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Mel Kiper Jr and Todd McShay Mock Draft (kdpnutter and I Peench)

Discussion in 'TMFL' started by kdpnutter, Apr 21, 2012.

  1. kdpnutter

    kdpnutter Walk On

    Aug 31, 2010
    (Just to clarify I played the role of Mel Kiper Jr and I Peench played Todd McShay we both worked on the mock draft)​
    TMFL Season 2 Draft
    1) Denver Broncos
    MLB Curry Donaldson
    Denver has made no secret already negotiating with Donaldson, in a division with tough running games behind Jamaal Charles of KC and the 1-2 of Jonathan Stewart and Darren McFadden in Oakland and Ryan Matthews in San Diego, Denver could not go wrong with getting some defensive help.
    MLB Curry Donaldson​
    Sources are reporting the Bronocs are have already been conducting contract negotiations with Donaldson. A solid, sure thing pick, Donaldson is the complete package at MLB: size, speed, instincts, tackling ability, and is solid enough in coverage. He should anchor a new look Broncos defense for years.​
    2) Minnesota Vikings
    ROLB Kelcy Graham
    With Minnesota making the switch to the 3-4 the Vikings go with Graham and hope he can turn into the next Clay Matthews.
    ROLB Kelcy Graham​
    Vikings get a premier 34 OLB during their transition to the 34 defense. Pick makes a whole lot of sense, and if Graham can stay healthy, he will be an absolute force coming off the edge.​
    3) Jacksonville Jaguars
    CB De’Joshua Peterson
    Jacksonville is a defense first team and after Mathis gets the departure in a deal, Peterson makes the most sense here for the Jaguars.
    CB De’Joshua Peterson​
    Jags thrilled to get their guy Peterson here. A complete shutdown corner, he will instantly upgrade the entire defense.​
    4) New York Jets (via Cardinals)
    QB BJ Bates
    Jets have made it clear they are not happy with Sanchez so Bates comes off the board here and becomes the new face of the franchise.
    QB BJ Bates​
    The Sanchise experiment is over. Coach Cougs has publicly displayed his hatred of Mark Sanchez, and I believe he goes quarterback here. Yates is an elite prospect with a big arm and solid accuracy. Will start day one in the Big Apple.​
    5) Indianapolis Colts
    WR Schon Dial
    This is Peyton Manning’s team and with the loss of Anthony Gonzalez this gives Manning another weapon around him.
    HB Hassan McDonald​
    McDonald is the most complete running back since AP. Though the position has been somewhat devalued of late, Coach ND won’t let this guy slip past him at five. He can do it all, and will instantly upgrade the entire offense.​
    6) Cleveland Browns
    WR Shalon Bradon
    Cleveland desperately needs play makers and with Peterson gone off the board the run on play making WR’s might start here.
    FS Travonne Young​
    Usama Young has been abysmal patrolling centerfield for the Brownies. They could really use some weapons for Colt McCoy, but there just aren’t any worth the #6 overall. Schon Dial is undersized, and Shalon Brown has medical concerns. Young is a freak athlete in the mold of Ed Reed. He will instantly upgrade the Browns defense.​
    7) Green Bay Packers
    LE Antwan Campbell
    Campbell goes to the Packers to give them some more help on the defensive line. Green Bay has some of the best offensive weapons and now needs some on defense.
    8) Tennessee Titans
    WR Schon Dial​
    The rich get richer. Already possessing one of the best teams talent wise, Coach Masler goes pure B.P.A. right here. Dial is undersized, but he is an explosive athlete with tons of upside. He will see the ball in the spread offense of GB.​
    LT Jabar Washington
    Tennessee lost their big time tackle in a trade with the Giants, so this will sure up the backside protection for new QB Carson Palmer. With having quite a few other picks the Titans can afford to get the big LT here.
    DT Mustafa Beck​
    I think the Titans look hard at WR, but ultimately settle on Beck. Beck is a beast. He is the exceptionally strong and uses the bull rush very well. He needs to improve on his use of his hands getting off blocks, but his upside is limitless. Coach Azure covets DTs, so this is a no brainer. Klug+Beck=nightmares for AFC QBs.​
    9) Seattle Seahawks
    QB P.J. Clausen
    Clausen to go to Seattle after seeing the departure of Tavaris Jackson, Seattle looks for a quarterback of the future. Seattle really can’t go wrong with Clausen here.
    WR Shalon Brown​
    Brown has some injury concerns, but if he can stay healthy he’s a top 3 talent. Seahawks desperately need to find some help for Mallet, and Brown will take the pressure off of Sidney Rice.​
    10) New York Giants (from Patriots)
    SS Burt Austin
    With rumors of Kenny Phillips going out of town Austin would be the pick here if the Giants do indeed move Phillips.
    SS Burt Austin​
    You really can't go wrong here with Austin, with Kenny Phillips rumored to be on his way out of town you gotta leave some help over the top for Webster and Austin does that.​
    11) St Louis Rams
    FS Travonnie Young
    Young will take over for the departed OJ Otogwe who went to Washington, it gives them a big play guy in the defensive backfield and they need it in order to deal with the very pass heavy NFC.
    SS Tyre Seymour​
    Rams pick whatever SS the Giants don’t. They are pretty weak here and won’t miss out on an opportunity to pick up a fantastic player. Seymour is better in coverage than Austin, but isn’t as good of a tackler. Rams will be happy either way.​
    12) Chicago Bears
    MLB Willie Farmer
