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Montana Blue Hawk

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by Jobe111, Jul 26, 2009.

  1. Jobe111

    Jobe111 Guest

    Montana Blue Hawk

    You can find all you need to know about the Blue Hawks at www.montanabluehawks.webs.com
  2. Jobe111

    Jobe111 Guest

    Chris Hill promised this would be a different Blue Hawks team.

    He wasn't lying.

    In a crazy game that will be remember forever as Chris Hill's coaching career debue, the Montana Blue Hawks beat the Lamar Cardinals 45-41 in stylish fashion.

    Chris Hill and offensive coordinator Zach Anderson can be qouted as saying that they would switching to a more run based offense. That wasn't apparent today.

    Lamar University devoted there defense to stopping the running duo of Kevin Flynn and Chazz Faulk. Unfortunately there pass defense forgot to show up. Chazz Faulk had a historic day passing as he put up impressive numbers, throwing for 485 yards, 6 touchdowns, no interceptions, and put up an 87% completion percentage. There were times where it looked like no matter what defense Lamar threw at Faulk, he was going to complete the ball no matter what. In traditional fashion, he took almost no credit. "Look at my recievers stats. Thats why I did so good."

    In fact you could look at his recievers numbers as a marker for how well this offense performed. The top three recievers on the roster finished with no less than 118 yards and two touchdowns each. In fact, Bill "Bootstrap" Turner had a ridiculous day, with 5 catches for 137 yards and two touchdowns. It seemed every play he was burning past the corners for big plays.

    Perhaps the most impressive thing about the Blue Hawks was how they performed in the 4th quater. Down 24-27 they managed to rally around a near perfect Faulk to seal the game, with a 14 yard touchdown pass to Kevin Frederick with only 0:18 seconds left.

    However with all the great things the Blue Hawks did, there were also there fair share of negetives. The defense at times didn't seem to exist. Especially when it gave up a 73 yard touchdown pass with 1:50 left in the fourth quater. It also allowed Hills to run for 100 yards and 2 touchdowns on only 15 carries and allowed Louis to throw for 350 yards and 2 touchdowns. Chris Hill, postgame, had the following to say, "It was a great win, don't get me wrong, but on Monday we're going to have a ton to work on. Our defense in particular was spotty the entire game. We also never managed to get our run game into full effect. Flynn did manage to keep the defense honest but our run game was far from perfect. However Chazz was increadible. He far exceeded our expectations. He definately earned his game ball."

    There was one stud on the defense. Darrell Willis managed to single handidly apply pressure to the opposing quaterback all game long. He ultimately finished the game with 5 tackles, 4 of which were for losses, and 2 sacks.

    Later on we'll get coverage of the full post game interview with Head Coach Chris Hill.
  3. Basis4aDay56

    Basis4aDay56 Walk On

    Feb 22, 2009
    Good read and nice site jobe! Big win against a tough opponent in cnic, too.
  4. Razcalking1978

    Razcalking1978 OFFL TeamBuilder Commish

    Feb 11, 2009
    Nice stuff Jobe. Glad your first user game in the league was a memorable one.
  5. Jobe111

    Jobe111 Guest

    Thanks guys lol
  6. Jobe111

    Jobe111 Guest


    It is a great day to be a Blue Hawk fan, wherever you may be!

    In another nail bitter, the Montana Blue Hawks managed to pull of a last minute win, thanks to Todd Fernandez's 38 yard field goal as time expired. The final score was 44-41 over Oregon State.

    And once again you can point to the passing offense as the main contributor to this win.

    Chazz Faulk continues to light up opponents as he threw for 235 yards and 4 touchdowns and no picks. Once again he found Bill "Bootstrap" Turner twice in the endzone. However how effective the pass offense was, the run offense also found its stride thanks to huge performances by Dan Goodman and Tyson Dodd. Goodman rushed for 128 yards and a touchdown on only 19 carries, while Dodds ran for 33 yards on only 5 carries, but also hauled in 78 recieving yards.

