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Michigan State - 2012 Rose Bowl Champions

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Masler, Nov 19, 2010.

  1. Masler

    Masler Walk On

    Aug 13, 2009
    After 23 Years...
    Michigan State 30​
    Stanford 17​
    And so after 23 Years and many season that the fans want to forget. One team and one coach finally broke the dry spell. The 2012 Michigan State Spartans lead a story book season by going undefeated in the Big 10 and winning their first Rose Bowl since the 1989 season. The youngest coach this team has ever seen has brough alot of glory to a team that desperately needed it.​
    The game started off with Stanford getting on the board with a long rush by the HB to go up 7-0. Michigan State would keep it close by getting the next six points through FG's, one didn't look like it went through the uprights.​
    After Luck threw an interception that was nearly taken back by the defender MSU was left with 1 second in the half down 6-14. As any team would they took a shot downfield in the endzone and by some sort of miracle the WR made the grab and came down with it, making the score 13-14 at half.​
    State didn't let up at half time and they marched down field and Boisture hit the phenominal freshmen TE Shaun Daniels for a TD, finally taking a 6 point lead. Stanford showed they weren't out of the game yet as they looked as though they were going to retake the lead but the Spartan defense held them to 3, making the score 20-17 in favor of MSU going into the 4th.​
    MSU's defense was able to hold off the Cardinals and the offense scored 10 more points to put the game away. The Spartan fans in the stadium stormed the field and all over the state of Michigan, living rooms and sports bars exploded with cheers. The players drenched Coach Masler with about 6 things of Gatorade and carried him off the field.​
    Once the press found Coach Masler a press conference was held and he made the following statement:​
    "I congratulate Coach Rich for giving us a great game, it was neck and neck until the Edwin Baker touchdown. I am so proud of my team this season, we fought a tough conference schedule, even going into Overtime to win some of them. We lost a couple to some great teams but we bounced back to an excellent season, these guys played their hearts out today and I wouldn't have it any other way, especially for the Seniors. I think this finally showed the college football world that Michigan State isn't one of those average teams who gets lucky here or there, we earned some respect today and proved ourselves. And now I'm off to party with the rest!"​
    Great word indeed. The Spartans finish off the season at 11-2 (8-0) and finally smelled the Roses after more then 2 decades.​
    Rose Bowl Stats​
    J. Boisture 13/23, 200 yards, 2 TD​
    L. Caper 22 Att, 104 yards​
    M.White 1 Tackle, 3 INT​

  2. The Richuation

    The Richuation Walk On

    Jul 18, 2010
    Good game Masler

    You deserved the win.

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