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Discussion in '12th Man Football' started by klaximilian, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. klaximilian

    klaximilian Walk On

    Apr 14, 2010
    12th Man,

    Madden has gone out of it's way to appease the online franchise sim community this year. With that said, I think many of you are underestimating just how in-depth they have gone. To put it simply: I've gone through 3 test seasons, and I still am missing valuable pieces of information on how much CCM has to offer. It's incredible how much they have done.

    Quite honestly, there will be some of you that get left in the dust this year because you did not test the league out. "DO NOT BE THAT GUY."

    For starters, when you start out and choose between a motivator, strategies, or team builder...you already decide what emphasis you will have on running your franchise. Each coach earns XP through goals and success. You can use your XP to buy packages that boost the XP accumulation of players (by position), swaying players to come back and not retire, swaying FA's to sign with your team, etc...and each type of coach receives a bonus % off a particular package depending on what kind of coach they are. A team builder earns a 25% scouting package, where a strategist earns a 25% player boost (by position) package, and can earn a 25% off package for convincing a player to sign with your team. Again, all this is paid for by the COACH XP earned...

    Next, there is Scouting XP. You earn (I think) 1000 XP per week to scout players. You can unlock a grade of each prospects attributes, ranging from 25 to 100 points. After that, you can unlock their actual rating per attribute if you want for an additional 500 points. You can pick and choose what attributes mean most to you, and choose how deep you want to scout them. You can also dig into other traits like "Clutch, Consistency, Intangible, etc." which will cost a little more. Or if you want to blow your wad on all of one player, you can spend 10000XP scouting points on the entire overalls of one prospect. To put it mildly, "YOU WILL NOT HAVE A GOOD DRAFT IF YOU DONT SCOUT IN-SEASON." You get absolutely NO attributes for the draft prospects, it's up to you to scout and unlock what you are interested in.

    Lastly for XP, there is progression. Each player will earn XP based on their production. If they play well, they will earn more XP. Again, there are packages that help a player accumulate XP faster, which is through the coach XP packages (i.e. - CB -XP Progression Boost....or something like that) and that will help move along your CB faster so you can progress them more. You can do this based on what position or players you feel are more valuable to your team and need to progress more. But back to the Players XP earned...

    Each player can be progressed in any department, yes...even speed. Speed is a costly attribute to boost, and will likely take a lot of production to do so. If you feel your DE needs better block shedding ability, you can handle that. Zone coverage? Sure....How about clutch? Yes, they have a progression package for that. Everything costs something different, but it's up to you to decide how you want to mold you players, your team, your franchise. Even more, you can choose how fast your players will accumulate XP through 3 phases. Each rookie will start at a "Normal" accumulation rate. You can purchase a "quick" XP acculation package at the bottom of the progression list. This obviously will accelerate how much XP is earned. It is pricey though at 50,000....but for a young player it could be worth it. (that's up to you to decide, so I advise you test it out). After the "quick" progression rate, there is Superstar, which will accumulate XP at a maximum rate. I've seen players like MJD, who I can only assume is a superstar, earn up to 75K in XP.

    Hopefully everyone is wise enough to take a deeper look in CCM by testing it out themselves. If not, I guarantee you will be left behind and kicking yourself once the CCM goes live. There is much to know, and much to test before going live so you can mold and progress your team to the best of your abilities. This league will take more work than previous years, let that be known. If you do the bare minimum and expect your team to take care of itself like in previous years, well.....best of luck to you. I tried to warn you.

    Any other findings that you may have, or things worth mentioning to hopefully lessen the # of owners who will underestimate how in-depth they have created the CCM for us sim users, please feel free to add, discuss, or elaborate on anything I have discussed.
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  2. klaximilian

    klaximilian Walk On

    Apr 14, 2010

    CHUNKNESS Commissioner Quality Simulation Football

    Jun 13, 2010
    Thanks, TJ! Guys, to add to this, if you want to change your coach/style/scheme or if you made an error in creating your coach, YOU retire yourself and then just re-create yourself once more as a coach. Use the CCM menu... MORE... / My Career / Retire.
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  4. LtJustice

    LtJustice QSF Commissioner

    Jul 22, 2010
    Great write up TJ!

