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Miklos' & Dunlap's Season Preview: Part I - AFC Preview

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Big D, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    OMFL Season 5 Preview: Part I – AFC Preview​

    *Ranked in order of projected finish*

    AFC North

    1. Bengals – The defending AFC North Champs have reloaded and are looking to improve on their Divisional Round finish last season. They have vastly improved a sub-par defense with the additions of rookie linebacker Jaqwaylin Lewis, rookie safety Sergio Brown, and free agent defensive end Ray Edwards. The Bengals now have the defensive talent to be one of the top units in the OMFL. If they get the coaching, this team could be a contender for a championship.

    2. Browns- The Browns have vastly improved their talent base with the additions of Percy Harvin, Daren Sharper, and Brian Dawkins this offseason. Couple that with the progression and maturation of halfback Jerome Harrison and you have a dangerous team. Cleveland is under new ownership so it will be up to him to find the systems and schemes to give this team the best chance to succeed.

    3. Steelers- This team has been a hard one to figure out since their OMFL Bowl Championship in Season 2. Since then they have not only failed to make the playoffs but they haven’t even come close. This upcoming season will be a important one for them, as they have aging stars on both sides of the football. However they have a three headed running back tandem, an All-Pro quarterback, and Mike Wallace and Mike Crabtree at receiver which means they are bound to score some points. The loss of Harrison hurts their defense, and that unit will have to patch things together to stop a couple of very good offenses in this division.

    4. Ravens- Coach Weblink has the backing of ownership and is back for another Season in Baltimore after a disappointing previous year. The offseason has seen this group pretty much stand pat, as they didn’t have a lot of money to spend in free agency. This means that they are going to have to win with the talent they had last year. That is certainly possible, as they have a number of stars on both sides of the football. However the Ravens need to buck precedent to move out of the AFC North cellar.

    AFC East

    1. Dolphins- There were no other words to describe last year for Miami other than disappointment. A team that was expected to content for the AFC East crown sputtered out of the gate and never gained any traction. What they have done this offseason is completely retool an offense to make it one of the most dangerous in the OMFL and make them instant contenders in not only the AFC East, but the conference as well. They have added some serious speed at wide receiver in Donnie Avery and Golden Tate to go along with the already established Brandon Marshal. Add Brent Celek at tight end and quarterback Chad Henne has options all over the field. We expect the running lanes will also now open for Ronnie Brown who is poised for a breakout year. The question on this team isn’t their offense. They will score. However their defense is so porous and devoid of playmakers that they will have no choice but to be ‘gimmicky’ in their schemes to try to slow their opponents down. No doubt about it, Dolphins games this season will be a race to 40 points. In most games, that is a race we expect Miami to win.

    2. Jets- Finally it looks as if the J-E-T-S have an owner who will stabilize this franchise after the frenzied ownership swaps of last season. New York was already potent on defense and their secondary just got markedly better when they snatched star safety Reggie Nelson from the Jaguars in a pre-draft trade. This team is the anti-Dolphins, as they have the defense but their offense still has big question marks. Perhaps the biggest being who will be running the football now that Shonn Greene is gone? Right now they are relying on an aging Ladanian Tomlinson, and that is a risky bet at best. Can the Jets slow down the Dolphins potent offensive attack? If they can this division, and beyond, may be theirs.

    3. Bills- The Bills are still lacking the talent of the top teams in this division and conference, but they have a rising star at head coach in SRC. It will be up to him to mold this young and inexperienced group into his vision. He did it last year when he was in Buffalo, including an early season upset of the New England Patriots. Can they build on that this year and take the next step? It will be tough and this year will be a barometer on the coaching prowess of Mr. SRC.

    4. Pats- Call this the Gaddy factor. After a four year reign on top of the AFC East it may finally be time that the Patriots are going to fall. New Coach Kris Oliver had made some big offseason moves, but most notably the losses of key parts including Julian Eddleman and Adalius Thomas. This team may truly be the biggest unknown in the OMFL. They have been at the peak of the AFC with the Jaguars over the past few seasons and that has spurned a heated rivalry. If the transition from Coach Gaddy to Coach KO goes smoothly, we may see those two teams again in the postseason. But right now, we just don’t know.

    AFC West

    1. Chiefs- In perhaps the biggest, and most surprising, move of the offseason the Chiefs acquired rising star quarterback Sam Bradford in an offseason trade. In a separate deal they also acquired speedy wide receiver Bernard Berrian. This team was already reigning AFC West Champions and these two big offensive additions may have separated themselves from this competitive division a bit. We know that Coach Bluebean has the chops to win with sub par talent. He’s done it in Buffalo, St. Louis, and Kansas City. Now he probably has more talent than he has ever coached with before in the OMFL. That makes this team very dangerous indeed.

