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Music City - Tennessee Titans Blog

Discussion in 'Team Management' started by thebouncer24, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. thebouncer24

    thebouncer24 Cheese Like MG

    Jul 1, 2011
    All things Tennessee!
  2. thebouncer24

    thebouncer24 Cheese Like MG

    Jul 1, 2011
    Week 1 at Patriots W 34-0

    Chris Johnson would start season off strong with 144 yards and td
    Jake Locker would be alright with 158 2 td 1 int
    Wimbley 2 sacks

    Week 2 vs Chargers W 17-15

    CJ would not play well at all, Jake Locker turns in good performance
    D plays well but no sacks and 1 int from Zac Diles

    Week 3 at Lions L 31-27

    CJ reaches 100
    Worst start for Jake Locker
    couldn't contain Jahvid or Calvin Johnson

    Week 4 vs Texans L 22-13

    Best D Titans have faced
    Foster gets close to 100 and Schaub over 200

    Week 5 vs Vikings L 28-20

    Peterson 'all day' would run all day
    no running for Ten
    Locker throws for over 300

    Week 6 at Steelers L 24-17

    very even game according to stats
    Titans coach felt like Steelers had it the whole game though

    Week 7 vs Bills L 16-10

    Nothing goes right for Titans
    Rise of Jamie Harper?

    Week 8 at Colts W 31-17

    Gets out of 5 game losing streak
    Locker throws decent game but some TO's
    below Par for CJ
    Jamie Harper gets more notice 9 carries 42 yards
    Britt brings in good game

    Week 9 at Bears W 34-17

    Kamerion Wimbley gets 6 sacks
    team gets 10 sacks
    Fall of Jamie Harper due to injury
    Rise of Javon Ringer as he goes over 100 with 3 tds
    CJ gets 88 1 td

    Week 10 vs Dolphins W 24-14

    Jake Locker and Chris Johnson throw in good games
    Wimbley gets 2 sacks
  3. thebouncer24

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    Jul 1, 2011
    Jamie Harper had a rise and fall

    Javon Ringer had a huge game for Tennessee vs Bears and his appearance sparked Chris Johnson as he has ran with a different attitude lately.

    Kamerion Wimbley has turned into a great DE and should be at the top of sacks for the NFL
  4. thebouncer24

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    Jul 1, 2011
    Week 11 bye week

    Nothing new was accomplished no new deals and no scouting
    Practice was average nothing special

    Week 12 Titans would face Jags

    A game that Titans dominated until a d/c with 3 mins left
    Hal would play cpu and take the loss due to the game before

    Week 13 Titans Host Texans

    Best Defense Titans have had all year
    Held Texans to 149 total yards
    5 int's for Ryan Mallet
    CJ 92 yards
    Javon Ringer 62 yards
    Kenny Britt 2 TD's
  5. thebouncer24

    thebouncer24 Cheese Like MG

    Jul 1, 2011
    2013 Rookies
    Round 1: C Adam Riley​
    Adam was projected to get picked in the top 10 and when I would have never thought of him to fall down to pick number 29, all things such he did fall and Titans have already named him starter. He will be a huge asset to the team and should impact right away​
    Adam Riley Attributes: 80 run block, 86 pass block, 87 impact block​
    Round 2: LG Jerome Stackhouse​
    6'1 315 LG that was projected to go in the 3rd but Titans took a slight leap on him due to having a bunch of players on board gone. This pick is going to be more for a building guy as he is behind the great Steve Hutchinson. He will get the immediate backup and will take the spot eventually. He is a good pick and with some development he should be great​
    Jerome Stackhouse Attributes: 85 run block, 73 pass block, 87 impact block​
    Round 3: CB Harris Madru​
    Madru was a guy that was barely scouted from the Titans. Titans took a second look at him on the draft board and knew they needed to take a chance on him to fill a spot on the roster. This guy is great in man to man and should be good with some development. As of now he is 5th on the depth chart meaning he will not get any PT unless we use the quarter package.​
    Madru's Attributes: 86 man 68 zone 94 jump 93 speed​
    Round 4: WR Nolen Evans​
    Nolen was a stretch of a pick as they had recruited 2 or 3 things on him. We took a chance because we thought it was too early for another pick that we got in round 5. Nolen has impressed a lot in the first practice as he caught a TD. This guy is going to get PT and should end up being a big contribution to the team.​
    Evans Attributes: 86 CIT 84 spec catch 81 route 85 jump 86 speed​
    Round 5: WR Dominique Jackson​
    Jackson was someone the Titans spotted during scouting and felt like they found someone decent. He was projected round 7 but Titans didn't want to chance it. They grabbed him and he hopes to get developed and turn into someone great for the Titans.​
    Jackson's Attributes: 83 spec 82 CIT 88 jump 90 speed​
    Round 7: RB Travis Davis​
    This guy was suppose to go undrafted but Titans took a chance and feel like they have a gem after practice 1. He is a big bruising back who has great balance. He will find some PT and will get a good amount of carries.​
    Davis' Attributes: 94 agility 87 truck 86 speed 87 strength​
  6. thebouncer24

