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Mega Bowl - Denver vs NY Giants

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by adross33, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. adross33

    adross33 Walk On

    Sep 2, 2009
    Mega Bowl - Denver vs NY Giants

    2 Yards, 1 Shoulder, All Ends Up Short .. Bronco's Win! 27-21

    Dallas - The MEGA Bowl may have expected the undefeated Rams and th red hot Ravens to finish of the season, but those who found themselves in Dallas to watch the Bronco's and Giant's battle it out were not disappointed.

    The Giants opened the game still red hot defensively, forcing the often slow starting Bronco's to punt. Eli Manning drove his club down the field, making first downs by inches, only to be picked off by Denver's Manny Lawson who ent 80 plus yards to give Denver an early 7-0 lead.

    The second quarter witnessed 35 points as the Giants rolled up 21 points on the Denver defense starting with a 47 yard strike to rookie WR Hightower. On the next play OLB Clint Sintim intercepted Bronco QB Matt Cassel and went 26yds to give the Giants a 14-7 lead.

    Denver again was forced to punt as the offense was unable to keep a drive going (Denver WR's combined for 7 dropped passes). It was Manning however who once again made a poor read of the defense as Brian Dawkins stepped in front of a floating ball and returned it 30 yds for the equalizer.

    On the very next play Reggie Bush did just what he was brought in to do, electrify the field. Bush took the kick-off 107 yards to put the Giants ahead 21-14.

    Denver was shocked, for the first time in three games the offense was unable to click as the Giant defense took away the middle of the field and made it difficult to run the football. On their next possession the Bronco's finally got things clicking as Peyton Hillis made a move in the flats and went in from 16 yards out to tie the game at 21.

    With very little time left before the half the Giants again gave the ball back to the Bronco's and with 40 seconds left they moved into what seemed to be FG territory for the rock solid Prather, but he missed a 26 yard chip shot with 4 seconds left.

    At the break both teams clearly made adjustments as the 42 points in the opening half only witnessed 6 points in the final two frames. New Yorks ground game was struggling and Manning was missing targets under pressure as both teams played tight football and traded punts.

    Denver went ahead in the third as Prather hit a 22 yard FG and added another from 26 yards out in the fourth. New York saved themselves from what looked like a touchdown, but after a vicious hit Peyton Hillis had his 4th fumble in two games to give the Giants the ball back.

    New York stalled again and was forced to punt with 4 minutes to go, putting their defense on the field once again in an effort to win the game. The Giants clearly forced another fumble, but Matt Cassel was able to dive under the pile and pull the ball free. It was a key play as the Bronco's were short on the third down play and the recovery gave Denver a fresh set of downs.

    The Giants were left with just over 1 minute to play and all three time outs as they drove down the field. After Denver was charged with a time out as Peyton Hillis left the game with a broken collar bone the Giants were able to save themselves a few extra seconds.

    Manning was outside the 15 yard line with 8 seconds to go looking at the a 4th down play, but knowing the endzone was all that mattered, down by 6 with no time outs left. Manning found Hightower over the middle as the Denver defense dropped off and protected the goal line. Josh Barrett came of his responsibility and stepped up into the big rookie WR, who fought his way to the two yard line as his shoulder hit and the clock ran out.


    Cassel 21/33 292 1TD 2INT
    Manning 17/31 243 1 TD 4INT

    Hillis 10/18 1FB
    Jacobs 13/66

    Morgan 4/42
    Smith 7/78

    Dawkins 2 INTS 1TD
    Lawson 2T 1INT 1TD

    Sintim 3T 1INT 1TD

    Both QB's hit 8 different WRS ... Denver had 7 drops, New York had 2 ... Denver ended up plus 2 in the turnover battle .. New York only managed 66 team rushing yards .. NYG finished with 595 yards of total offense ... Dawkins left the 3rd quarter and did not return ... and the fight for the fumble button screwed Christian ... his guy was clearly on the ball ...

    Great game Christian ... a lot of fun ... and it left me with stinky pits ... reminded me of the Rams vs Titans superbowl ... it all cam down to 2 yards or less ...
  2. jms493

    jms493 Veteran Member

    Feb 10, 2009
    Effing Sweet!!

    Nice job ARoss!
  3. adross33

    adross33 Walk On

    Sep 2, 2009
    Thanks JMS ... I'll take props from an outsider .... ;)

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