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MBA Madden 17 Rules and Expectations

Discussion in 'Madden Ballers Association' started by Wyrmreaver, Jul 19, 2016.

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  1. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
    Here are the Madden Ballers Association Rules for Madden 17

    Commissioner: Wyrmreaver
    Co-Commissioner 1: xSavedByGracex
    Co-Commissioner 2: TBD

    note: this post will occasionally be updated as issues or exploits become available.

    There are essentially three things that me and the commissioner team will concern ourselves with when it comes to rules and such: Personal Conduct, Gameplay, and Team Management. Below are the rules for each of these headings. When it comes to rules, judgements by commissioners and so on, I want everyone to act like grown ups. The goal is to make the league fun and fair for everyone. not every complaint will get the resolution the complainer wants, and every situation is different. We will do the best we can.

    Personal Conduct
    This refers to more or less everything that does not happen in the actual game. Personal conduct for MBA can generally be summed up by a single rule
    • Don't be a douche. Don't whine when you lose, Don't be an ass when you win, treat everyone in the league with respect.
    Listen, we understand that everyone wants to win, losing hurts sometimes, especially when you feel like there is nothing you can do. In this league though, there are appropriate ways to vent your frustrations. The quickest way to be shown the door is to violate the personal conduct rule. Its pretty simple. Be nice to the other guys in the league. Remember this is just a game. Trash talk is cool, insults, threats, racially charged vocabulary and the like are not cool. Everyone doesn't have to like everyone else, you just have to be respectful. If you have a problem that goes beyond not liking each other, we can discuss it privately with the commissioners. Personal conduct includes how you conduct yourself on the forum, on groupme, text, xbl messaging and on the mic. Be a grown up and we wont have any issues.

    This is a sim style league and we expect everyone to play with that in mind. There are as many opinions on what sim style play is as there are guys in the league. This section will include generalities, if we need to make specific rules we will. A generic look at sim expectations is as follows.
    • Play the game like you see it in real life. Don't use exploits or glitches, mix up your playcalling and strategy, and have a strategic approach that makes sense from a football standpoint, not a video game standpoint.
    We could make an exhaustive list of specific rules and examples, but I'd rather not. We can have some other threads discussing some of the trouble areas but I am hoping to avoid highly specific and restrictive rules. When it comes to things like going for 4th downs and when calling play action is appropriate and so on, you should be using realistic football strategy. If you are not, we will attempt to work with you. If you are unwilling to listen, refuse to see reason etc, then you are not a good fit for this league.

    If you have a gameplay complaint about another player, please bring it to the commissioner team privately. If there is a twitch it certainly helps, if there isn't you should still air your concerns, you are just far less likely to get immediate action without video.

    Team Management
    This refers to things like contracts, depth charts, position changes, free agency, trades, etc. The same principles of sim style play apply to Team Management that applied to Gameplay. We are looking for a sim experience. At the same time, we will make allowance for the sake of fun with regards to certain things, for example, there are sure to be far more trades in the MBA than there are in the real life NFL.

    I expect these guidelines to get adjusted based on how the game plays, regression, etc. Without having the game in hand we will start with these guidelines.

    • Trades!
      • A team may make up to 4 trades per season, whether they be for players or picks. If a trade contains 4 or more elements (picks and players) it will count as two. With commissioner approval, certain trades may not be counted against your total. For example, trading next years 5th rounder for this years 6th rounder in an active draft is likely not to be counted, trading a late pick (5th round or later) for a depth player isn't likely to be counted. However, it does count until a commissioner says otherwise, don't make assumptions
      • All trades must be submitted to the commissioners and approved before they are executed on console. During a live draft this will have to happen in real time either in chat or in an XBL party. A single commissioner approval is enough, we want this to be simple and streamlined as much as possible.
      • The things a commissioner is looking for when approving a trade is whether or not it gives either side a significant competitive advantage or disadvantage. Mitigating factors will include the general skill level of the users involved and how long they have been playing with us. If you are new to the league, don't expect to be allowed to offload all your star players for draft picks.
    • Depth Charts and in game substitutions
      • Players must generally play at their position. There are some exceptions, such as DEs and OLBs being interchangeable in certain schemes and formations. For the purpose of this guideline, we will ignore left or right indicators for positions and offensive lineman may play any position on the line. If you aren't sure, ask.
      • Your depth chart must be realistic, your #1 wide receiver shouldn't be #3 in the depth chart so that he is in the slot all game for example.
    • Free Agency
      • Prior to season 1 we will have a waiver process to claim free agents.
      • As of now, additional seasons will not have a waiver process
    • Contracts - until I have the game in hand and can see how the financials work, there will be no contract rules
    • Position Changes
      • Certain position changes are expected. DE to OLB and vice versa when switching schemes from 3-4 to 4-3 or vice versa. OLB to MLB and vice versa. Offensive lineman changing positions
      • Other position changes are rare and generally discouraged. CB to S, S to LB, WR to HB, WR to TE, HB to FB. These changes are generally going to be a flat no unless you have some legitimate football reasons, like regression.
      • All position changes must be approved by a commissioner except moves along the offensive line.

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