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Mock Draft

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by RyanRain39, Dec 5, 2015.

  1. RyanRain39

    RyanRain39 Walk On

    Dec 30, 2014
    Figured it had been a long time since I had made content. So here is a Mock Draft for the 1st Round!

    #1: Falcons- QB Jordan Vereen

    The Falcons didn't have the best sim season with Bortles in command and Matt Ryan only got older. With Bortles a 49er and Ryan a Texan, the Falcons used their bad sim season and pulled together enough to trade the #1 pick from the Giants, and the Falcons knew exactly what they wanted. The speedy QB will open a new door for the Falcon offense, with the addition of AP, expect a lot more yards on the ground.

    #2: Giants- WR Dre Dixon
    Dixon has an insane 97 rated speed, along with some other high rated stats. Victor Cruz is getting up there in age, and whoever takes over as QB for the Giants is going to need more than Odell and Hennings to target.

    #3: Buccaneers- CB Zach Garner
    It's moving day for the Buccaneers. They were involved in a much talked about trade, that included Kevin White, Mike Evans, and Alterraun Verner. The Bucs are going to look to replace Verner with this #3 pick, and Garner is the top CB in the draft.

    #4: Lions- LOLB Jeremiah Robinson
    The LOLB position is fairly healthy for the Lions, but that is exactly why Robinson would be drafted and converted to MLB. With the release of Stephen Tulloch, it is a great move for the Lions, who also have 2 more picks in this draft.

    #5: Patriots - DT Malcolm Ivory
    The Patriots owner has been very vocal in his hopes that Ivory falls to pick 5, which in this scenario, looks very great. Ivory can add to the 4-3 defensive line along side Silga.

    #6: Jets - WR LeAndre Harper
    Let's face it, Brandon Marshall isn't getting any younger, and neither is Eric Decker. At 33 and 30, the Jets need a top level, young WR on the field, and the answer to that solution is Harper.

    #7: Eagles - CB Delvin McClain
    The Eagles have 2 solid CBs, but on Nickel and Dime, the way other teams build up, they just won't cut it. McClain is the #2 CB in this draft, a draft with several great CBs. McClain could easily be #1 for the Eagles before the end of the season.

    #8: 49ers - ROLB Gage Taylor
    The 49ers have had an up and down off season the last two seasons, including a 6-10 record in the sim. While they will have a QB battle, Gage Taylor is the way to go. Already faster than the LBers on the roster, Gage can go in at Left or the Right side. With the B Zone Coverage, that puts him in high demand for an organization that once had one of the best linebacking groups in the NFL.

    #9: Browns - LOLB Otha Reed
    One of the weaker positions on the Browns, who are slowly turning the team around after some questionable trades Season 1. Otha Reed comes in with some great looking stats, and will be a huge help for the Browns defense in the first game.

    #10: Browns - WR Rashawn Jeffery
    In true Browns fashion in the 1st round, we see a WR. With the trading of Josh Gordon to aquire more picks, we have to believe the Browns want a fresh start with a fresh player. Drew Bress is going to need targets.

    #11: Steelers - TE Ryan Bars
    The Steelers have a nearly elite offense, but they are missing one piece, Tight End. Ryan Bars may be the best TE in this draft, and will be a steal at #11. With an 87 speed, a stat that shadows the TEs of the Steelers.

    #12: Lions- SS Ibraheim Ayers
    No question the Lions answer another position needed on the defense. B- Hit Power, and 90 Speed, and B- catch, pretty unreal for a safety. A Much needed position, but an amazing player at the position.

    #13: Dolphins - CB Takoby Lee
    The Dolphins CB picture looks kinda bad. Lee, part of the elite CB class, comes in with the 96 speed and B's across the board. Would be a steal at #13, because I can see a draft day trade for him, but if he is still there, the Dolphins have to improve the secondary. The Dolphins traded the house to get here, taking a potential elite CB, may be a good bet.

    #14: Redskins - LE Corvin James

    The Redskins Defensive line has some great pieces, until you look at RE. Corvin James would be a great pick up. He comes in as a LE, but could be moved to RE, and easily start amd plug in the hole in the defensive line.

    #15: Chiefs - QB Bryant Parks
    Much like the Falcons, Alex Smith is going to the football light. with an 84 throw power, and only going to drop lower. The Chiefs are going to need someone to lead the offense that can also get the ball down the field.

    #16: Black Knights - TE Casey Roberts
    The Black Knights were aggressive in attempting to trade Julius Thomas, and were able to trade him to the Cowboys. After making a last chance effort, they were ale to trade to the Giants and move into the 1st round at 16. With the departure of Thomas, They could be looking for a new, young TE that takes up less cap space. With a couple of seasons, I see Roberts on part with Thomas, and the Black Knights are the winners.

    #17: Steelers - CB Tymichael Barker
    In a league that sees a lot of 3-4 WR sets, having 1-2 solid CBs on the roster can't cut it. Steelers have to add to their secondary and pick up Barker, who is part of this strong CB class going into Season 3.

    #18: Seahawks - LT Mario James
    With a brand new owner, the Seahawks will have to rebuild an offensive line thats been destroyed. James may be one of the top Lineman in the draft, but I wouldn't expect to see him stay at LT. It will be great temptation to draft team need vs drafting Owner wants.