    2. Chargers- San Diego make some big additions on both sides of the football. On offense it was in trades by bringing in halfback Brian Westbrook and young wide out Early Doucet. On defense they used the draft to add potential stars in their secondary with cornerback Reshad St. Saint and safety Dorian Hill. The Chargers were fighting to the wire for a playoff spot last year. Lots of teams ahead of them in last year’s standings have improved this offseason. The question will be have the Chargers improved more?

    3. Broncos- The biggest addition for the Broncos may have been linebacker Elvis Dumervil returning from an injury that cost him nearly all of last season. They also added some big names in the offseason including linebacker Jason Taylor and safety Bob Sanders. An already good defense just got a lot better. Can the Broncos bring the offense with the defense? It will likely be up to Knowshown Moreno to provide it by running the football, and running it a lot. If they can use the Jaguars formula of running the football and playing great defense they can compete.

    4. Raiders- The problem for the Raiders is that they just didn’t add enough talent, or at least not as much as the other team’s in this already competitive division did. In true Al Davis fashion they added some speed at key areas, but they basically are playing with the same deck they were last year. Unless something dramatic shifts in Oakland they’ll be rebuilding yet again.

    AFC South

    1. Jags- Usually when you talk about OMFL Bowl Champions you think of roster stability. Coach Dunlap has eschewed that mantra this offseason and have replaced a lot of key parts of last year’s squad. Gone are Reggie Nelson, Daryl Smith, Mike Sims-Walker and David Garrard. In come Matt Stafford, Thomas Davis, Brian Waters, and a host of rookies including center Benji Tulioma and linebacker Tyree Rush.. Perhaps the biggest change will be replacing Reggie Nelson at safety, which Coach Dunlap says he planned nearly all of his defensive schemes around last year. It will be up to rookie first round pick J.D. Nealy to fill his shoes. If that happens then last year’s league best defense may be even better. One thing is for sure, when you go 19-0 you are sure to get everybody’s best shot. The target is now on their backs. Everybody knows their system. Now how will they defend their crown? And when will they finally lose?

    2. Titans- It seems like the Titans entered the offseason in a defensive arms race with the Jaguars in the AFC South. Tennessee may have won the offseason battle by adding two superstars in Demeco Ryans and Demarcus Ware. Coach Ox added those players specifically to shut down the Jaguars and league MVP Maurice Jones-Drew. No doubt their defense will now be markedly improved and should get them a step closer to Jacksonville than they were last year. The question on this team will be how does their offense improve? Injuries racked them last year, especially with multiple ones to halfback Chris Johnson. If he stays healthy, and the defense is a good as advertised then the Titans will likely find themselves back in the playoffs after a one year hiatus.

    3. Colts- The Colts didn’t have much room to maneuver this offseason with the least amount of cap space of any team in the OMFL. They struggled to compete in a tough division last year, and with the Titans improving that task won’t get any easier in Season 5. The good news for this franchise is they have a well respected head coach now in Coach NDColts who is expected to bring stability to this franchise. Manning and company have enough weapons to be a player in this division, but this is another team with too many unknowns to make them true contenders just yet.

    4. Texans- The Texans offseason was one that had many ‘experts’ scratching their heads. They traded away their best defensive player (a guy who nearly won the Defensive POY) in Demeco Ryans. When they did that fans expected them to make some huge gains. The problem is they just didn’t do it. A new owner and a roster that may have regressed since last year doesn’t bode well in a division with the undefeated defending champion Jaguars.

    Miklos’ AFC Playoff Projections

    1. Jags
    2. Chiefs
    3. Dolphins
    4. Bengals
    5. Titans
    6. Jets

    AFC Champ: Jags
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  2. StevenRhysCann

    StevenRhysCann Arizona Cardinals

    May 7, 2010
    Great write up, looking forward to the NFC one.
  3. Wayne

    Wayne Walk On

    Nov 6, 2010
    Now for the NFC and the #1 rams :)
  4. natedawg212000

    natedawg212000 New Orleans Saints

    Jul 29, 2009
    love it!! awesome job guys
  5. Bluebean

    Bluebean Kansas City Chiefs

    Oct 8, 2009
    My expectations are high. Hope I can find a way to win the close games again.
  6. mustang20241

    mustang20241 Walk On

    Sep 24, 2009
    good stuff thanks for the props... hopefully my offense will be deadly, that was the aim.

    always been a decent defensive coach although I had a ton of second half collapses last season. we got talent on that side!
  7. Fr3sH_UC

    Fr3sH_UC Walk On

    Mar 9, 2010
    Great job bro!! 1 goal man making the playoffs lol !

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