team playbooks thread before week 1 of each season.
      • Once you select your playbook, that is the playbook you use for the season.
      • If you change teams you will be allowed to change your playbook upon taking control of that team.
      • No custom playbooks
    • Complaints
      • If you can resolve a problem with your opponent do so. If not add the commissioners and your opponent in a PM with evidence of your complaint. Having no evidence makes it very difficult to get anything done. We can all record clips, and most of us can stream.
      • You don't want to be the one getting constant complaints about you.
      • You also don't want to be the one complaining all the time.
    • Punishments
      • Nobody wants to be punished or treated like a child. So just do everyone a favor and play by the rules.
      • Punishments for members or players can be handed down at the commissioner team's discretion. Nothing will be done without warning unless you break a major site or league rule.
    • Miscellaneous Rules
      • Disconnects- All disconnects will be up to user discretion. If an agreement on how to handle the disconnect can't be reached. Both users should bring it to the attention of the commissioners.
      • Quitting- Anyone who quits will serve an automatic 3 game suspension. A second offense will result in removal from the league.
      • Streams- Users are encouraged to stream games not only for people to watch, but if an issue does arise this is the best way for the commissioners to make a decision on what to do.
      • Kicking Arc- We can't monitor this unfortunately, but it is frowned upon. Just turn it off.
      • Money Plays- If it is found that you are running these cheese ball plays. You will feel the wrath of the sim community
      • Relocation- Relocating will be an option for teams. There will be a league vote and you must have 2/3 vote from the league to relocate. (create a thread and add a poll so the league can vote)
      • Enjoy! (Rules are subject to any change at any point for the betterment of the league)
    • League Information
      • Platform : XBOX ONE
      • Password: **PM League Commissioner**
      • Instant Starter: Off
      • Salary Cap: On
      • Skill: All Pro
      • Quarter Length: 12 Minutes
      • Accelerated Clock: On
      • Minimum Play Clock: 17
      • Game Speed: Normal
      • Player Progression Frequency: Weekly
      • Coach Firing: On
      • Game Play Tuning: Yes
      • Injury: On Note
      • Pre - Existing Injury: Off
      • Trade Deadline: On
      • Trade Type: Enable Human
      • Relocation Settings: Users Only
      • League Type: Owners only
      • CPU Settings
      • Fill Roster: Off
      • Re-Sign Players: Off
      • Progress Players: Off
      • Sign Offseason Free Agents: Off
      • Simulate Game Prep Activities: On

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