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Mega Bowl

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Thelou, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. Thelou

    Thelou Walk On

    Jul 24, 2009
    Mega Bowl

    The Jags and Giants faced off in this seasons Super Bowl. The Giants were winning with offense and the Jags were getting it done with defense. It was a classic matchup of Offense vs Defense.

    This game was a thriller as both defenses came to play and the offenses capitalized off turnovers. The Giants got on the board first. The Jaguars defense stopped the Giants and forced them to punt the ball. The Jags get the ball and on the first play QB David Garrard throws a pick to set the Giants up deep in Jags territory. The Giants would pound the ball and HB Brandon Jacobs would take it in from 2 yds out to give the Giants a quick 7-0 lead. The Jags did manage to get on the board in the 1st qtr with a FG by Scobee to make it 7-3 Giants after 1 qtr.

    The Giants would turn on the pressure in the second quarter with smothering defense. Garrard would throw his second pick of the day and this time HB Reggie Bush would take it in from 6 yds out to give the Giants a 14-3 lead. The Jags defense stepped up to help the sputtering offense as FS Reggie Nelson would pick off a Manning pass and return it 61 yds for a TD to make it 14-10 Giants. The Giants would mount another drive but would come up short on 3rd down and have to settle for a FG to make it 17-10 New York. David Garrard would throw his third pick of the day and damn near get benched because his pass went 20 yds over the WRs head and straight into the hands of SS Kenny Phillips. With time winding down in the half, the Jags get pressure on Eli Manning who scrambles for his life, then throws a hail mary to HB Reggie Bush who out jumps the CB and FS to haul in the pass for a 50 yd TD with 10 secs to go before halftime. The score at the half was Giants 24, Jgs 10.

    The 3rd quarter would see Jacksonville fight back. The Jags would shut down all attempts by the Giants to get anything going. The Giants could only muster a FG with 3 mins left in the qtr to make it 27-10 Giants. The Giants defense would keep MJD in check and force the Jags to punt. With the Giants driving again, the Jags defense picked off a pass from E. Manning and Garrard finally mounted a drive and would find WR Gallon in the endzone to make it 27-17 New York heading into the 4th qtr.

    In the 4th qtr the Jags mounted another drive and this time MJD would take it in from 3 yds out to make it 27-24 Giants early in the 4th. The Jags defense was swarming and had stopped the Giants for losses on consecutive plays. On 3rd down the Giants tossed the ball to HB Devonte Sanders who was immediately hit by two Jags players but somehow he managed to break the tackles and race 61 yds for a TD to give the momentum back to the Giants and make the score 34-24 with 2 mins left in the game. The Jags came right back with the no huddle offense and some clutch passing to get a TD as Garrard found WR Lelie for a 21 yd TD to make it 34-31 witha minute left. The Jags attempted an onside kick but it was recovered by the Giants. The Giants would rush for a first down and then kill the clock making them the Super Bowl Champs. Final score was Giants 34, Jags 31.

    The Jags definately missed their highly accurate QB Kelly James as he was knocked out of the postseason by the Bengals during the division playoffs. Garrard showed why he is a backup at best and lucky to have a spot on the roster. All in all it was a great game and hopefully the Jags can get revenge next season. GG Chris D.
  2. Gotham

    Gotham Walk On

    Aug 20, 2009
    Nice writeup. Grats on making the big dance, and double grats to Chris for his MEGA Bowl victory.
  3. anj

    anj Walk On

    Jul 25, 2009
    Nice job Lou....(y)
  4. scared46

    scared46 Walk On

    Aug 16, 2009
    YES!!! Way to rep. for the NFC Chris!!!! GG tho Lou

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