    With Urlacher not getting any younger and the two big WR’s that the Bears were coveting off the board the Bears will attempt to keep the monster’s of the midway title and try to keep the other explosive offenses in the NFC North at bay.
    LOLB DaVaunte Holliday​
    Holliday will make a great addition to the Bears defense, pairing with Urlacher and Briggs for a dominant linebacking corps. While Holliday isn’t an elite athlete, he has huge upside and plays downhill. He is a great fit here, the Bears will be happy.​
    13) New Orleans Saints
    RG Joel Snyder
    After trading Carl Nicks instead of paying Nicks the Saints look to rebuild the offensive line with Snyder.
    OT Conor Ellis​
    Ellis falls, and his value here is outstanding. After shipping out some big pieces on their OL, Ellis will be a welcomed addition.​
    14) Philadelphia Eagles
    LOLB DeVaunte Holliday
    Eagles look to build on their worst position arguably and sure up a shaky defense at the LB position in a tough NFC East.
    MLB Willie Farmer​
    Jamar Cheyney is a weak spot for this Eagles defense, who have been at suspect at MLB since Jeremiah Trotter. Farmer has good upside and gets off blocks very well. He should do well behind a good DL in Philly.​
    15) New York Jets
    SS Tyre Seymour
    Jets go defensive here as Rex Ryan needs still needs some help, even tho Holliday would have been the better choice the Jets still go with Seymour to learn with Eric Smith and take over the starting job.
    LT Jaabar Washington​
    New York fills the void left by the recently departed D’Brickashaw Ferguson. Washington is a great prospect who should make it such that the Jets won’t miss Ferguson TOO much.​
    16) San Diego Chargers
    LT Jaabar Washington
    Having lost Marcus McNeil to FA the Chargers go to sure up the backside of Phillip Rivers and go with Washington here against great pass rushers like Elvis Dumervil, Tamba Hali and Matt Shaughnessy in the AFC West, Rivers will need his backside protected.
    DT Benton Goodwin​
    The DT position is possibly the weakest position on the Chargers roster. Goodwin is a very good 43 DT, and has very good upside. Chargers get great balance of need and value here.​
    17) Baltimore Ravens
    DE Montry Benjamin
    Baltimore lost Haloti Ngata to FA and with this pick will take another dominate defensive end in Benjamin that will fit their 3-4 scheme perfectly as Benjamin comes in tipping the scales at 315 lbs.
    DE Montry Benjamin​
    I agree with Mel, for once. Benjamin is the pick here, mostly because of the departure of Ngata. The Ravens have and always will live and die by their defense, that’s what makes this an easy pick.​
    18) Dallas Cowboys
    DT Mustafa Beck
    Beck is here and Dallas is extremely happy to see him there. Beck will make for a big man in the middle and help DeMarcus Ware and the Sean Lee by keeping the offensive line at bay.
    FS Carrington Peake​
    Sensabaugh is a huge liability in a division that includes some sensational recievers. Peake is a good athlete, and is good value here. He has good size and athleticism, and should excel in a starting role immediately.​
    19) Denver Broncos (from New Orleans from Bills)
    CB Cameron Triplett​
    No Champ Bailey leaves a huge need at CB and the Broncos right here go to fill that void with Triplett. Without a true number one the Broncos need to figure out a way to defend Dwayne Bowe, Darrius Heyward-Bey and Vincent Jackson.​
    TE Jared Pierro​
    Pierro is a phenomenal value for a Broncos team that is completely rebuilt. Not a huge need, nor a position valued by the TMFL due to rule restrictions, but he’s just simply too talented to pass up here.​
    20) New York Giants
    DT Samson Israel
    Giants are able to get some help for an aging defensive line and to help replace the loss of Osi in the past season to New England and with this pick the Giants retool that defensive line.
    C Brice Crane​
    Giants need some help on the OL. David Baas has been a disaster at center. Crane is a solid prospect whose pass blocking skills are a good fit for the pass happy Giants.​
    21) Carolina Panthers (from 49ers)
    FS Carrington Peake
    Peake makes all the sense in the world for the Panthers, with having subpar performance from their FS the Panthers need some help their and Peake possess some incredible speed and that can help the Panthers defense.
    DT Samson Israel​
    Panther solidifies an extremely talented front 7 with addition of Israel. He is good enough to get lots of reps as a rookie, and will be a good balance of need and value.​
    22) Cincinnati Bengals
    HB Hassan McDonald
    Cincy lost Cedric Benson to FA and were not happy with the performance of Dexter McCluster, so the Bengals go with Hassan here to give them a bigger back that has some home run power.
    HB Shamell Campbell​
    The Bengals lost Cedric Benson to FA and Dexter McCluster has been inconsistent. Campbell is the most pro ready HB in this draft, but scouts fear his potential is limited. Still, he is a big upgrade for Cincy.​
    23) Detroit Lions
    MLB Jamel Price
    MLB could have a huge hole if Levy is let go, so the Lions need to fill that hole especially since their defense is already bad as it is they can’t afford to get any worse.
    RT Shawn Carillon​
    The Lions need to protect Stafford and his shoulder. This pick makes a lot of sense. Carillon is pro ready, and will be a huge upgrade for the Lions and help their passing game immensely.​
    24) Denver Broncos (from New Orleans from Steelers)