    Following the game, we managed to get a question in with Chazz. We asked him, "What has contributed to your excellent play the last two games?" And if you payed any attention to his humility last week, he was just as humble this week.

    "Well it started with Coach Anderson's schemes. I only threw the ball like 17 times or something. And you have to credit Turner and Dan. They both stood out today. All together it just seems like our offense is in sync."

    While Chazz found a lot of positive in this game, Head Coach Chris Hill had a different approach.

    "Well after last weeks game we came back and hit the practice field hard. We implemented a lot more X and O's in our running game and we finally got it on track. However our defense is still performing horribly on the field. We can't stop a pass or run play for the life of us. There quaterback threw 4 touchdowns and there running back put up 180 yards on us. This is the second straight week we gave up over 40 points. I don't know what we need to do but trust me, we'll figure something out."

    And once again if there was a stud on the defensive side of the ball, it was Darrell Willis. He had another big game pulling down 3 tackles, one for loss, and a sack.

    This was a huge win for the Blue Hawks. This is there first win against a BCS opponent and not only did they beat a Pac-10 school, Oregon State was supposed to be one of the surprise teams this year.

    Look forward to later this week, as we'll be doing a centerpiece on the relationship between Chazz Faulk and Bill Turner.

    Tyler Osbourne - Senior Sports Writer The Helena Tribune (July 30th)
  7. Razcalking1978

    Razcalking1978 OFFL TeamBuilder Commish

    Feb 11, 2009
  8. Jobe111

    Jobe111 Guest

    Chris Hill has been upset by the way his rushing attack and his defense performed for the last two weeks.

    I think this week he finally won't have anything to complain about.

    Led by Khalif Flynn's monstrous running day (38 carries for 299 yards and 3 touchdowns) and huge performances from defensive surprises like Josh Cobbs (3 tackles one for loss and 3 sacks) the Blue Hawks blew out the Hawaii Warriors 44-14.

    Chazz Faulk, who's been the hero for the last two weeks, couldn't get in stride as he put up sub par numbers. Going only 9-22 with 1 touchdown and his first interception of the season. He did however manage to put up 55 yards rushing on only 5 attempts, including a 6 yard touchdown run where he broke away from two seperate defenders. However the rest of his backfield fielded much better numbers.

    From the kickoff, Khalif Flynn couldn't be stopped. It started in the opening quater where he broke open an amazing 54 yard TD run, where he displayed a monstrous combination of speed and power. And the game ended with the last touchdown being ran in by Flynn on a 24 yard rush where he wasn't touched from the handoff.

    Chris Hill on his star running backs performance.

    "Well, we knew since spring practice that Flynn would be one of the best backs on the field regardless of who we were playing. We also knew that he was one of the best players at handling adversity. He just had a little trouble getting going in week one. Then last week, when Goodman put up 120 some yards, some people on the web began calling for Goodman to be the starter. I think Flynn just wanted to silence the critics. Me and the rest of the coaching staff believe Flynn can have games like this every single week, and we'll continue to get him the necessary carries as long as he delivers like he has."

    However stellar the rushing attacks performance was, the defense had an equally effective day. Chris Hill told us last week he'd be implementing a lot more X's and O's on the defensive side of the ball and it apparently worked. In a game where Coach Jaggie constantly blitzed the Warriors quaterback, his team came away with 6 sacks. 3 of which were made by Junior DT Josh Cobbs. But other players, such as Hester and Willis, managed to keep a steady amount of pressure throughout the whole game. And thanks to that pressure both McGuire and Bowman pulled off huge interceptions.

    Chris Hill on his defenses performance.

    "So was I right last week? (Laughter) This was by far the best our defense has performed. We kept there starting quaterback to 20-46 passing and picked him off twice. And there leading rusher only had 9 yards. We just dominated them on the defensive line. Me and Coach Jaggie had a talk last week about the things we wanted to impliment into the defense and one of them was a more effective blitzing scheme. We put the basic scheme into place this week but look forward to the next couple of weeks while we continue to install a lot more packages.

