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MID LEVEL EXCEPTION..What are we about!

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by mcyork, Jul 16, 2012.

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  1. mcyork

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    May 17, 2009
    Roster Season 1

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    - We, like all other leagues at TF, are a sim "style" league. This means that your gameplay should reflect real life NCAA football ideals as much as possible. Sometimes the expectations have to be altered from real life because it is, in the end, a video game. Every issue will be ironed out with an eye on fair play within the video game we play that attempts to replicate real life. Not on the pretense that we are actual college football coaches.

    - No exploiting flaws in the AI by running money plays or plays that you know are unstoppable over and over. Against humans, the "run it till they stop it" ideal is acceptable to a degree, but mostly with plays like HB dive and interior runs, or basic plays like slants. However, spamming ANY play constantly is frowned upon. The cheesier the play is, the less you should use it. We are largely self-policing, but sometimes that isn't enough and we understand that. Contact the commissioner with any complaints in a PM DO NOT TAKE THIS TO THE BOARD this is as frowned upon as the people who cheese.

    - On offense, establish a team identity and stick with it for the most part. If you are a west-coast playbook going exclusively into your 4 and 5-wides shotgun formations anytime you get down, something is wrong. We generally want to avoid desperation, i.e. stretching of the rules when the game is close late. We want to be league that treats each other with respect. As long as you have true respect for the opponent, you will likely not do something that doesn't "feel right" to win. Other than that, we don't want to limit aggressiveness. You should know what's going too far. It's important to try to win at all costs, just not to go to any length to do it.... If that makes sense. If it doesn't, contact me. I really agree that it can be a difficult issue and am not afraid of discussion.

    - No running up the stats on either the cpu or another user. If your up big late (more than 20 in the second half against the CPU and in the 4th against a user), you must pull your starters. Yes, there are certain teams that just run up the stats in the real-life NCAA. That doesn't mean it is "SIM" as far as we define that in our NCAA video game world. You are not Steve Spurrier and you do not have to impress any pollsters. As far as stat whoring I'd like a player to win a Heisman because he was just that good, not because a player manufactured his stats.

    - No team should ever top 70 pts, unless the final score is something like 73-70. As it pertains to games that aren't close, teams shouldn't be topping 60 points more than once or twice a year... The scoring cap is not a scoring "target" it's a cap.

    - Be realistic with your QB on pass plays. Dropping back 10-15 yards, rolling past the hashes, etc is not sim and not what should be done. Yes, if you feel pressure, you can roll out or scramble. Yes, if you call a designed roll out you can roll out. Yes, if you call a screen you can drop back further than normal. But on a regular passing play, no one should be taking the snap and sprinting 10 yards back with their QB before setting up to pass, or scrambling outside the pocket to extend the play without pressure. Scrambling and running is allowed to some extent... Let's face it that's a fact of real-life football ie Vince Young, Michael Vick RGIII. However with some versions of the game it has been difficult to stop and become cheesy to run the QB. It is something that is evaluated on a year-to-year basis and I will update if need be. Scrambling and dumping when the defense comes up can be a great play but should be rare. Like once a game or less rare.

    - Player control - On defense, the player you select to control on a play is the only one that can be manually moved prior to the snap. If you are clicking on various players and changing scheme assignments that is fine, but only one player can be manually moved, and that is the one you control.

    - Team control, prior to snap - This includes things like motioning receivers, motioning the line/linebackers on defense, etc. All motioning should be done in a realistic manner, and should never be done in an effort to confuse the AI and gain an advantage. For instance, based on an offensive formation you may want to line up your line and backers a certain way. you might decide to change it at some point as well. One change prior to a play should usually be sufficient. Two on occasion. Or change them based on a perceived offensive change or motion. What you cannot and should not do is be constantly moving them around hoping to keep them in motion prior to the snap, or to create AI confusion. An "overload" or occasional "stunt" type play is considered fine as long as the aim is not to "break" the AI. On offense... Motioning receivers should be done in a realistic manner. Wait for the receiver to stop and set prior to snapping the ball, unless it is auto motion.

    - For the time being...all gameplan settings (aggressive/conservative) and defensive keys (run middle, defend pass) are allowed. If anyone is found to be abusing these, or if complaints arise, we will revisit. If something makes the game unbalanced, don't use it to screw people, please report it to the commish so we can have a discussion about it.

    - Playbooks: everyone must pick an Offensive and Defensive playbook prior to the season, this can include custom playbooks but please post the Root Playbook in the PB thread. Choose wisely because you are stuck with them for the entire season.

    - Sliders/game rules: We play 8 min, Heisman Sliders they are a work in progress right now, as they are with all the dynasties. They might be tweaked throughout the season.

    - Recruiting restrictions: At the start of the season you need to set your recruiting to manual. No CPU help will be provided. We will be recruiting on Heisman. You may recruit up to 70 players +1. That means if your team has 18 SR's graduating before the start of offseason you may offer only 19 ships. As the offseason starts lets say you have 3 JR's decide to go to the draft and 1 transfer you then have 23 ships to offer in week one of offseason recruiting. For any reason you are caught over you will then receive a warning and your team will receive a recruiting ban if for any reason you are caught a second time you will be relieved from your coaching duties in the league.

