Madden'11 : Ten Year War Field Generals

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    Oct 6, 2009
    Madden'11 : Ten Year War Field Generals

    I need co-commissioners/managers/field generals to divide up the duties.

    Field Generals Responsibility:
    - Second Check Salary cap sheets for the teams the General is in charge of, and pm team's GM for any changes that need to be made.
    - Stat check user-cpu games and pm the commish (me) any anomalies that I might have missed.
    - Fill in user-cpu games stat checking and salary cap sheet checking for Field Generals out of town.

    Please Note : User vs User Gameplay issues that cannot get resolved between users go straight to me!

    For now I do not want a field general overseeing more then 8 users, so I'm going to need 3 field generals, possibly 4 by the time we start next week.

    So for now I need applicants for 3 Field Generals, AFC, NFC : East and West, and NFC North and South, you also will not be allowed to be a Field General of your own division. In other words you may be a Field General, but you will have another Field General checking your stuff... which also includes the commish.

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