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Discussion in 'Hard Knocks' started by xxkimura, Aug 21, 2016.

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    Aug 12, 2013
    After being lucky enough to get a early copy here are some quick initial thoughts -

    FRESH - This is not madden 16. Every year we hear the same complaints that EA just charged $60 bucks for a roster update. I don't see anyone who has played the game this year being able to make that claim. It just has a different feel to it, you are playing a different game.

    Coverage - Guys are not covering the same way as madden in years past. The way they move around and follow guys in coverage seems more complex. To be fair this could be a learning curve and we will eventually figure out the AI. But in madden 16 if you knew the CPU was in cover 3 you knew exactly where the defenders were going to go. It doesn't seem that black and white this year.

    Run game - The run lanes seem more genuine including the way the ball carrier interacts with the hole. I didn't trip on a linemen I had no business tripping on yet. The ball carrier buttons seemed to be tweaked a little bit - no more using the juke move with a power back. Still adjusting to these controls.

    Presentation - Personal pet peeve of mine is waiting through a bunch of the exact same video clips every game. Thanks for making me watch both QBs stats heading into the game when I just spent 30 minutes on DaddyLeagues bro. This year you can hold X to skip these clips / highlights. It sounds like a small thing but I really appreciate it because I'm a impatient ass.

    Menus -If I had to say something negative I guess the menus can be laggy at times just like the prior years. Not a major complaint and I'm really nitpicking at this point.

    Yet to be seen - Still haven't tested out the OL/DL interaction yet. I really hope STR is a bigger factor then last year and the DL doesn't automatically get blown off the LOS every snap. I will play with this tonight and update.

    Final Thoughts - I have only played a few CPU games and beat up on MG but I really like what I have seen so far. It will be awhile before I can make a final judgement, but I'm much more excited for this release then I was at this point last year.

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    Played a few games...

    Kicking is gonna be a SOB...on all madden, the meter moves quick but playing online it's an input lag there, and if you don't touch the area or get inside the area, your likely gonna miss and miss badly lol. I feel you may get better as time goes on with it but it's tough so far.

    I like the additions with the kick game, it's making special teams important. You can put spin on a ball to get it to stick, kick it sky high, or a normal punt. Blocking kicks seem to be difficult because the kicker gets off the kick quicker than the tutorials but I'd have to play more...haven't tried punts.

    Love the defensive line. If you have a good line, they will do work. Pressure comes from any and all angles...I finally saw my DE rush off the end and sack a guy, Von Miller style so that's a plus. Imagine a beast dude coming off that won't have as much time as last years. Also those last second throws may result in fumbles now so you gotta be careful.

    Speaking on defense they have given you another menu option. Depending on the situation you can select to defend certain types of run plays like outside runs, or inside runs...or short, medium or long passes (as well as inside and out)...these things are just another option to help defend for certain situations in the game. On default, corners and defenders break on routes much quicker, so don't be late with passes.

    The run game they will let you know the side that you have numbers on so it gives you help in that aspect. Good runners gonna be even better IMO, and the new juke controls may seem a bit strong, especially in the hands of a stick jockey.

    Passing there were some errant passes. Big dominant WR's will make an impact for sure.

    So far this maybe the first time I've felt that good players play good. Revis felt like Revis, the jets defensive line felt like they actually mattered in a 3-4. Offensive dominant guys play to their abilities...defensive guys do as well.

    That's all I have on gameplay and I'll update as I go.
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    Jul 16, 2010
    Played a couple games...

    Kicking is fun and challenging, Ind my first online game I did not have any issues with lag on the meter, I did use the new backspin punt and I was able to stop a ball right inside the 5 so the nice to see and fresh.

    Passing is much tougher. I find that money plays are not as automatic. Zones are much more responsive and man coverage actually works!

    Defensive lines with good players will dominate. JJ had a sack and a half in my first game. Donald on the other side always had pressure and completely stuffed my run. This is nice to see for sure. In past years, JJ would get no pressure and would not be worth keeping now he is hopefully worth every cent.

    CFM is great so far. In offline franchise play, the moment will help you get through quickly I love the new training system. From what I can see everyone gets XP now and not just one player, There seems to be more drills than last year and you can gain more XP on some players because it still lets you focus on three players a week. With this new system, I see this making it much easier to develop young guys into studs. One thing I noticed the is worth notice while watching Ryty stream his QB he drafted dropped from superstar development to normal in two seasons. This could be big now you have to make sure a guy performs or they will become a dud.

    That's all for now...
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    Aug 20, 2011
    I have only played a few CPU games and beat up on MG


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