More Leadership: AFC/NFC Co-Commissioners

Discussion in 'Hard At Work' started by Keller, Sep 12, 2014.

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    Apr 14, 2010

    As you know, when I set out to create this league I called it a league for busy gamers. Well, I am a busy gamer too. I'm not around all the time to resolve things. That is why I'm extending admin powers over the league file to two other members, ZCar352 & RFF

    Right now, this doesn't mean a whole lot. Long term, their roles may expand as needed and they may participate in particularly hot or polarizing issues in the league. I value their input and I trust that they will help me with managing the league.

    In the short term though, this does mean they can help you guys with a few simple things, as well as myself of course.
    1. Have someone not show up for a game at their scheduled time? Need an invite to the league file? Worried you won't get your game in this week? Your game doesn't have to be "simmed." If you contact the Commissioner team one of us may, given the right circumstances, be able to set your opponent to autopilot so that you may play the CPU. It obviously won't be all the time or even necessarily without the players consent but sometimes people are away from their xboxes and they forget to set autopilot. All 3 of us can do that.
    2. Advance the league of course. If I'm gone or miss a deadline or something, these guys can step in and keep us moving.
    3. Das boot. All 3 of us can kick an owner causing issues obviously and make any other league settings changes like sliders etc.
    Anyway, listen to these guys when they talk to you. That is all. (y)
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