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    Hey all! As promised in chat, I've made a spreadsheet detailing each playbook in Madden 16. Here's what's contained in the Excel sheet:
    • Number of Formations
    • Number of Plays Per Formation
    • Number of Running Plays (by Concept)
    • Number of Passing Plays (by Type) + Number of Option Plays
    This is a bunch of raw data that can be utilized in whatever way you see fit. Personally, I use it to pick out a playbook that fits my play-style. So if you enjoy, for instance, playing under center and not out of shotgun, you can see which teams lean that way. Or, if you feel more like Chip Kelly, there are a few teams with almost exclusive use of shotgun formations. Here are a few ideas of how I use each page on this worksheet:
    • Number of Formations - if I want a PB with a lot of variety in formations, this is where I look
    • Number of Plays Per Formation - If I want a lot of plays from the single-back formation, for instance, I'll use this to find what fits that
    • Number of Running Plays - If I enjoy using power runs, I can use this to see which PB leans that way (versus a zone run scheme)
    • Number of Passing Plays - I would use this primarily to see which PBs rely more on quick passes, medium passes, or long passes.
    A few notes:
    • It looks like the generic playbooks are still pieces of trash (The Run N Gun may be the exception to this) I'm confused about why M16 ditched the legendary coach books but not these.
    • When going through the running plays, each book's concepts were in a different order. This was either sloppy design, or it means something about how each offense runs. I'm not sure.
    • Three teams got what I call the "Chip Kelly Treatment": Miami, Oakland, and Philadelphia.
    • The most common passes of each type: Slants (Quick), Smash (Medium), and Shot Plays (Deep)
    I'd love feedback on this if you have anything to offer. Let me know if you have any questions, as well I hope this is helpful to someone other than myself, but if not, at least I learned a lot about the game doing this! Enjoy!

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