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Madden 2010: Season III Stats

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by bigox1337, Jul 27, 2010.

  1. bigox1337

    bigox1337 Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Madden 2010: Season III Stats

    Team Offense
    1) Raiders- 38.1 points/game
    2) Jags- 36.1 points/game
    3) Colts- 33.44 points/game
    4) Eagles- 33.31 points/game
    5) Pats- 32.8 points/game
    6) Cowboys- 30.3 points/game
    7) Saints- 30.2 points/game
    8) Titans- 28.9 points/game
    9) Rams- 28.6 points/game
    10) Redskins- 28.4 points/game

    Team Defense
    1) Niners- 17.2 points allowed/game
    2) Jags- 17.9 points allowed/game
    3) Saints- 19.8 points allowed/game
    4) Eagles- 19.9 points allowed/game
    5) Steelers- 22.2 points allowed/game
    6) Patriots- 22.6 points allowed/game
    7) Ravens- 23.1 points allowed/game
    8) Cowboys- 23.6 points allowed/game
    9) Redskins- 24.4 points allowed/game
    10) Raiders- 24.4 points allowed/game

    1) Drew Brees(Jags) 233-380 4448yds 39TD17INT
    2) Kurt Warner(Raiders): 267-406 4025 36TD17INT
    3) Phillip Rivers(Chargers): 254-382 3922yds 35TD16INT
    4)Jay Cutler(Bears): 306-461 4686yds 32TD22INT
    5)Josh Freeman(Chiefs): 288-490 4556yds 32TD40INT
    6)Matthew Stafford(Lions): 295-421 4398yds 31TD16INT
    7)Peyton Manning(Eagles): 163-254 3031yds 29TD15INT
    8)Donovan McNabb(Vikings): 227-390 3486yds 28TD23INT
    9)Jack English(Saints): 238-339 3618yds 28TD15INT
    10)Tom Brady(Pats): 268-448 3969yds 28TD26INT

    1)Adrian Peterson(Vikings): 289att 2262yds 19TD
    2)Chris Johnson(Titans): 292att 2116yds 15TD
    3)Bjoern Mason(Cardinals): 274att 1831yds 18TD
    4)Knowshon Moreno(Broncos): 296att 1656yds 11TD
    5)Reggie Bush(Eagles): 243att 1585yds 16TD
    6)Jonathan Stewart(Gaints) 270att 1561yds 22TD
    7)Michael Turner(Falcons) 278att 1539yds 22TD
    8)Bernard Scott(Bengals) 277att 1409yds 15TD
    9)Maurice Jones-Drew(Jags) 251att 1498yds 16TD
    10)Deangelo Williams(Panthers) 284att 1253yds 9TD

    1)Steve Smith(Jags) 86rec 2095yds 22TD
    2)Calvin Johnson(Lions) 100rec 2056yds 15TD
    3)Xzavious Hewitt(Jets) 117rec 1696yds 4TD
    4)Deon Grimes(Bears) 78rec 1558yds 13TD
    5)Darrius Heyward-Bey(Raiders) 72rec 1516yds 12TD
    6)Jamarion Bellows(Chiefs) 81rec 1508yds 11TD
    7)Devery Henderson(Saints) 88rec 1326yds 11TD
    8)Santana Moss(Redskins) 57rec 1244yds 11TD
    9)Desean Jackson(Eagles) 58rec 1237yds 10TD
    10)Antonio Gates(Chargers) 71rec 1214yds 9TD

    1)Lofa Tatupu (Seahawks) 94tackles
    2)Mack Jackson (Dolphins) 89tackles
    3)DeAnthony Williams(Lions) 83tackles
    4)Jon Beason(Panthers) 79tackles
    5)Patrick Willis(Niners) 78tackles
    6)Brian Urlacher(Bears) 78tackles
    7)Bob Sandere(Colts) 76tackles
    8)D'qwell Jackson(Browns) 71tackles
    9)Brian Cushing(Texans) 70tackles
    10)Jerod Mayo(Pats) 69tackles

    1)Robert Mathis(Lions) 15sacks
    2)Joe Breyley(Bears) 14sacks
    3)Osi Umenyiora(Giants) 12sacks
    4)Richard Seymour(Raiders) 12sacks
    5)Darnell Dockett(Cardinals) 11sacks
    6)Anthony Spencer(Cowboys) 11sacks
    7)Trent Cole(Eagles) 11sacks
    8)Arron Kampman(Patriots) 10sacks
    9)Chad Greenway(Ravens) 9sacks
    10)Justin Tuck(Giants) 9sacks

    1)Antonio Cromartie(Jags) 13INT
    2)Ameriol Jones(Eagles) 12INT
    3)Nnamdi Asomugha(Raiders) 11INT
    4)Jerod Mayo(Pats) 10INT
    5)Terence Newman(Cowboys) 10INT
    6)Chevis Jackson(Rams) 8INT
    7)Aqib Talib(Bucs) 8INT
    8)Davon Morrison(Bengals) 8INT
    9)Brandon Carr(Colts) 7INT
    10)Chinedum Ndukwe(Bengals) 7INT

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