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MANDATORY OMFL Game Scheduling Procedure

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by BadaBing319, Nov 23, 2010.

  1. BadaBing319

    BadaBing319 OMFL Broncos / PMFL Eagles

    Jul 16, 2010
    OMFL Game Scheduling Procedure

    Each week, it is the responsibility of the owners to create a thread in the Game Time forum to schedule the game with your opponent. This is where ALL communication should be recorded in terms of scheduling games. Conversations on AIM, PSN and text are great, but DO NOT REPLACE the need to communicate via the forums. The scheduling post is the ONLY place where the board can verify that games are being scheduled correctly and pass judgement on whether subs are needed or games should be simulated.

    Schedule Post Requirements
    • A thread for each game with a response from both owners MUST be posted within 48 hours of the weekly advance. Failure to do this WILL result in a straight sim (if no post at all) or a mandatory sub (if only one owner posts) being assigned by the board.
    • The title of the post should be: Week X: Team A vs. Team B
    • In the body of the post, you MUST use the TF tagging system to send an alert to your opponent (i.e. - @BadaBing319 will send me an alert which will be called out on the forums in the upper right-hand corner when I next log on).
    • List your availability for all four days of the OMFL week. Just saying "when do you want to play" or "hit me up on AIM" doesn't accomplish much in terms of figuring out a compatible time to play.
    • Be sure to call out which time zone you are in so there is no confusion.
    Sample Scheduling Post
    NOTE: When a time is agreed upon, please post that in the game scheduling thread as well. This way, if someone no-shows, we will have record that this time was agreed upon and handle the situation with the offending league member accordingly.

    Failure to communicate in the game scheduling threads will be taken seriously. Consider this your warning. Violators of the scheduling policy will be disciplined by the league, with expulsion from the OMFL a possibility for repeat offenders.

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