    Guys I just wanted to reiterate how overalls can fluctuate based on schemes (and the new ratings) and this seemed like a good spot to do it. This is important not only because it determines how you see players (on your team and others) as well as will be necessary to understand when making trades in the 12th Man.

    As I am sure we all now know, there are 5 new ratings in Madden this year (Descriptions from the Madden CCM Manual):
    • Physical Grade (PHY) - Calculated from a player’s physical ratings, player type and position. For example, a WR’s physical rating would weigh heavier on speed, agility, jumping and catching where as an offensive lineman is weighed on run, pass, and impact blocking.
    • Intangible Grade (INT) - Calculated off of a player’s intangible ratings. Player type and position are also taken into consideration. For example, a QB’s intangible rating would be weighed heavier on short, medium, and deep accuracy while a defensive end is weighed on block shedding, power, and finesse moves.
    • Durability Grade (DUR) - Calculated from a player’s durability rating. Injury, stamina, and toughness are all factored in when determining the durability rating. The age and position of a player are taken into consideration as well.
    • Size Grade (SIZ) - Calculated from the height and weight of a player while also factoring in the position and player type of that individual. For example, a Power RB who is 6’0”, 247lbs, would have a 99 size rating. But if he were a Speed HB, his size grade would be considerably lower.
    • Production Grade (PRD) - Calculated from the player’s season and career stats, position and age. It is important to understand that a rookie will enter with a production rating of 0. That will increase as he begins to produce on the field.
    These ratings only show up in CCM mode (but not in game or practice mode depth charts) and they each affect the OVR ratings your team assigns to players. That is why you may see different OVR ratings from the main menu or in game/practice depth charts.

    It does not appear that the Team/Coach Scheme (ex. West Coast, Power Run, Attacking 3-4, Base 4-3, etc.) has any effect on player ratings. Considering there doesn't appear to be a reliable way to change our schemes, this is a good thing.

    Instead, these new ratings are influenced by the schemes your team has set for individual positions. You can find these in the CCM by going to "MORE... / Strategy / Schemes". Here you will see all of the positions listed and the types of players your team desires at those positions.
    Some positions have multiple slots (depending on your Offensive/Defensive scheme), but I have found that only slot 1 at any given position (ex. WR1, CB1, MLB1, etc.) will actually affect the player ratings at that position. This is a good thing, in case the default scheme on your team doesn't fit your playing style, you can adjust the player types (schemes) and only need to worry about the 1st slots at each position.

    So for example; if you change your HB1 from a Power Back to a Speed Back, when you look at your roster you may see different ratings for the new ratings (PHY, INT, DUR, SIZ, PRD) and thus a different OVR rating.

    One thing I have found is that if the changes don't take effect immediately, you may need to advance a week (or actually begin your CCM). I have encountered this when I had just joined my team or made a coaching change in that week I was in.


    We will all have to be very familiar with this process as it will be required when submitting trades for approval. Each owner involved in a trade will be required to list the OVR rating for the player(s) they are trading at EVERY scheme available for that position, and the highest possible OVR will be used in determining the players value in the trade. (ex. FB John Smith is a 83 Blocking Type, 93 Runner-Receiver Type, 90 Balanced Type; so he would be considered a 93ovr for the purposes of a trade.)

    Player Schemes (Also From CCM Manual):

    Strong Arm QB: Elite Arm Strength
    West Coast QB: Short Accuracy and Mobility
    Field General QB: High Awareness, Throw on the Run, Play Action
    Balanced QB: Decent Arm Strength, Speed and Acceleration
    Pocket Passer QB: High Accuracy and Arm Strength

    Balanced HB: Decent Speed and Acceleration
    Power Back HB: Strength and Trucking
    Speed Back HB: Speed and Acceleration
    Receiving Back HB: Elusiveness and Catching
    One Cut HB: Acceleration and Ball Carrier Vision

    Runner Receiver FB: Catching, Speed, and Ball Carrier Vision
    Blocking FB: Strength, Run and Impact Blocking
    Balanced FB: Decent Speed, Agility, and Run Blocking

    Wide Receivers
    Possession WR: Catch in Traffic
    Red Zone Threat: Spectacular Catch and Catch in Traffic
    Route Runner: Agility and Route Running
    Balanced WR: Decent Speed Acceleration and Agility
    Speed WR: Speed and Acceleration

