Michigan squeaks out a win 24-21 against ASU!!

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    I have played alot of games on TSO including an epic 7 OT game against Bondzai but this one ranks up there with it. Very tough and intense game that i commend Coach JFosh and his crew for a very tough battle and who deserved to win the game as much as the Wolverines.

    The game opened up with a masterful QB option play in which ASU QB Tim Smith weaved his way 51 yards to paydirt to put the Devs up 7-0. After a couple of first downs, the Devil D stopped the Wolverines attack and forced a punt, which Moses put deep in the red zone. This play gave the D confidence to stay with the high powered ASU squad.

    HB Sean Butler punched it in to tie the score at 7-7.

    QB Tim Smith burned the Wolverine D once again on an option pitch to HB Jason Washington for a 53 yard TD run to give the Devils the lead 14-7. QB John Curtis would lead the Woverines on a long drive before the half to tie it at 14-14 on an 8 yard TD pass to Curtis Nelson.

    The third quarter would prove to be rather quiet with the Wolvs gaining a Mike Moses FG to take the lead 17-14.

    But opening the 4th quarter, QB Smith would give the Devils back the lead on an 8 yard TD pass to WR Justin King. After a couple of failed drives and a Curtis INT, the Wolverines would go on a 17 play drive that would chew up the clock and produce the GW score with 8 seconds left:

    Great game Jfosh!!! I hope to play this again next season.
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