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Minnesota Twins Trade Block

Discussion in 'Trade Block' started by Ken Welsch, Jun 16, 2012.

  1. Ken Welsch

    Ken Welsch BTFD!

    Nov 15, 2011
    Yunel Escobar's injury leaves me looking for an upgrade in the middle infield. Come at me with some ideas.

    Trade Block:
    P Sergio Mitre - veteran had a good season last year, led the team in ERA and signed a very affordable contract. He's been hurt almost all year so far and has lost his spot to a younger player. http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_18464.html
    P Anthony Swarzak - solid middle relief arm that can spot start if needed. http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_28607.html
    P Glen Perkins - has been a very good setup man but it looks like he's been overused this year. He will be fine and can help your late inning situation. http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_19046.html
    P Matt Maloney - solid lefty has been successful in middle relief and spot starts. http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_22446.html
    P Alex Burnett - another good middle reliever that lost his ML spot due to roster squeeze. http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_25713.html
    P Yhency Brazoban - very good stuff, can definitely be a setup man or reliever in the majors. http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_18496.html
    P Collin Balester - good arm, good stuff. http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_19355.html
    P Esmerling Vasquez - nice arm, decent middle reliever. http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_29990.html
    C Rene Rivera - good power and is probably better than your backup catcher, so upgrade... http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_24114.html
    C JR Towles - solid bench player provides a decent bat and can play C, 1B, 3B and LF. http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_19316.html
    1B Jorge Vasquez - 8 power rating. http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_32761.html
    1B Matt Rizzotti - has some power and might be a decent platoon candidate. http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_27702.html
    3B Sean Burroughs - veteran 3B can be a very good left handed pinch hitter for your bench. http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_18182.html
    OF Rene Tosani - solid youngster with some power. http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_25731.html
    OF Brian Barton - veteran journeyman can provide a good bat and speed. http://traditionsportsonline.com/tso-ootp/reports/html/players/player_19358.html

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