    Tight Ends
    Balanced TE: Decent Speed Acceleration and Agility
    Blocking TE: Impact, Run and Pass Blocking
    Vertical Threat: Speed, Agility, and Route Running
    Receiver TE: Catching and Route Running

    Offensive Linemen
    Run Blocker OL: Run Blocking, Strength, and Acceleration
    Big Mauler OL: Run Blocking, Strength, and Impact Blocking
    Zone Blocking OL: Run Blocking, Agility, and Acceleration
    Balanced: Decent Strength, Awareness, Pass and Run Blocking
    Pass Blocker: Pass Blocking, Strength, and Awareness

    Defensive Ends
    Balanced 4-3 DE: Decent Speed, Power and Finesse Moves
    4-3 Run Stopper: Strength, Block Shedding and Tackling
    3-4 Run Stopper: Strength, Pursuit and Tackling
    3-4 Versatile: Decent Physical and Intangible Ratings
    Speed Rusher: Speed Acceleration and Pass Rushing

    Defensive Tackles
    Pass Rusher DT: Acceleration and Pass Rushing
    Prototype DT: Agility, Strength, and Acceleration
    Nose Tackle DT: Strength and Tackling
    Run Stopper: Strength, Block Shedding, and Tackling
    Balanced DT: Decent Physical and Intangible Ratings

    Line Backers
    Cover 2 LB: Zone Coverage Decent Speed and Agility
    Run Stopper LB: Block Shedding Pursuit and Tackling
    3-4 Pass Rusher LB: Acceleration and Pass Rushing
    Prototype LB: Speed Agility, and Acceleration
    Balanced LB: Decent Speed, Acceleration, and Agility

    Corner Backs
    Man to Man CB: Man Coverage, Speed, Acceleration, and Agility
    Run Support: Press Coverage, Tackling, Decent Speed and Agility
    Balanced CB: Decent Speed, Agility, Man and Zone Coverage
    Prototype CB: Speed, Strength, and Acceleration
    Zone CB: Zone Coverage and Play Recognition

    Zone Safety: Zone Coverage and Play Recognition
    Playmaker: Pursuit, Play Recognition, and Awareness
    Balanced Safety: Speed, Agility, Coverage and Tackling
    Prototype Safety: Speed, Agility, and Acceleration
    Run Support Safety: Block Shedding Pursuit and Tackling

    Clutch Kicker: Kicking Accuracy and Awareness
    Accurate: Kicking Accuracy
    Balanced: Decent Kicking Power and Accuracy
    Power: Kicking Power
    Last edited: Sep 2, 2012
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  5. CaptMoe

    CaptMoe Walk On

    Jul 27, 2012
    I have to admit, it seems a bit overwhelming to read all of these changes. I'm gonna have to set aside some time to go over the CCM.
    Here's a question, can we run 2 CCM simultaneously? Or if I start one now will I have to retire and start another one when the league kicks off?
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  6. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    I think I read that you can be in as many as you want. I'm currently in 2 online ones & 1 offline
  7. LtJustice

    LtJustice QSF Commissioner

    Jul 22, 2010
    Yeah Moe, I have been in as many as 4 online CCMs, just testing things out. :D
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  8. Broncos218

    Broncos218 Walk On

    Feb 20, 2011
    Also wanted to point out that you can find a player's preferred scheme if you go to "MORE... / Personnel / Rosters" and hit X on a player. This probably helps in identifying if players from other teams would fit your team's scheme.
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  9. PDP973

    PDP973 Walk On

    Jul 28, 2012
    Thanks for the heads up TJ gonna really look into the next couple of days and post my immpressions on here. it seems like theyve done some really cool stuff with the franchise this year though
  10. Casino

    Casino Walk On

    Jul 27, 2010
    Featured Threads:
    What I really love about the CCM is if you don't do some scouting, you can pick a bust in the first round!! Lazy owners will be totally lost during the offseason if they don't put their work in. There won't be a cheat sheet of players attributes to use!! I can't wait for the owners that will try everything that can to keep someone on their team but they still don't want to sign anyway!! I really can't complain about anything Madden has done this year because they've giving us so many new things and upgrades!! I can deal with any little hickups they may have.
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