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Manager Rating Reports (C)

Discussion in 'TSL C' started by Frenchie1916, Jun 1, 2013.

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  1. Frenchie1916

    Frenchie1916 Just a clodhopper of footballer, running pell mell

    Sep 22, 2011
    Geneseo98Based on 2 ratings. Geneseo is a veteran manager who knows how the game is played, but has had his share of frustrations on the pitch. Moving from Genoa to Everton have him the tools to attack down the wings and use Felaini’s height – which he did – but his inconsistency doomed his chances at promotion. Now at the helm of Bologna, Geneseo98 has a completely different set of tools to work with, so the race down the wings and get it to the big guy philosophy is probably a thing of the past. Geneseo understands that he needs to find a playing style that is successful and master it. Like so many others in TFS, his try-this, try-that approach will only get him so far.
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    pitt4life21Based on 3 ratings. Pitt4life21 will be looking for Season 10 to be his breakout year. His struggles on the ball seem to come from a rushed and frantic pace, where his counterattacks are often snuffed out before they can begin. Again, rated by only a few managers, the numbers indicate a manager looking for a form, rather than one adapting to what’s in front of him. Pitt4life21’s counter-cross strategy often left him exposed with too many players rushing up in support, while his opponent was already countering the other way. If he can learn patience and build-up play, shorter passes and possession, keeping his opponents off the ball, pitt4life21 can start to move his way up the table. If he keeps up his current strategy, however, patient managers will likely continue to pick him apart.
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    slicknick202Based on 3 ratings. Slicknick202 is a tough nut to crack. Not a lot of managers rated him, but they all did so the same – right about in the middle. His offensive vs. defensive philosophy trends toward the former – slightly. He’s creative on the ball, but not overly so. He prefers the dribble vs. the cross – sometime to his detriment, according to one manager. And two agreed that, were he to make decisions with his players just slightly faster, he could have capitalized on their mistakes and found goal-scoring opportunities. Defensively, though, he shines. He’ll mix up man-marking and guarding the passing lanes, staying on the ball carrier just long enough for the ball to be passed, then spring forward for quick interceptions. It’s an effective strategy that leads to a lot of counterattacks, if he can find the right way to put his offense to good use.
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