    thebouncer24 Cheese Like MG

    Jul 1, 2011
    Preseason Wrap-up
    Injury Update
    CB Tommie Campbell out 2 more weeks with a partially torn MCL. He was injured in preseason week 2 and we look to have him back by week 2 or 3 of the regular season.
    Rookie Performance's
    C Adam Riley finished preseason with 1 pancake and allowed 0 sacks. He also opened up huge holes for running backs to glide through.
    LG Jerome Stackhouse finished preseason with 2 pancakes and 0 sacks. These stats are more impressive due to him having more time to play. Not allowing a sack all preseason is huge.
    CB Harris Madru finished preseason with 3 deflections and 2 tackles. He has a lot of improving to do. We took a shot on him in the 3rd and so far it hasn't paid out but hopefully he will improve.
    WR Nolen Evans finished preseason with 10 receptions for 191 yards and 3 TDs and only 1 drop. The drop was a dropped TD in the final game of the preseason but he did more than enough to make the coaches overlook the drop. He had an amazing diving catch that even the opposing team acknowledged. He also has showed great sideline awareness and has displayed some great leaping abilities. Titans have found a future star.
    WR Dominique Jackson finished preseason with 7 receptions 74 yards and 0 TDs with 2 drops. Jackson started preseason week 1 with a bang getting 4 receptions for 55 yards. We just never saw him after week 1. Jackson, with some help, could produce into a good WR in the league but he will need some time to develop.
    RB Travis Davis finished preseason with 36 carries 241 yards (6.69 ypc) 2 TDs and 6 broken tackles with 3 runs of 20+. Titans like what this guy brings to the table. He is a strong runner who has huge explosiveness and could develop into a good running back for the future.
    2013 Starters
    Offense - Balanced
    QB: Jake Locker
    RB: Chris Johnson
    FB: Quinn Johnson
    WR: Kenny Britt
    WR: Nate Washington
    WR: Kendall Wright
    TE: Jared Cook Jr.
    LT: Michael Roos
    LG: Steve Hutchinson
    C: Adam Riley (R)
    RG: Geoff Schwartz
    RT: David Stewart
    Defense - Base 4-3
    RE: Derrick Morgan
    DT: Jurrell Casey
    DT: Mike Morgan
    LE: Kamerion Wimbley
    ROLB: Will Witherspoon
    MLB: Colin McCarthy
    LOLB: Akeem Ayers
    CB: Kelvin Hayden
    CB: Alterauun Verner
    FS: Michael Griffin
    SS: Jordan Babineaux
    K: Rob Bironas
    P: Brett Kern
  7. thebouncer24

    thebouncer24 Cheese Like MG

    Jul 1, 2011
    Season 6​
    Bringing things back to the blog. Week 1 is currently under way and Titans have wrapped up week 1 duties with a solid win over Houston in Houston. It was a hard fought game and it appears Texans are going a new way with some of the play calls and personnel they were playing with. The Louis Glover to Salem Woods will be a threat this year. Titans LB'ers were having a real struggle maintaining this monster of a TE. Glover didn't put up big numbers but the number he did put up were to Woods. Titans Defense has 1 rookie LB'er in the 2nd round pick Andrew Mack who came out strong in his first game recording 6 tackles and showed some awareness as he was batting balls down too. He did allow Woods to get a TD on him but so did Colin McCarthy. Titans first pick Ross Lark didn't see the field in the game but does well in practice. Coach says 'he will find time, he is a great player and a good athlete. He just happens to be behind some talented D Tackles.' When asked Lark about this he says he trusts the Titans. Lark had hopes of being the number 1 overall pick in the draft. Many analyst had him being number 1. He fell all the way to 27th in the draft to the Titans, he doesn't know what went wrong but is using it as a fire to get him going. Jarvis Morgan had 2 deflections and didn't let anyone catch a ball on him. He got burnt early in the game just lucky he had Michael Griffin over the top to cause an incomplete pass. Coach doesn't understand how he gets burnt but he does.​
    Offensively Titans have a ton of weapons and in the first game they used ALL of the threats. First off the QB James Carroll continues his great first season by following it up with 14/19 231 yards and 4 TD's. Three of those td's to Kenny Britt in the redzone. Britt can get off the blocks better than any receiver in the NFL and he wasn't having a problem getting separation on Houston's CB's. The highly recruited WR that Titans got in this year's draft stands at 6'5 230+ and can jump through the roof. A couple plays were ran for him in the endzone but the throws weren't quite there. Some more work needs to be done for the QB. The running back situation is the most interesting in Tennessee. It's always been Chris Johnson with Ringer coming in to relieve. Well now you got Jamie Harper saying he wants more time and him being a big back he is being used more and more. Then the emergence of Nate Favors, the 7th round pick for Titans, has made this a 4 back system. Coach is still not sure how this will work. We will feed whoever is having the better game. Chris Johnson and Ringer will probably get the load of the carries which was the case in the first game as they got 9,6 carries respectfully. Favors got 4 touches and Harper 3. Favors took off for 2 big runs of 35+. He is a big threat, he may only see the field a handful of times as we need to feed Chris Johnson, but Favors could be a soon favorite for the Titans. He runs with balance like Ringer and speed like Chris Johnson, he is the ultimate back. Get him some more carries and get him a little better and he will be the future.​
    That's it for week 1. Titans coverage will continue week to week. Videos will be up throughout the season. Instead of a week by week video it will be every 4-6 weeks. Still be a relatively small video just showing big plays. ​
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