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    Miami Dolphins - TRude

    Tenn. Offensive Playbook

    Passing Game
    • Mostly from gun sets
    • Ace Close only 2 routes stops and outs
    • Watch TE's as single receiver on a side
    • Looks for HB out of backfield
    • undercenter in passing situation blitz A gaps

    Running Game
    • Mankino to the outside, Brown inside
    • watch toss from every undercenter formation

    Fav. Formations
    • Gun Doubles
    • Double Tight Weak Pro (weak toss)
    • Ace Doubles
    • Ace Close (only 3 plays toss, stick, and curls)
    • Ace Twins (misdirection)
    • I backs (toss or power)
    • Tenn. PB
    • Bites hard on playaction
    • 4-4 defense in most 2TE's sets
    • Users LB, likes to pursue backside
    • 4-4 weak vs. speed TE's
    • 4-4 pressure mostly from middle
    • single high safety can be beat deep
    • uses a lot of man in 4-3 sets
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    yep thats my offense. i look for the RB and pass mostly shotgun. make sure to key in on that everybody. =-)

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