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    Nov 15, 2011
    We are still looking to contend and I have some depth that I would like to resolve. If they're mentioned here, they're fodder for discussion.

    - I signed Miguel Gonzalez early in the offseason with the idea that Kyle Skipworth might be used at 1B or DH. I also have Landon Morton and Jesus Rea who both performed admirably last year after Skip went down with injury.
    First Basemen
    - Just signed Platea, so LF/1B Ethan Hall could be available. I've eased him into the lineup and he's responded pretty well.
    Middle Infielders
    - 2B Dave Smith is still young but has some major league experience and good speed. SS Garabez Rosa has 200+ career home runs but I could move him if needed. SS Tom Tenbrink has been a great backup infielder and is available as well. And Roman Gonzalez is a blue chip prospect but might be available in the right deal as well.
    Third Basemen
    - Alejandro Morales has been my regular for the past few seasons and has provided great defense and a solid OBP. I also have top prospect Armando Garcia who's ready as well. One of them needs a new home.
    - LF Ken Simpson is a former Gold Glove winner who provides good power. LF Dan James is a solid left handed bench option. CF Jose Acosta was one of the top-10 outfielders in the major leagues last season. LF/RF Moon Soo Kim and CF Lou Thomas are both 5-star prospects who could be dealt in the right deal. RF Robinson Martinez is a Gold Glove winner who provides great contact and speed. I also have LF Victor Guillen who could be had as well (major league ready prospect)

    I'm looking for what everyone else is seeking: pitching and prospects. I would like a little more starting pitching depth. And prospects, so many of my guys are major league ready, I wouldn't mind getting guys that are AA or lower.

    Send me some offers.

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