    HB Shamell Campbell
    Denver is going to need a RB to go with Moreno as Moreno has a history of injuries and we all know how much the Broncos love to run the football so we expect the pick of Campbell to help them in that department.
    WR Rannell Walters​
    The Saints have given up a lot to address the defensive side of the ball, which leads me to believe this pick will be for Brees. Walters is freakishly athletic, and his ability to get downfield will bring a new dynamic to the Saints offense.​
    25) Houston Texans
    DT Benton Goodwin
    Houston has a good defense but one area that needs improvement is defensive tackle and Goodwin fills that void making a Texans defense better.
    LG Tyren Knapp​
    There are question marks surrounding the interior offensive line for the Texans. Knapp makes a ton of sense, and has big time potential.​
    26) Atlanta Falcons
    TE Jared Pierro
    With Gonzalez out at this point and Pierro on the board it makes all the sense in the world right there.
    WR Audre McDowel​
    The Faclons need a WR, and McDowel will fill in nicely. Better than the numbers on him appear.​
    27) Jacksonville Jaguars (from Panthers)
    C Brice Crane
    Jacksonville wants to run the ball with MJD and C Brad Meester is getting to the end of his career and drafting Crane here does the job.
    RT Corey Ballard​
    Jags desperately need to upgrade the RT position. Ballard is a solid prospect who should develop into a decent starter.​
    28) Miami Dolphins
    DT Jon Holmes
    Switching to the 4-3 this season the Dolphins need a big defensive tackle and Holmes will get the job done here.
    DE Stacey McFarland​
    Rumor has it the Dolphins are desperately trying to trade up for an elite pass rusher. Assuming they can’t, McFarland is the best fit for the Dolphins new look 43 defense.​
    29) Tennessee Titans (from Raiders)
    CB Sean Gordon
    With Finnegan and Griffin both off this defense to the team that they got this pick from it makes sense to look for a big time #1 CB and Gordon does that for that Titans right here.
    CB Sean Gordon​
    Finnegan and Griffin are gone, Gordon makes a lot of sense here. Solid CB prospect who is athletic enough to upgrade the secondary right away​
    30) Baltimore Ravens (from Buccaneers)
    LOLB Jacorie Minton
    Johnson was let go in FA so the Ravens here go defense again to retool this older defense and build for the future.
    LOLB Jacorie Minton​
    Ravens continue to rebuild a defense hurt by FA by adding a solid OLB prospect to step in for Johnson​
    31) New Orleans Saints (via Chiefs)
    DT Martaze McCorkle
    New Orleans gets a big DT to help out the pass rush and defend the run. McCorkle has that incredible strength that is rare to find.
    DT Martaze McCorkle​
    This is a solid pick for a Broncos team trying to build a 43 defense. McCorkle should develop into a steady starter for Denver.​
    32) Washington Redskins
    WR Rannell Walters
    Washington coming off a Super Bowl victory needs some home run hitters on the outside and Walters will be that man.
    QB PJ Clausen​
    Dream scenario for the Redskins, who desperately need a QB. Clausen falls due to character concerns, as his recent arrest for suspicion of statutory rape have severely impacted his draft status. Still the Skins will take his immense talent. A mobile QB will do wonders in Shannahan’s scheme.​

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