    By far the leader of our defense is Darrell (Willis). He had been trying to motivate this team all season and I think our defense is finally starting to rally around him. He was constantly breaking through the line making plays the othe teams backfield. He managed to pull in a sack for the third consecutive game and he forced the other team to consistantly double team him, allowing Cobbs to get to the quaterback 3 times. I think we'll try to get both of them on the field more in the next upcoming weeks."

    Overall Montana dominated the game. Montana put up 500 yards of offense. The Warriors managed 161. Montana but up 347 rushing yards, while the Warriors lost 19. The Warriors went 2-13 on Third downs, while the Blue Hawks went 7-14. The Blue Hawks had an insane 24:38 T.O.P. while the Warriors had 8:34. All in all, the Blue Hawks dominated the Warriors and defended there home turf.

    Tyler Osbourne - Senior Sports Writer The Helena Tribune (August 1st)
  9. Jobe111

    Jobe111 Guest

    For the majority of this season you could've looked at Chazz Faulk as the key contributor to this teams hot 3-0 start.

    After last week, you can also look at him as the reason the Blue Hawks are now 3-1.

    A score of 35-14 doesn't seem like it was a very close game but this one was a lot closer than the final score indicates. At halftime it was a 7-14 game and Montana even tied it up at 14-14 early in the third. However costly turnovers by the 'Hawks would let this game get out of hand.

    Chazz Faulk had been praised by Mountain West Conference coaches for his ball security. Coming into this game he only had thrown one pick. However it was evident that this would be a pick-fest as the first pass by the Faulk would be picked off. And immediately following that, Massey would pick off the Metro State pass.

    Overall this could be considered Chazz Faulks worst career game. He went 9-19 for 282 yards, 1 touchdown and 5 interceptions. However if there was a star on the offense, it would have to be Bill "Bootstrap" Turner.

    The wide reciever is recieving praise nation wide for his big time performances. He has yet to go a game without pulling in a touchdown pass and this game was no different. He was all over the field constantly blowing past the defense and making big plays. By the end of the day he would set a record for the most recieving yards by a Blue Hawk wide reciever, as he pulled in 237 recieving yards on only 7 catches including a 63 yard bomb to put the 'Hawks on the board.

    Also the defense, for the second consecutive week, played very well for the most part. They did allow Roland to rush for 166 yards and two touchdowns but the Metro State coach was determined to pound the ball as they gave it to him 33 times. The defensive line also applied steady pressure and was helped by a consistant blitz called by Coach Jaggie. It did result in 3 sacks for the defense which was tied prior to the game for the most in the MWC.

    Coach Hill on his teams performace,

    "I knew coming into the game that the Metro State coach would have a solid gameplan in place. He's one of the best coaches in the league. He did an excellent job of mixing up there pass rush which lead to a lot of our teams turnovers. I think we became sort of stagnant the last couple weeks. We let the success get to our heads. We'll be hitting the practice field hard this week and you can quote me on this; We will bring our best game to Nevada next week."

    We also managed to get both Chazz Faulk and Bill Turner for quick interviews.

    Chazz Faulk:

    "I just got carried away. The first couple games I think got me feeling like I can throw any pass and get away with it. Now I know I can't. I was the reason we lost this game and trust me I'll get back into form next week against Nevada."

    Bill Turner:

    "They played a lot of press coverage on me and I noticed they blitzed alot. Coach Anderson made some good adjustments by recognizing this and having me go deep one on one against the corner. All I did was catch the ball. Coach Anderson and Chazz deserve all the credit. I couldn't of done it without them."

    Next week the Blue Hawks will have an intense rivalry game against the Nevada Wolfpack. Look later this week for a write up on the history of this rivalry.

    Tyler Osbourne - Senior Sports Writer The Helena Tribune (August 5th)
  10. Basis4aDay56

    Basis4aDay56 Walk On

    Feb 22, 2009
    Tough one jobe. Good to see this game from both sides with two different writeups though. Bounce back hard, man!

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