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Miklos' & Dunlap's Season Preview: Part II - NFC Preview

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Big D, Nov 27, 2010.

  1. Big D

    Big D Walk On

    Oct 8, 2009
    Miklos' and Dunlap's Season 5 Preview: Part II - NFC Preview

    *In predicted order of finish*

    NFC North

    1. Packers- This team already had the talent base to succeed but now with the addition of a new head coach and some key offseason acquisitions things are looking bright on the frozen tundra. Coach Miklos is rising like the Star of David, and he now has raided Darnell Docket from the Cardinals, Brandon Siller at middle linebacker, and outside backer Daryl Smith from the OMFL Bowl Champion Jaguars. Their defense was a group that needed upgrading and the Packers have done just that. Now if Coach Mik can get the offense in gear this should be a dangerous team in the NFC.

    2. Vikings- Full disclosure time. We had the Vikings as our #1 team in the NFC North when our first draft of this preview was finished, but that was before the shellacking they took from the re-invented Packers. The Vikings have doubled, no tripled down on their running game and Adrian Peterson. Word out of Viking camp in the offseason was they saw the successful formula that Jacksonville laid out last year and were trying to emulate it. Well a 27-0 deficit at halftime of game one may have them rethinking their plans. They lost Harvin in a trade and now are relying on Tim Tebow at quarterback. That means their success will truly rely on Peterson.

    3. Lions- It’s no surprise that Coach Winuvas was active in the offseason. He always is. But the amount of talent he brought in to the Lions makes them a team to watch not only in the NFC North but in the conference as well. The blockbuster trade was sending Matt Stafford in return for one of the games top young wide receivers in Mike Sims-Walker as well as OMFL winning quarterback David Garrard. The Lions also added Al Harris at cornerback, Trent Cole at defensive end, and Matt Birk and Matt Light on the offensive line. The sheer talent upgrade in Detroit is remarkable. Now will they put the right schemes in place to make this team successful?

    4. Bears- We welcome back the venerable Coach Chrisdstan to Chicago where he made the Bears a perennial playoff contender in the past in the OMFL. The problem is now that he has an aging veteran core that is missing talent at key areas. The Bears did pick up speedster receiver Randy McClain in the draft and reliable veteran Jeremy Shockey in free agency. However they will need to greatly overperform their talent if they expect to compete in this division.

    NFC East

    1. Eagles- Coach Vishal says he was embarrassed by a 38-9 defeat in the OMFL Bowl to the Jags, and this offseason he was trying to make a statement to get better. He has, and the Eagles may just be the team to beat in the entire league. Philadelphia had one of the best drafts in the league by picking up three key pieces on defense; middle backer Titus Ridder, cornerback Tyson Barrister, and safety Lararius Coxon. Add a massive free agency coup in getting Jason Witten from the rival Cowboys and the Eagles have upgraded at nearly every key position they needed too. Don’t forget that the offense had already perhaps the best trio in the league with quarterback Kevin Kolb and receivers Marcus Coltson and Deshaun Jackson. This team is scary dangerous, and they just might be on their way to their third consecutive OMFL Bowl appearance. Maybe even another rematch with the Jags?

    2. Cowboys- Simply put, the Cowboys had unquestionably the most remarkable draft in the history of the OMFL. They not only picked up five players who will start, but those five players are high value impact players at their positions. They drafted safety Asapha Savage, cornerback JC Dyer, lineback DeShun Ivory,a nd defensive ends KC Williams and Barry Phoels. This defense just went from mediocre and gimmicky to one of the fastest, strongest, and best in the league. On offense you have the usual suspects with quarterback Tony Romo leading the way. Their offense will be good enough to score point, even without Witten. Now with an vastly improved defense the Eagles may have a serious challenge to their two year reign on top of the NFC East.

    3. Redskins- This division is just not fair right? Not only do we have the two high octane teams above but now we have one of the most respected coaches in the league joining a previously beleaguered Washington Redskins franchise. Coach Gaddy has arrived and he has quickly moved the roster in a similar direction that we saw for so many seasons in New England. They got a very good speedy wide receiver in Aaron Scott in the draft and added receiver Lance Moore and linebacker Adalius Thomas in free agency. However it’s not necessarily the roster upgrades that impress us. The Gaddy factor here is in full effect, and we wouldn’t at all be surprised to see this Redskins team come playoff time.

    4. Giants- What a year is was in Season 4 for Coach Dave. He finally landed a solid job in New York and he pushed every right button last year to get his team into the playoffs. The offseason was a bit rougher, but it was to be expected as a high average top 20 forced him to cut a couple of big name players. The Giants did add free agent Calais Campbell at defensive end and offensive tackle David Deihl, both of whom should make an impact. But like many teams Coach Dave will be forced to improve with basically the roster he has from last season. There is no doubt that the Giants could finish higher that our prediction here, but it doesn’t help that they are stuck in undoubtably the best division in the OMFL.

    NFC West

    1. 49ers- The 49ers had an interesting offseason to say the least. They basically swapped young star receiver Michael Crabtree for aging veteran TJ Houshmandzadeh. They are still relying on Alex Smith at quarterback, and they also lost star cornerback Nate Clements. What the did in the draft was add depth and a couple of hole pluggers, but no real stars exept for perhaps Shaynon Douglas at defensive end. However, with all that said we still think that the 49ers are the team to beat in the NFC West. Not only that, but we feel they underperformed at bit down the stretch last year, which means that even with no real upgrades this offeason they are players for an NFC Championship. Talent or not, Coach Dritsch just gets it done year and year out. There will be a time in the not so distant future that he hoists a Championship trophy, but will it be this year?

