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'Mounting' A Comeback

Discussion in 'Thread Archive' started by SpartyUp, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. SpartyUp

    SpartyUp Walk On

    Jul 7, 2011
    There were three completely different phases in week one’s non-conference game between West Virginia and Arizona. The first quarter and a half West Virginia showed that it could have a very solid defense this season. The Mountaineers completely shut down the Wildcat spread attack, jumping out to a 6-0 lead with two field goals. The Mountaineers finally conceded the first Arizona points late in the first half by giving up a field goal, but West Virginia still looked like they were in control. However, on West Virginia’s third possession of the game the make-up of this matchup completely changed. Geno Smith threw an ugly pass right to a Wildcat defender and the Mountaineers turned it over for the first time in the game. Arizona suddenly came to life and scored on a 46 yard touchdown pass on the very next play.

    The start of the second half brought those watching a show… The Keola Antolin show. Antolin kicked off his silly performance with an eight yard score early in the third quarter to give Zona a 17-6 lead. The Wildcat running back made West Virginia’s defense look terrible in the second half, gaining about 90% of his 239 yards during the 3rd and 4th quarters. The Wildcats completely controlled the 3rd quarter, but the Mountaineers awoke when the 4th quarter came around. The Arizona lead shrunk early in the fourth when Geno Smith completed a 14 yard touchdown pass to Steadman Bailey and it was 17-14 after a two-point conversion.

    The Mountaineer defense finally stepped up and forced a punt, and took the lead back on their next drive as Geno Smith hit Stedman Bailey for their second TD connection of the game. West Virginia thought they might have the Wildcats on the ropes, but on Arizona’s next play from scrimmage Keola Antolin took it to the crib from 75 yards out.

    With about two minutes left the Mountaineers got the ball back for what was likely to be their last possession of the game. West Virginia made its way right down the field on the arm and legs of quarterback Geno Smith. Smith was having a poor day throwing the ball but he stepped up at the right time converting many key third downs to get the Mountaineers into field goal range.

    With the clock ticking under ten seconds and one timeout left West Virginia went for it all and called up a quick pass play. The gutsy playcalling paid off as Geno Smith eluded the pass rush and got a pass off to his check-down receiver right before getting nailed. The wide-open Fullback Matt Lindamood turned around just in time to catch the pass after it bounced off of his shoulder pads and stumbled into the end zone for the go ahead score. West Virginia took a 28-24 lead with one second left and the Mountaineers took the victory.

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