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Miracle in the Meadowlands - Jets get huge OT win over Pats

Discussion in 'Game Summaries & Team News' started by thoov08, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. thoov08

    thoov08 Walk On

    Oct 24, 2010

    Jets split season series with New England after huge 34-31 win in OT

    The New York Jets picked up a critical win against the Patriots on Thanksgiving evening. The Jets had a lot to be thankful for after the game; namely a surprising missed game-winning field goal in overtime by the Pats and a huge Chad Johnson reception to set up the winning kick.

    Interceptions would play a key role in the game as the two QBs would combine for a total of eight picks on the day (5 Brady, 3 Sanchez). After forcing a three-and-out on New England's opening drive, Mark Sanchez's inaccurate throw to a narrow window led to a Jenkins pick-6 to open up scoring on the day. Sanchez would find his groove temporarily after that throwing touchdown passes on his next three drives; one to Santonio Holmes and the other two to Dustin Keller. However, the end of the first half did not provide the same success for New York. Holding a 21-7 lead, Sanchez threw a deep curl that was picked off by Terrance Newman and returned 42 yards for a touchdown. On the following drive, another inaccurate throw by Sanchez was picked off and set up a Brady bomb to Johnny Knox for a 66 yard touchdown throw.

    The scoring began to slow down in the second half as the Jets' running game was stopped cold. Even after forcing punts, the Patriots could not do anything with the ball. Brady continued to throw INT after INT. Jet defenders making picks on the day were Bart Scott (1), Yeremiah Bell (1), Antonio Cromartie (1), and Evan Lankster (2) who had a huge game as the new nickel-back after Kyle Wilson was traded just a few weeks ago. Down 31-24, the Jets received the ball with 2:45 left in regulation. Sanchez and Greene moved the ball in a few short chunks and were planning to not leave much time on the clock for New England, but after seeing an opportunity Sanchez threw a deep ball to Santonio Holmes who caught and ran the ball in for a huge 60 yard TD to tie the game. With 1:25 left, the Patriots only needed a field goal to win. Brady looked for Knox on a corner route, but Lankster came up with his second pick of the day and sent the game into overtime.

    The Jets won the overtime coin flip and elected to receive, but a quick three-and-out led to a punt with good field position for New England. After a couple of first downs, Gostkowski was easily in range for roughly a 45 yard attempt to end the game. As Gostkowski's potentially game-winning attempt left his foot, the winds that had been in the stadium all game appeared to grab the ball and push it just wide right giving the Jets hope. However, Sanchez continued to struggle moving the ball consistently. The Jets faced a 3rd and 18 in their own territory and needed to convert to have any shot of getting a field goal. On a play designed to get the ball deep to Santonio Holmes on the left side, the Pats had it covered and the only option was a deep jump ball to Jet WR Chad Johnson in single coverage on the right side. Sanchez lobbed up the ball and somehow Johnson made the huge 39 yard catch to put the Jets into short field goal range. Kicker Josh Brown would seal the win off with a 31 yard field goal down the middle on the following play.

    This win moves the Jets to 6-5 on the season and 3-2 in their own division. The week 17 matchup at Buffalo is being circled on everyone's calendar as a potential game to decide the AFC East division.

    Great game dablakpope. I was crazy lucky at the end there and hate to have some one lose like that, even if it is the Patriots.
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  2. Broncos218

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    Feb 20, 2011
    I'm looking forward to it as well! I'm down to 5-6 now, but as long as I can stay just a game behind you, I could win W17 and get in on the tiebreaker. It'll be exciting if playoffs are riding on that match
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