    - Position changes:
    IN SEASON: Players have to play at their assigned position or a realistic switch. A realistic switch would be a TE playing FB in a few sets or a G playing T or a FS playing CB. An unrealistic switch would be a 92 spd 180 pound HB playing FB or a 95 spd 190 pound FS playing MLB
    OFF SEASON: There is a weight limit of 220 pounds/under 90 speed for any player being moved to FB or TE. Linebackers must be at least 210 lbs., be under 90 speed, and have a tackle rating of at least 75. THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS.. If for instance an ATH recruit is clearly meant to be a fullback but is under 220 lbs. (best ratings are blocking ratings, for instance) he can be made a fullback. During the off-season, if you have a question about a player on the fence, ask it in the chat room. All position changes will be tracked by the commish, and violations will result in recruiting restrictions.

    - League advances: League rules are 48-72 hours for any game. For a user-user game, if there is absolutely no way to play it within the 48-72 hours, a 4th day will typically be granted. This should be rare. On the occasion that an advance could conceivably happen within 24 hours, I would like people to try and get it done. This falls under the league camaraderie category, I don't want people to just play it the second day if they could have played it the first day. I want people that want to play, bottom line.

    - Off-Season: We consider this one of the most enjoyable parts of the season. We schedule a night and time on the boards. Everyone is expected to make it. We bang out the entire process in 1 night while having a good time chatting on the mic. If someone can’t make it, you’re allowed to have another TF member sit in for you.

    - Board Participation: YOU MUST BE ACTIVE!!!! Non-negotiable. Some people like to post full game recaps with pics and vids. Some people like to post tidbits here and there. Some people just like to comment on others. Whatever you like to do is fine, but I must see posts and regular league involvement and interest. This is something I really am not concerned about too much because we WILL have guys who are "into it" in this league and they are typically the types that will stay active on the board.


    - Use the Game Scheduling section to schedule games. I have a "guide" to scheduling games at the top of the game scheduling forum, please review it.


    The following restart rules were implemented midway through the NCAA 2011 version of the game because we were simply wasting too much time playing games over and over. Sometimes, we wouldn't get a game played in a single night and were spending 3-5 hours on a game. An additional reason for their application is that things like game planning and luck really should have as much to do with the outcome of the game as stick skills. In other words... Nobody should have to beat another player TWICE.

    In the event of a disconnect, the following rules will apply:

    If one team is ahead by at least a TD and at least one quarter has been played, the game shall be restarted assuming that the score and time remaining is the same as if the disconnect had not happened. For example, Team A is ahead 7-0 early in the second quarter when the disconnect occurs. The game should be restarted, and Team B is assumed to be behind by 7 points with 3 quarters to play. This rule should be followed as closely as possible. For instance if it is a 7 point lead with 3 minutes remaining in the third quarter, you should restart the game assuming one team has a 7-point lead and play ONE quarter and 3 additional minutes into the second quarter.

    The winning team will finish the game vs the CPU and the other will drop. If by chance there is a tie after the game would be "over" play out the entire rest of the game as "overtime."

    If the teams are within 3 points or fewer with less than 2 quarters played, the game will be restarted from the beginning.
    If the teams are within 3 points or fewer with at least a half played, the game will be restarted in accordance with the first example.

    *Communication* - As part of this process, use the mic and talk to the opposing player.

    1) agree on the time or amount of quarters you're going to play
    2) Make sure whoever had the ball gets the ball first at ABOUT where they had it before... If it was past the 50... Kick it short... etc.
    3) Keep track of what the score was. The person that was up is still theoretically up by that same amount. The person who was behind has to be winning by that same amount in order to "tie" and play till the end of the game. IF they are winning by MORE than that score they win and the person who was up quits out and lets them continue. If they are losing, or winning by less than the other person was up, they quit out and let the other person finish up.

    - If a game disconnects because one member purposely pulls the plug and quits, that is grounds for immediate removal. There are no quitters here. Even if you’re getting your ass handed to you, man up and take it.


    - If you feel someone cheated you or cheesed, do not post in the forums. PM the commish, and he and the competition committee will handle accordingly.

    - Act like an adult. Talking shit and making fun of each other in a fun and joking way is fine. The minute it crosses the line and turns into a real argument, it ends. Period. This is supposed to be a fun league among friends, remember that first and foremost always. This will be a league where people have genuine respect for the other players. People who don't fit that definition will simply not be a part of our league. There are some great leagues here and we want to rival ANY of them in terms of camaraderie, commitment, and respect for opponents.

    More rules might be added as we go on, and any existing one might be amended. If any of you ever need to reach me immediately, send a text. PM me on the board if you don't have it, or email me at jandmpawn1@gmail.com anytime.
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  2. mcyork

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    May 17, 2009
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