    2. Cards- The Cardinals are an enigma. There is no doubt they seriously underperformed last season under first year coach Coach West. Now they have added some serious talent in the rookie draft including defensive tackles DiAmbro Buie and Warren Darter and strong safety Martwon Baldwin. Couple that with good free agent signings in quarterback Jason Campbell and center Jason Bell and Arizona should make the leap out of the divison’s cellar. Just how good can they be? If the preseason results are any indication this team has the firepower to go toe to toe with the leagues elite (see preseason dismantling of the Jaguars). However preseason results don’t always turn into season success. Time will only tell with these Cardinas.

    3. Seahawks- The Seahawks have no where to go but up after last years disappointment, but luckily they already had a fairly young talent base to work around. That young base got even better with a good draft that saw top prize Jamarcus Allen land in Seattle. Also incoming are halfback Kenarious Fluellen and tight end DeAndre Jones. If that’s not a revamping of your offense we don’t know what is. A solid pickup of linebacker Tully Banta-Cain in free agency only adds to the intrigue of this team. As much as they’ve gotten better this offseason they still may be a year or two away from serious contention in the NFC.

    4. Rams- The rams had a very tumultuous offseason, including the shock in St. Louis when young quarterback Sam Bradford was sent packing in a trade. Now the Rams will be relying on rookie Chris Robinson to run the show. A couple of big free agency errors cost the Rams some potential big pickups, but the lot they got was still impressive as they landed linebacker James Harrison, receiver Kevin Walter, and tight end Bo Scaife. Add rookie tackle Relus Wells and linebacker Brandon Hiller and the Rams definitely got better this offseason. The problem is we just don’t think it’ll be enough to get them out of the cellar.

    NFC South

    1. Panthers: I think that most people would agree that the Panthers resurgence would have been the surprise of the league last year. They have an absolute star at running back in DeAngelo Williams and of course have Coach of the Year Claven. They lost Thomas Davis in free agency but picked up some nice talent in the draft including cornerback Tyrell Hillyard and offensive lineman Lentulus Caesar. The schedule is absolutely brutal for this team, which means they have very little room for error. A Week 3 showdown with the Jacksonville Jaguars should be a good measuring stick. Carolina is still the team to beat in this division, but that schedule is certainly going to make it tough.

    2. Saints: When New Orleans was healthy last season they were good, very good. Then the injury bug hit and morale sank to an all-time low and Coach Nate had trouble rallying his troops. They got Drew Brees back late in the season which was enough to propel them to the playoffs but a quick first round exit has his team hungry to get back to where they were in Season 3. An untypical pickup for Coach Nate in slow but powerful halfback Shonn Greene gives him a nice compliment to the always dangerous Reggie Push. The Saitns added some serious speed at wide receiver in Pierre Garcon which may draw the double teams away from Devery Henderson. Rookie defensive tackle Tramon Edwards will give them some nice bulk in the middle and help a mediocre rush defense from last season. However lets not pull any punches here. If the Saints stay healthy they can compete with anybody. The big question is can they do it after last season’s disaster.

    3. Bucs- A free agency trifecta has the Florida Panhandle still abuzz about the possibilities for their Buccaneers this season. In one 15 minute span they landed defensive end John Abraham, tackle Tommie Harris, and halfback Joseph Addai. They also added a couple of young potential stars in the draft in wide receiver Antoine Bell and defensive end Tre Williams. An A+ offseason for Tampa Bay will certainly give the top teams in this division a few concerns. New Coach Shiftee will be tasked with finding the sytems to work with his players. However because this is his first big time head coaching job, the Bucs remain a bit of an unknown this year.

    4. Falcons: Coach Obisan is back for a full year with Atlanta and that is great news for this often unstable franchise. They had a very nice offseason with the additions of receiver Bensley Blake, tight end Tanner Tablert, linebacker Jermaine Giffinasa, and free agent cornerback Sheldon Brown. They have a roster that includes a potential explosive offense when you talk about Matt Ryan, Michael Turner, and Roddy White. If that defense can improve you’ll have a team to watch in the NFC South. No disrespect meant to the Falcons with the cellar dwelling prediction here. This division is just that tough.

    Dunlap’s NFC Predictions

    1. Eagles
    2. Panthers
    3. 49ers
    4. Packers
    5. Cardinals
    6. Cowboys

    NFC Champ: Eagles
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  2. Jeremy

    Jeremy The ONLY 2 time OMFL CHampion!!!!

    Oct 8, 2009
    Vikings will be playing in January unlike a certain team with a blue field.;)
  3. CoachWest

    CoachWest Walk On

    Sep 22, 2010
    Great write up Dunlap, It does hurt us that the NFC West will be battling it out with the NFC East this year. My hope is that it doesnt kill us both and open the door for the North and South this year. Also... as hard as this is to say, the Rams may be overlooked a little this year. They arent the team to beat in the West, but I anticipate they break some hearts this year.
  4. Miklos_Nyiszli

    Miklos_Nyiszli Walk On

    Sep 16, 2010
    Once a again good write up
  5. dritsch

    dritsch Walk On

    Dec 9, 2009
    Love it. But clements sucked, and crabtree got me rookies DE Douglas, LB Jackson, and helped me trade for CB Dunta Robinson. Not bragging promise, just sayin :)
  6. Winuvas

    Winuvas OMFL Jets

    Oct 8, 2009
    Detroit stinks because of bad coaching. Good GM, good talent, bad coaching.

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