    #19: Dolphins - MLB Marcus Travis
    Koa Misi isn't going to be here forever, and he is already showing signs of wear. I see Travis as the highest MLB, and if he makes it here, the Dolphins can be 2-0 for the Draft steals.

    #20: Texans - HB Javarie Sims
    With the retirement of Foster, the Texans could be looking for the long term replacement. Theo Riddick was signed in the offseason, but he is no replacement for Foster. Sims could be the top HB prospect in the draft.

    #21: Ravens - WR Russel Crawford
    With only 3 WRs on the roster, one of them being an aging Pierre Garcon, the Ravens will look to get one of the most agile WR's in the draft to go along with Breshad Perriman. With Flacco's ability to air the ball deep, the Ravens could be dangerous with this duo on the outsides.

    #22: Lions - WR Ronnie Evans
    With the 3rd pick in the 1st round, the Lions have already gone defense for the first two. Like I have said many times, Have to start looking to the future. It's hard to replace a Megatron, but Ronnie Evans can be a solid player that can play the slot, or even #2 until then.

    #23: Cardinals - HB Shamell Murray
    Once a rich man with draft picks, now, has Josh Gordon. Murray is a logical choice here. with 90 speed and A- elusiveness, he should be an instant starter over Bell and Crowell. The Cardinals have been patchwork at Halfback over the years, a solid answer in this draft, could be the missing piece to taking the West.

    #24: Bengals - ROLB DeSean Massey
    Massey is a high prospect on the Right side, but could very easily be moved to the Left side to aid the weak Linebacking group for the Bengals. Massey is one of the top LBer prospects this year, and will be a huge add to the Bengals defense.

    #25: Texans - TE Kyle Vaughan
    The Texans picked up two draft picks after moving back from 9, and could pick up a TE here. Kyle Vaughan comes in with size and speed at 6'6" and 85 speed. With veteran Jermichael Finley on the roster, Vaughan could be a great addition to the Texans.

    #26: Bills - RT John Little
    Jeremy Parnell was brought in for short term work on the o-line. John Little is a 1st round prospect. With B+ Impact block and B Run Block, Tavon Austin is going to need all the blocking help he can get.

    #27: Panthers - LT Deontae Dukes
    With Nate Chandler not having the greatest of pass blocking attributes, LT would be a huge help. With the defenses in the NFC South, the Panthers need as much help protecting Cam as they can get. Dukes is 1 of the 3 LTs that can go at any moment.

    #28: Broncos - LT Brendan Roberts
    3 of 3 of the top LTs that can go any time. the Broncos may not hesitate at all here, to pick up Roberts and move him over to Center ASAP. Roberts will be a great plug in player that should greatly help the Broncos' o-line, giving Broussard plenty of time.

    #29: Ravens - LE Patrick Gutierrez
    Justin Tuck isn't getting any younger, and with a 2nd pick in the 1st round and not a ton of holes, the Ravens should go with Gutierrez. With 3 of the 5 d-lineman over 30, the Ravens have to consider looking to the future.

    #30: Rams - CB Dalvin Perkins
    With the Rams attempting to move EJ Gaines, much like the Browns, the Rams seem to be trying to move the established player that was around before the file started, and pick up a player they can mold on their own. With one of the top secondaries in the league Season 1, The Rams CBs accounted for 12 Interceptions, 9 by Cox and Jenkins.

    #31: Titans - MLB CJ Rodgers
    It's real hard to find needs on this playoff contending team. Woodyard getting up in age, and Zach Brown moving over to the ROLB position. Not only is MLB a position that needs depth, but it's also a position that has CJ Rodgers left on the board can can be a great pick up for the Titans to build for the future.

    #32: Vikings - HB Cedric Sharp
    After winning the Super Bowl, and trading away AP, the Vikings may look for the next AP, and he may come from this very draft. Sharp is a big guy, but, has an impressive juke, trucking stat, and 87 Strength. Sharp may not be the fastest, but from the scouting, A rocket may be nice, but a mack truck can bulldoze a team straight to another Super Bowl.
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  2. RaiderRed90

    RaiderRed90 Rage Fiend

    Aug 5, 2014
    keep up the good work ryan!
  3. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
    good content, but you got the Black Knights pick 100% wrong :)
  4. SwagKingCole23

    SwagKingCole23 Walk On

    Dec 6, 2012
    I like your thinking but it's best available pick for me haha
  5. RFF

    RFF Walk On

    Aug 13, 2014
    This was uncannily accurate. The trade up to Chiefs' 1st round was 11th hour so not reflected here, but at 20 & 25 you said I'd take HB/TE... I went HB at 15 and took the TE you listed at 20 haha. Well done.
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  6. Wyrmreaver

    Wyrmreaver Ready for Madden 15 on Xbox One, lets get it on!

    Oct 31, 2011
    Predicted LB Gage Taylor to the niners at 8..... He went CB but still got Gage Taylor in the second lol
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  7. akutozo

    akutozo Baby, I'm a Brown.

    Apr 17, 2015
    Is it sad that I am already hyped about the next draft?
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  8. Automatik

    Automatik Walk On

    Jun 4, 2012
    Way to nail my pick man

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